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Update 7-13-16:


Update 5-3-16: Very Important Article on how the Big TV Networks use warped polls as weapons against the American people . . . Read article here . . .

Update 5-2-16: Same pattern emerging in Indiana as in Wisconsin: a local university puts out a poll contradicting all the others.  The Mike Downs Center at Indiana University-Purdue University came out with a poll showing Cruz ahead by 15 points in Indiana, directly contradicting all other polls showing Trump leading by about 15 points. — In Wisconsin, Marquette University issued a poll showing Cruz leading Trump a few days before the primary, contradicting months of polls showing Trump ahead in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, the boys in NYC behind the Election Night Gatekeepers (see tab on menu) dared to show Cruz the winner in the easily-rigged published computer results. But in Indiana, MSNBC and all major media seem to have become Trump cheerleaders, down-playing the one pro-Cruz poll from the Mike Downs Center. As we said in the last update, the Old Guard seems to have given up on stopping Trump from getting the GOP nomination, as, in light of the continuing huge Trump crowds and the un-likability of Cruz & Kasich, the Big Media can’t make Trump losses believable anymore. But Mr Trump is still making a terrible mistake by failing to directly condemn the secret computer counts and demand paper ballots counted in the open before the ballots leave the public sight. If the secret computer counts stay in place without challenge, the published computer results in November will show evil Hillary the “winner” — if the Big Media can make such a “result” “believable.”  

Update 4-30-16: While it appears the Old Guard may be giving up on stopping Trump from getting the GOP nomination, Trump is still vulnerable to computer rigging in the upcoming Indiana primary. Again, Mr. Trump needs to raise the issue of easily-rigged computer elections counted on secret programs that not even the election officials are allowed to see. This issue will become MORE RELEVANT if Trump gets the GOP nomination and is running against Crooked Hillary Clinton. hilary_clinton_goofy


Update 4-26-16: The Old Guard Ruling Elite has given up on trying to stop Trump in the GOP with Cruz & Kasich, two duds who, in both cases it turns out, have personalities which wear negatively on people. The Trump crowds of 10,000 to 35,000 have kept up for ten months. Trump has correctly stated loudly for weeks that the delegate process is rigged against outsiders like him.  If Cruz or Kasich or Ryan ascend the stage to accept the Republican nomination in late July, most Americans will be guffawing – and will be sure that that the whole system is rigged. So the Old Guard is in a box. Trump has done himself a world of good by screaming that the delegate system is designed to be rigged by party insiders (True!). Looks like Old Guard is afraid to mess with delegate system now because whole world is watching. SAME GOES FOR SCREAMING ABOUT SECRET VOTE COUNTS !!! Once the issue is raised, the Old Guard almost has to let the real votes prevail, which means Trump is elected President over felony-laden, robotic, evil, shallow demagogue Hillary. More on this soon.


Update 4-21-16: Super Crook Reince Priebus, national GOP Chairman, says GOP Elite is considering electronic “voting” to “count” the rules-change issues at GOP convention in Cleveland on opening day. Electronic voting = easy-to-rig, hard-to-verify. CROOKS!


Update 4-05-16:  Donald Trump’s failure to follow the advice of this website and object to the easily-rigged, secret computer counts – has as of now doomed the Trump presidential bid to computer-generated “defeat”. (Read More . . . )


Update 3-30-16: Let’s see the Ballots, Wisconsin. Again, we have an easily-rigged, secretly-“counted”, computerized “election”. The Wisconsin Primary is the hands of a handful of mega-computer election companies . . . (Read More . . .)


Update 3-22-16: Utah Caucus Today: 15 Year Old Soros Plan for Riggable Internet “Voting” Being Rolled Out . . . Read More . . .


Update, 3-21-16: Let’s See the Ballots, Ohio. (Trump vs. Kasich) Check out video immediately below, and . . . Read Short Article . . .

Update, 3-16-16: Kasich absurdly Computer-VoteFrauded to “win” in Ohio. Check back for audio analysis soon.

Update, 3-14-16: To Computer-Votefraud Trump, or not to Computer-Votefraud Trump in Ohio? . . . Read more . . .

Update, 3-12-16: Trump tweets twice about votefraud today! Click here

Update, 3-08-16: Trump to be Computer-Votefrauded in Ohio! Read below video exactly what Mr. Trump needs to say in public speeches and interviews RIGHT NOW. Trump is “under performing” in Texas, Louisiana, and elsewhere — because of secret Computer-Votefraud against Trump. Trump is getting the exact same treatment as Buchanan in 1996 and Ron Paul in 2012:

Here’s exactly what Trump needs to say in public speeches and in interviews:

“We have reports from Williamson County, Texas on Radio Station KLBJ’s Todd and Don Show, and the KLBJ website, that several voters called in on Super Tuesday morning who said they voted for Trump, but the computer switched their votes to Rubio. Some outlets are saying that over 600 voter complaints against the computers have been filed. I’m not saying all elections are warped by computers, but it’s time we return to paper ballots — HAND-COUNTED – in the open — in the neighborhood polling places, — by the neighborhood people, — BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight. Elections are TOO IMPORTANT for deliberate or accidental computer rigging. Remember what Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin said: ‘Those who CAST the votes decide nothing; those who COUNT the votes decide everything.’ We need to return to the neighborhood people hand-counting their own ballots.” – If Trump does not say this publicly, his Presidential bid will be ended by computer fraud. If he does say it publicly, the Election Night Gatekeepers probably won’t risk having half the nation thinking that Trump was computer-votefrauded. Trump is probably getting 60% of the vote — wouldn’t you like to know for sure? Right now, we are taking ALL PUBLISHED results by the Networks on BLIND FAITH! Read the Open Letter to Donald Trump further down on this page, and the menu tab “Election Nite Gatekeepers.” (Also, “Election Nite Gatekeepers” Video, below on this page.)

Update, 3-04-16:
The Big Media is promoting the idea that Wall Street Puppet Kasich is going to beat Trump in Ohio because Kasich is Ohio’s Governor. This will not happen without massive computer votefraud against Trump. Kasich is not popular in Ohio where I live. No one talks about him, and many despise him. The Democrats put up a no-name candidate against him in the last Gubernatorial election, a deliberate move to make sure Wall Street puppet Kasich won in a landslide (as least by the published computer count). It’s desperate now: the only man with a big enough “microphone” to head off this crime is Donald Trump himself. Here is what Mr. Trump should say in public:

“We are not happy with the secret, easily-rigged computer counts in Ohio and elsewhere, where citizens are not allowed to count, or even see at close range, any ballots on election day. We want the computers OUT, and instead paper ballots counted by neighborhood citizens, at the neighborhood polling place, BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight.”

This would set the nation on fire in favor of Trump, and Trump bringing the votescam issue up would make it very difficult for the Old Guard to cheat Trump at the computers. If Trump lost Ohio, even if he really lost, — half the world would think that Trump had been computer-votefrauded. And the Old Guard doesn’t want to risk the nation laughing at computerized elections. But most people are still unaware of how our nation is being stolen via computerized votefraud.

Here are several articles that are finally hitting directly at the real issue in today’s election: VENDOR FRAUD — the Vendors hired by 3137 or our 3142 counties in all 50 states. The Vendor’s have the MOTIVE, MEANS, and OPPORTUNITY, while the county and state election officials TOTALLY abdicate their duties, and step aside completely. (96% of the USA vote is counted by three mega-vendors, ES &S, Hart, Dominion; Dominion recently bought Diebold  and Sequoia.) While the below articles are long, they finally hit the right message about the dangers of computerized votefraud. ScannedRetina.com details the exact solution — the message that has been on this OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com for six months or so. Thanks to everybody who is spreading the message for a return to TRANSPARENT, HONEST ELECTIONS. And — somebody — make sure Mr. Trump sees this. If he doesn’t object to the secret computerized vote “counts” in public, he will be cheated out of the nomination and/or the November election. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE, and only issue at this time.





 PAINFUL TO WATCH. It is painful for us at WatchTheVoteUSA to watch “results” roll in on Super Tuesday 2016 that we have to take on BLIND FAITH. (See why at the tab “Election Nite Gatekeepers” on the Menu.) It looks like the Election Nite Gatekeepers may be feeling bold enough to cheat Trump in Oklahoma. Maybe Cruz is really winning in Oklahoma — but there’s no way to know! Hillary is winning Oklahoma by only winning the big cities (where the computers are so easily rigged). Sanders has won almost all counties in Oklahoma, they say, except the big cities. This is very suspicious. While Sanders is an old socialist and seemingly poor competition for anyone, there is still reason to doubt that Clinton is winning so big. How to explain Sanders much, much, much bigger crowds and million donors vs. Clinton’s failure to attract small donors? When no one with a large microphone will challenge these unverifiable, published election results — how long can America survive as we know it? That the Ruling Elite can push vomit like Hillary Clinton down our throats as one of two major party Presidential candidates proves the power over the American mind that the Old Guard has via the Big Media, especially the 5 Big TV Networks, and the absolute control of the published computer “vote count” on “election” nights. Does anyone out there, especially the Presidential candidates themselves, want to know the real election results? (See “Election Nite Gatekeepers” tab on menu, or the YouTube by the same name below on this page.)

SUPER TUESDAY ANALYSIS: US citizens will again be presented with published election results that must be accepted as an ACT OF BLIND FAITH . . . (Read More) . . .

Quick Analysis of Trump Victory in South Carolina: Does the “Old Guard” Coalition calculate that they can’t take Trump down believably so they are allowing some margin of victory? Please, Everybody!, don’t take your eye off the ball. If those controlling . . . Read More! . . .

New! “Trump and South Carolina Primary 2016 (No Ballots!)” Feb 14, 2016 Update – video  – See Below or on YouTube — To help row at the oars & keep in touch – sign up on right hand column of WatchTheVoteUSA.com home page. – We are believing whatever results election-vendor ES &S publishes for the South Carolina Presidential Primary as an act of BLIND Faith! Mega-Election-Vendor ES &S is running an illegal, unconstitutional, easily-rigged, ballot-less, computerized “election” on secret software for the state of South Carolina, which hired ES & S to process the votes. The election officials in SC sign a contract that they are not allowed to look at the election vendor’s software source code. (!!!) SC is breaking its own state law which forbids secret vote counts. No way to do a recount. No way to double check the bleeps of energy which pass for “votes” when citizens touch the computer screen in SC voting booths. Could not be more absurd, – but no one with a big mic brings it up, or objects in any way. (See menu tab “Election Night Gatekeepers” for why Big TV networks do not investigate or object.)

Important! Article in the Examiner by Lori Stacey about this Open Letter to Donald Trump…WHICH LINKS IMPORTANT RADIO INTERVIEW (read more)

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Trump & South Carolina 2016 (No Ballots) Feb 14, 2016 Update – video

– http://www.OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com see menu tab: “No Ballots in SC!” A discussion of how Americans have been turned into serfs by the Election Night Gatekeepers – not even allowed to see our own ballots, and about the suicidal and destructive policy of campaigns that will not challenge the easily-rigged, secret computerized election “counts” IN PUBLIC, and demand paper ballots counted in the OPEN at all 200,000 neighborhood polling places — before the ballots leave the public sight. Sign up to help us take back the country at the right hand column on WatchTheVoteUSA.com



Feb 9, 2016 Update: Donald Trump must challenge the easily-rigged, secret computerized election counts and demand paper ballots counted in the open, before the ballots leave the public sight, at each of the 200,000 polling places in the USA. There are no paper ballots at all in South Carolina and other states!!!
This is 35-years of research in 73 minutes! “ELECTION NIGHT GATEKEEPERS”

Feb 6, 2016 Update:
Rubio Fake Surge! Why Trump Must Speak Out Now against Votescam!


Feb 4, 2016 Update: Emergency! Donald Trump Must Challenge Easily-Rigged Secret Computer Counts in NH, SC, & Beyond! We are Watching the Votefrauding of Buchanan in 1996 and Ron Paul in 2012 Being Repeated before our Eyes! . . . Watch below Youtube, . . . (Read More)

Open Letter To Donald Trump
Starts Here:

(This Open Letter first appeared and was essentially put in final form circa November, 2015)

Dear Mr. Trump,

We are the organization Watch the Vote. Together with first time Caucus goer Edward True, we proved that the Iowa GOP HQ ANNOUNCED THE WRONG WINNER on the night of  the Iowa Caucus held on January 3rd, 2012. When the facts emerged over the days that followed, the Iowa GOP HQ change the winner from Romney to Santorum. (To our knowledge, this was a first in American history. See CNN videos here.) This error by the Iowa State GOP HQ in 2012 resulted in Mitt Romney taking the bows before the worldwide cameras as the “winner”, with all the momentum that entailed for Romney in media coverage, polling, and fundraising.

The LAST THING the Old Guard wants to see on February 1, 2016 is Donald J.  Trump ascending the winner’s stage before the worldwide cameras to take the bows as the Winner of the Iowa Caucus 2016. On the Menu above, we detail the EXACT INSTRUCTIONS for how to ensure a FAIR COUNT in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Edward-True-and-Judy-Spady WTV copy

We proved the Iowa GOP ANNOUNCED THE WRONG WINNER of the 2012 Iowa Caucus, which forced them to change the winner!

Back to the Iowa Caucus in 2012: After announcing the WRONG WINNER on Iowa Caucus nite, the Iowa GOP changed the winner kicking and screaming, after unsuccessfully trying to discredit the key witness, caucus attendee Edward True. The first statement out of the Iowa state GOP HQ after True came forth with the discrepancy he found, a Republican Party of Iowa spokesman stated that since True is neither a precinct captain nor county chairperson, he has “no business” talking about election results”. (!!!) This was carried in newspaper articles at the time, and is still on Wikipedia with references under “United States Presidential Election in Iowa 2012.”

We also caught and proved the 13% reduction in Patrick J. Buchanan’s real vote in the 1996 Iowa Caucus in Dubuque County. The Dubuque County Chairman posted the correct results, but despite his efforts at the time, and ours, the falsification of Buchanan’s numbers have never been corrected to this day. On January 19, 2012, the Des Moines Register carried that players in the 1996 Iowa Presidential Caucus thought that Buchanan had really won, not Dole, in the GOP contest.

We have also compiled ongoing tactics by the Iowa GOP in every contested straw poll and Caucus since 1988. On several occasions, when any “insurgent” candidate was threatening to defeat what seemed to be the establishment favored Presidential candidates, results were objectively falsified at the state level — after the local people had done an honest job at each neighborhood caucus.

The Iowa Caucus is the most open and fair contest in the Presidential season. If citizens watch the vote at each neighborhood caucus, and make sure the local numbers are accurately tabulated at the STATE level.

You, Mr. Trump, are being subjected to the exact same treatment as Pat Buchanan in 1996 and Ron Paul in 2008 & 2012. The Big TV News Networks are all pushing one theme: When will Trump fall? If Jeb, Christie or Rubio were drawing crowds of tens of thousands, and doubling and tripling everyone else in the polls, the Big TV Networks would be saying “it’s over”, and “we have our nominee”.

The general drift of all 5 TV Networks in their “news” segments is to prepare the public for your “fall”, which the Old Guard plans to make happen with their tried and true election votescam tactics. Watch The Vote does not endorse, but we can clearly see whom the Old Guard is targeting for electoral obliteration. In 2012, we said “we want a fair count for Ron Paul, and everybody else”. In 2016 we might say that “we want a fair count for Donald Trump, and everybody else.”

Please let us emphasize one thing: here we are NOT talking about “VOTER” fraud, which would be voters running around voting at more than once location. This is a problem and should be dealt with, — but it is a very minor part of the problem. The problem we are talking about in the 2016 Presidential contest is both alleged and proven ELECTION FRAUD, and more specifically ELECTION VENDOR FRAUD. It is the ELECTION VENDORS, hired by each county, that have the “motive, means, and opportunity” to alter elections via their software. (These dangers are exposed in the excellent HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy.) Those who control the software can possibly switch tens of thousands of votes in the blink of an eye, silently, invisibly — with no checks and balances on election day. In these states, such as in NH where 80% of the vote is “counted” on these secret software programs, no candidate, no citizen, no local press person is allowed to see or inspect any real ballots on election day.

The three main election Vendors, — the three main suspects — are ES & S (Election Systems and Software), Hart Civic, and Dominion (which recently bought Diebold and Sequoia). According to reliable experts, such as Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting.org and veteran journalist, Ronnie Dugger, these three companies “count” approximately 96% of the US vote on any given November election night, and in all primary contests during the primary season. This unconscionable, un-American, illegal, and unconstitutional “election” system has been in place to steal Presidential elections since at least as far back as 1988. In all but ten of our 3200+ local counties, the local election officials totally abdicate their responsibility to one of a handful of Election vendors, whom they hire to run the “election” process.  

It’s that bad — so bad that most people can’t believe it at first glance. In New Hampshire, they break their own state law which forbids secret counts. (All computer counts are, by their very nature, secret counts.) South Carolina not only breaks its own state law against secret counts, but also has the effrontery to have NO PAPER BALLOTS AT ALL!!! In SC, your vote is a bleep of energy supposedly counted at some computer somewhere. There is no way to check the count, and no way to do a recount. (Is this how Mr. 0%-in-the-polls Lindsay Graham gets “elected” and “reelected” Senator in SC? Our conclusion is YES.)

  • Mr. Trump, if you do not deal with the election votefraud problem now, you will surely “lose”.
  • If after the Iowa Caucus you also deal with the much more serious election votefraud issues in NH, SC, and beyond, then you have an excellent chance to become President of the United States of America.

(Please note the graphic below was made ten years ago, and demonstrates the essence of the problem of trusting our elections to a handful of private mega-vendors. In recent years a company named Dominion has bought Diebold and Sequoia. This “musical chairs” of names, owners, and locations has been going on for 40 years, since the dawn of computerized elections. Many astute observers believe that the ownership basically remains with the same crowd, the dark side of certain Intelligence agencies and a handful of International Banks, despite all the surface window dressing. You can order the original print edition of Votescam: the Stealing of America by the late Collier Brothers, or a new ebook version updated by Victoria Collier.)

Votescam 2

Graphic: Compiled circa 2004, yet still illustrates what’s going on today

Near the beginning of this Presidential Campaign you said that you “whine, and whine, and whine until I win”. Now is the time to “whine” about past documented election fraud in the Iowa Caucus perpetrated by the Iowa GOP State HQ, and the illegal, unconstitutional and criminal computerized “vote-counting” system that has been imposed on the American people since 1988. 

However, it is clearly NOT whining to ask in advance for a FAIR, TRANSPARENT & CONSTITUTIONAL vote count! In fact, if a candidate is going to ask for time and support from his fellow Americans, is it not his duty to demand for them a transparent, honest vote count?

Before computers were introduced into elections in the 1970’s, everyone knew that it was an essential part of every campaign to Watch the Vote count. Every worthwhile campaign handbook in history carries a prominent section on the necessity of making every effort to prevent vote fraud on election day.

In his classic 1964 book, “How to Win an Election”, Barry Goldwater’s Senate Campaign Manager, Stephen Shadegg, emphasized the necessity of ballot security. In Chapter 14, entitled, “Don’t Let Them Steal it From You”, Shadegg admonishes all future campaigns: “This being an imperfect world, populated by imperfect men, it would be naive to expect that man’s sinful greed which prompts him to steal, lie, cheat and wage war would be submerged or held in check when the contest is for a political prize . . . To insure an honest vote and an honest count, observers, supported by all contending factions, should police the activities in the polling place from the moment the doors open until the last ballot is counted.”

While citizens can still watch the vote in the Iowa Caucus process, and in the ten smallest counties in NH which means only 20% of the NH vote, the Votescam Syndicate has made it impossible to observe anything in South Carolina and the primaries beyond, where elections have been computerized. This must be reversed if America is to remain at all free.

This is not a complicated subject, nor does one have to understand all the ins and outs of this issue, or understand computers. All the American citizen has to know is that a powerful group of people have worked stealthily for decades to arrange things so that they can count our votes in secret. When someone wants to count your votes in secret, you know they are up to no good.

Anyone in the 49 states, and in the ten largest counties in New Hampshire, can confirm with a simple phone call to their county Board of Elections that citizens, candidates, and local press people will be arrested if they try to see and/or count any ballots on election day in November, or in any of the primary states in the spring/summer primaries.

ALL Americans have a right

The ballots are whisked away from the people at closing time and “counted” behind closed doors, and behind police guard, on computer programs which have been programmed by persons unknown, with the officials at your Board of Elections FORBIDDEN BY THE CONTRACTS THEY SIGNED WITH ONE OF A HANDFUL OF MEGA-VENDORS to examine the source code that is telling the election computers what to do on election night. 

ALL Americans HAVE A RIGHT to a verifiable and transparent count in line with THREE standing Supreme Court decisions.

One of those US Supreme Court decisions, Westbury v. Sanders, 1964, stated that all other rights, even the most basic, are illusory if the right to vote is undermined.

The other two relevant US Supreme Court decisions, namely, US v Mosley (1915) and Reynolds v Sims (1964) say that our right to vote consists of two parts:

a) the right to cast a ballot;

b) the right to KNOW that our vote has been counted accurately.

There is an avalanche of documentation to backup the Watch the Vote effort. To examine this evidence, please click here: EXPOSING THE VOTESCAM SYNDICATE.

Paraphrase from the movie, Braveheart: “Help Us All, Mr. Trump. For Heaven’s Sake, Help Yourself!

Our suggestion to you, Mr. Trump, is — after reading this website, watching the two CNN videos, and the other short videos,  — consider TWEETING out to your millions of followers to go to www.OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com so they can evaluate this information. We promise that you will be surprised at the explosion of support that will follow from Everyday Americans. The public will overwhelmingly support you, and thank you, for raising this “votescam” election fraud issue. The Big Media will have nothing to say, as they have depended on staying in the shadows on this issue, and are up to their necks in enabling computerized election fraud since the 1970s.

When the Votescam issue is exposed, GOP primary voters will suddenly realize how we got McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012 as the GOP nominees. And Obama again in November 2012. The answer in all three cases: easily-rigged computerized elections where tens of thousands (or millions) of votes can be switched silently in the blink of an eye.

Please alert the media that, due to the fact that the Iowa GOP State HQ announced THE WRONG WINNER on Iowa Caucus night 2012, you are directing your supporters to watch the vote at their local caucus on Feb. 1.   And then direct your supporters in Iowa to plan on taking a cell phone picture of the Official Tally Sheet at their local Caucus gathering, and then emailing that picture to Watch The Vote at WatchTheVote2016@gmail.com where our volunteers will post the pictures on our public website, making it impossible for the Iowa State GOP, or anyone else, to falsify the Iowa Caucus Vote in 2016.

If you would rather erect your own website as part of your Presidential campaign to accept these cell phone pictures of the official tally sheets on Feb. 1, we will tell your designated tech people how to erect such a website quickly and, of course, at no charge. We don’t want your money, we want a fair and honest count for Donald Trump, and everybody else. (The same offer is extended to Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and every other Presidential candidate. ALL campaigns should be effectively watching the vote on the night of the Iowa Caucus 2016.)

Secondly, and just as important, begin preparing to sue the Secretary of State in NH, SC, and the subsequent primary states for conducting illegal, unconstitutional computerized elections. The lawsuit would demand open, transparent, constitutional vote counting in all future elections, primaries, and Caucuses.

In the ten largest counties in NH where secret computer counts are held, the NH Secretary of State is not only violating the three standing US Supreme Court decisions explained above, but is also violating New Hampshire state law which requires open, transparent vote counts, and forbids secret election counts. Computer election counts, by definition, are secret counts.

In South Carolina, the election process is even more of an insult to every thinking person, if that be possible. In SC, there are no paper ballots! Every “vote” is merely a bleep of energy! (Ha! Ha!) The Secretary of State of South Carolina is also violating both the three standing US Supreme Court decisions AND South Carolina state law. See the 2008 ten minute Youtube video “South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul” for a thorough explanation of this aggressive election law-breaking in South Carolina.

The exact strategy for stopping the votefraud planned for you in the Iowa Caucus, the New Hampshire Primary, and beyond, is explained at the pages for Iowa and NH linked on the top menu.

ONLY IN THIS WAY, can you ensure a fair count for the Trump for President Campaign, and everybody else.


The “Watch The Vote” Team

P.S. You might also want to check out:

  • Click here for an explanation of WHO constitutes the Votefraud Syndicate running 99% of our elections
  • and click here for our Ongoing Analysis of the “Stop Trump Strategy” being conducted against you by the Old Guard in the Big Media and in & behind the GOP
  • Coming soon: a youtube video where the Ohio Secretary of State, John Husted, confirms that all 88 counties in Ohio, and his office, signs contracts with election vendors that NO ELECTION OFFICIAL is allowed to inspect or see the source code that instructs the computers what to do on election night. (!!!!) And he acknowledges that this is a problem. (Ya think?) Husted should be applauded for his honest answer to this question at a Tea Party gathering at “The Farm” event hall in Cincinnati, Ohio in October 2012. Note well: this deplorable and unjustifiable situation prevails in 100% of 49 states, and by now 80% of New Hampshire. ***

(This letter is essentially complete, but Updates will appear as as events progress.)

Important Items to note: Ongoing Analysis of Stop Trump Strategy of Old Guard, and How to Thwart It

Disclaimer: Big Media and others who might be of bad will: This letter is TO Donald Trump, and to his supporters and all honest Americans. This Open Letter is NOT by Donald Trump. As of October 31, 2015, when this Open Letter was launched, none of us connected with Watch the Vote 2012 (now 2016) have ever met Mr. Trump, or any of his family, or any of his close associates. This “Open Letter to Donald Trump” is totally our initiative without Mr. Trump’s prior knowledge, and none of its contents can be fairly attributed to him, although we believe this letter contains information that ALL sincere, honest Americans will be glad to be aware of.


  • R. F. A.
    State or Province : California
    Country : U. S. A.

    Hillary hit a new low even for her by using an American hero who made the SUPREME sacrifice and his grieving parents in her SHAMEFUL political attempt. Reading the Constitution is futile. We have a Supreme Court of 9 learned
    judges who interpret this Living Document constantly and they usually have different opinions as to it’s meaning.

    RALPH an 86year old KOREAN WAR vet & proud of it!!

  • walt M
    State or Province : tennessse
    Country : USA

    As to immigration. I use to live in California where we had program that allowed the migrant works from Mexico to work in the valley Fields as stoop labor. The Program Allowed the people to Work Here For 180 Days. Edmond G Brown Our Then Democratic Governor canceled the program. The result of this the worker illegally came across the board in hundreds. I lived in Orange County California which was hit hard by this illegal migration. SO one can say that the democrats created this problem . There was a freight train out of San Diego each night with about 100 200 hundred of these guys hanging on, by the way all this took place back in the 80s. My hope is for our success

  • Pac
    State or Province : Virginia
    Country : Glen Allen

    You need to ask why we need to bring all these refugees in and pay them when we have so many homeless now in our country. We need to take care of our own people. Keep hitting her hard, she will bring our country down never to rise again.

  • robin r.
    State or Province : pa.
    Country : U.S.


  • robin
    State or Province : Pa.
    Country : U.S.

    I’d love to see you choose Condaleesa Rice for VP she has the experience and without any negative use of her office like Hillary Clinton does. If Clinton gets the office, we will have 8 more years of Bill in there. You must beat her. and save us from all the lies. and Obama’s agenda.

  • Marcella
    State or Province : UT
    Country : Netherlands

    What is Brexit if Britain left the EU and what would happen?It’ll not only be a historic triumph for Eurosceptics, iF Brexit
    is voted for by the people of Britain but it is going
    to transform this nation forever. But what
    would occur? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTMxfAkxfQ0

  • MRH
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    Country : USA


  • kyle teubner
    State or Province : north dakota
    Country : usa



  • Ethel Joyce Slaughter
    State or Province : Colorado
    Country : USA

    Your campaign has opened my eyes to the corruptness in the RNC. Horrible, and I commend your bravery in bringing this to the attention of all voters. Our votes are at their discretion. I am an 85 year old woman from Broomfield, Colorado, and have never seen such bigotry displayed by the media and the “conservatives” who will not even admit to your existence unless you believe exactly as they do. That is what is wrong with the congress and the senate. Keep the good fight. Joyce Slaughter

    • WatchTheVoteUSA.com
      State or Province : Ohio
      Country : USA

      Thanks, Joyce. You keep up the good fight, too. Tell all your contacts nationwide to read the open letter to Donald Trump on the home page, and to especially read the menu tab “Election Nite Gatekeepers” at OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com — thanks. Jim Condit Jr.

  • pj
    State or Province : wi
    Country : usa

    What the heck are you doing.! Your a businessman trying to be a politician and being dragged down to a politicians level. Be a businessman and don’t make broad based agreements with the nation according to other politicians promises, your advantage is lost taking this path.
    You have an obligation as a businessman to bring to the the best of moral theoretical and environmental CONSULTANTS to rebuke the media trying to convict you and you haven”t. Women and minorities are VICTIMS and deserving of all the LEGAL opportunities as American citizens allowed BY LAW.
    Get off the wagon of he said she said histrionics of grade school and head into your billionaire status of success for leading business to success and are willing to apply that effort to success of the great country our forefathers have striven to achieve into a new level of greatness it deserves………or your fired!

    • WatchTheVoteUSA.com
      State or Province : Ohio
      Country : USA

      This website is not run by Trump, not has any connection to him except being an open letter to him.

  • R.F.A.
    Country : U.S.A.

    The Army is trying to change the standard handgun from the American 45 to the Glock 9MM (made in AUSTRIA) almost
    9 Billion Dollar initial order! NUFF SAID??

  • M.S.
    State or Province : N.H.
    Country : U.S.A.

    Mr. Condit,

    No “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts”…you MUST, MUST, MUST find some way to UPDATE your site MUCH, MUCH more often! WHY, for example, have you STILL NOT added a video on the vote fraud in the OHIO Republican primary? Today is the 18th! You also need to be quicker in posting video updates to your You Tube channel. If you want more traffic to your Internet sites/channels, then you MUST become more EFFICIENT. Sites that update quickly get MORE TRAFFIC! Sites that take days and days to add content that should be up right away after major events break…well, those sites LOSE traffic. Welcome to the 21st Century!

    • WatchTheVoteUSA.com
      State or Province : Ohio
      Country : USA

      Agreed. Donations at LetFreedomRing2016,com would help, But we’ll do our best.

  • serge from montreal Quebec !!!
    State or Province : QUEBEC
    Country : CANADA

    im in realestate and hope donald will be the next president !!!
    its about time we get a a real president and canada as a exellent relation
    with the us ! this will make buisniss betwing our to country alot better since mr trump is already a buisniss men and is very DIRECT AND CLEAR

    now naturally this message will never get to the donald but im just taking a chance it could get to him,,, !!!

    i certenly would like to get in touch with him or someone in his office concerning ,,
    something that happen to me and my gay partner back in 2006 that certainly
    would not please him cause he is a fair men, or for that matter alot of good american people, would care about doing something about what happen there back in 2006 ,,
    let me just say that it should have never happend to any american good
    peaple or anybody ,
    it was a gay incident at the border
    we are good people and again this was just not right ,,,

    our contact number is
    we have a realestate company here in canada !

    this letter is very serious so hope it will be process that way,

    kinds regards,
    mark and serge
    contact us please by phone at 819-626-0230

  • Cat McCormick
    State or Province : Texas
    Country : USA

    Mr. Trump. I was not going to vote for you until I heard the Ohio Rally. Then something clicked. I pray for your safety and a landslide WIN!

    • WatchTheVoteUSA.com
      State or Province : USA
      Country : United States

      Cat McCormick — Esquire magazine (thinly veiled) and a New York Times blogger, Douthat, (openly) have called for Trump’s assassination. The Glen Beck report — that Beck wanted to stab Trump over and over again, was false; Beck was speaking to his producer, which was obvious on Blaze TV, but not obvious on the radio. The Secret Service did visit Glenn Beck within two hours after the radio show due to this audio ambiguity.

      The Ruling Elite is in a box thanks to the internet, Twitter, Facebook, and those super huge crowds Trump is getting. 20,000 in Dayton, Ohio today, 28,000 in Cleveland.

  • Cat McCormick
    State or Province : Texas
    Country : USA

    Mr. Trump. I was not going to vote for you until I heard the Ohio Rally. Then something clicked. You’re the only one that can save our great country from impending doom. I pray for your safety and a WIN!

  • LinZbee
    State or Province : FL Florida
    Country : United States

    Hello, I’ve tried to watch your 3-8-16 video, but can’t access it. It states that the video has been removed by user. Please help with how it can watch it. Thanks.

  • JB
    State or Province : ohio
    Country : washington

    Dear Trump: You have an Enemy within your party, it’s called the Establishment. Lincoln said if America ever fell in would be from within. The party Lincoln started has now become that Enemy. He saved the Union, his party has become the destroyer. The Republican Party has never been Conservative, even under Reagan. Party is run by Neoconservatives, i. e. Neocons, they are not Conservative. Neocons advocate Hegemony for America, which means Leadership or Influence, by one Country or Social groups over another. In other words America rule over all other countries of world, One World Gov. They’ve been ruling Republican Party since Reagan. They want Rubio or Kasich, not Trump or Cruz. So the Dictator Stalin’s quote is true for America, the people have never picked or voted for a president of their choice. Now we have one & outsider, so all means by the Establishment will be used to destroy Trump, & same for Cruz, because he is a conservative. The Republican Party Establishment who hate Conservatives with a passion, are now claiming to be Conservative, so they can win again with Rubio or Kasich whom they control.

    • WatchTheVoteUSA.com
      State or Province : Ohio
      Country : USA

      So true, Paul. Only thing is, I think Cruz is a fake also. Heidi Cruz, his wife, wrote a big book with CFR members advocating North American Union, a step to world government. Look for book on Amazon.

      • TruBlu
        State or Province : SD
        Country : USA

        Cruz is a Trojan Horse and not Constitutionally eligible to the office of President. He Kasich is a Globalist (believes in Common Core, TPP, NAFTA, Obamacare and amnesty, to name just a few of his Progressive positions). Ohio’s primary last night was a farce. What I especially liked about the run up to Ohio was Kasich’s ADAMANT vocal affirmation that he WOULD win Ohio. We have known about vote fraud for 20 years…Bev Harris’s BlackBoxVoting is superb. In SD we have tried to return to purely paper ballots for many years, but our bought and paid for legislature won’t even let it come to the floor…naturally!

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  • JC
    State or Province : ga
    Country : united states of America

    i am told that the democrats that support Donald now, if they do not register to vote and change to vote republican prior to the primary, their votes will not count in the general election. I don’t know how true this is but heard it from Larry Nichols. YOu may have heard of him in the Bill clinton years. He is destined to bring down Hilliary.

  • TrumpFan
    Country : USA

    So did you ever get a “live” response from Mr. Trump, Ivanka, Eric, or Don Jr., per your comments dated Jan. 3-4, 2016?

    I remember when Ron Paul refused to “stand up” & renounce/fight the Election Fraud when he ran for Prez. What a turn-off that was.

    The past few days in NH, Trump has been saying, “I don’t want to talk about Iowa. I’m here now. I want to focus on NH.” Which makes sense, of course but if ignored, Iowa voter-counting frauds will be forgotten.

    When queried further re Iowa fraud, Trump merely says, “Well, they are looking into it.” They who?

    Thanks for your efforts just the same.

    • WatchTheVoteUSA.com
      State or Province : Oh
      Country : USA

      Trump just did his first two tweets on votefraud on 3-12-16 — see Updates tab on OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com

  • GSB
    State or Province : NY
    Country : USA

    Great job. Please keep up the good work. It may make sense to inform the Bernie Sanders team of this so that they can assist us in fighting this situation……

  • Barbara Ryan
    State or Province : Nevada
    Country : United States

    I was a poll worker for the 2012 election. There were quite a few “voters” who came in with interpreters who went into the polling booth with the non-English speaking voter to help them cast their vote. I questioned this and spoke with the head of the polling place and was told; “It is above my pay grade and don’t worry about it”. I would assume that any real citizen would be able to speak a good deal of English and wouldn’t need an interpreter. Up until Obama won the election, I was a Democrat for Hillary and worked one and a half years (volunteering). There were to be many buses to take Delegates to the State Convention in Reno. I left the headquarters at 6 pm, to pack my clothes and we still couldn’t tell the Delegates where they would have to go to meet the buses. When my girlfriend and I arrived in Reno, I immediately knew something was very wrong. The buses in Vegas and Henderson never showed up and there was a last minute call to Hillary who obtained two different private planes to get these people to Reno. The major problem was that these people were too poor to drive, spend a few days and pay for food. They needed friends to drive them to the airport (two different airports) at 1 am in the morning. After they were driven to the bus pickup places, they had to call their friends to pick them up again and then ask them to drive them to the airports. Can you imagine how many Delegates couldn’t make these arrangements or just gave up. I was totally enraged. We had spent months making thousands of calls, going door to door and this outrageous screw-up happened. It only took me an hour to figure out what had gone wrong and I expressed my anger to anyone who would listen. No one seemed to be as upset as I was. The buses in Vegas and Henderson are UNION. The union was supporting Obama. What could possibly go wrong? Also, at the beginning of this campaign, all of Obama’s supporters who demonstrated on one of 0ur largest streets (Tropicana), all stopped demonstrating at exactly 4 pm and put their signs into a moving truck and seemed to be getting paid. I can’t prove this, but it certainly looked suspicious to many, many of the rest of us. I immediately changed parties to Republican, after Obama won and am now an ardent supporter of Donald Trump. The Democratic Party has changed so much and the lying, cheating, major corruption, etc. is disgusting. What can I do to help Trump win the Presidency? I am a caregiver for my daughter (have no time to myself) and am on a very small Social Security, but can blog and possibly make some phone calls from home. God Bless Donald….I am praying so hard. I can’t stand the thought of what will happen if the Dems get the White House. Thank you, Barbara

    State or Province : SC
    Country : USA

    I was a Republican all of my voting years(44) I do not trust either major political party. Trump is our only chance.

  • Jennifer
    State or Province : Alabama
    Country : USA

    Thank you for what you do! God bless America!

  • Lu
    Country : USA

    Great analysis. I participated in the 2008 election in Florida as a poll worker. The system was wide open to fraud.

    • Donna
      State or Province : FL Florida
      Country : United States

      Rick Scott won by voter fraud. There were more votes for the marijuana bill than for the Governor. I know 10 yens of thousands of people in FL and Not One voted for Scott. Most of the voters agree he is Most unliked Governor FL has ever had. Scott bought the winning vote along with the RNC throwing in millions for his fraud win. This fraud has many people upset and feeling their votes don’t count. Why have the right to vote and shammed with your vote not counted? There is a real problem

  • Sharon Jones
    State or Province : Alabama
    Country : Russell

    They are rigging the votes against Trump they want Rubio.

    • Jim Condit Jr.
      Country : USA

      So true, Sharon! If you wish, — please go to WatchTheVote2016.com and sign up for the email alerts so we can keep in touch with everyone who understands this issue. I think the same happens if you check “Subscribe to updates when you leave a comment on this website, I think.

      • JC
        State or Province : ga
        Country : united states of America

        i am told that the democrats that support Donald, if they do not register to vote and change to vote republican prior to the primary, their votes will not count in the general election. I dont know how true this is but heard it from Larry Nichols. YOu may have heard of him in the Bill clinton years. He is destined to bring down Hilliary.

  • Jim Condit Jr.
    Country : USA

    Thanks, Everybody, for your support! Let’s spread the word before New Hampshire, South Carolina and Super Tuesday!

  • Jenny
    Country : United States

    This is outrageous! If the American people only knew. Shocking!

  • MMG
    State or Province : Indiana
    Country : United States

    Hope this goes to Mr Trump Make them be honest

    State or Province : NV
    Country : United States

    A lot of people don’t vote because they say our vote wont matter. At this point it appears to be true. Enough is enough. We have to change this asap even if we have to vote with the purple finger. As average American citizens, what can we do to help make this change. Signing online petitions are useless, complaining isn’t doing a damn thing.. If we have to march, so be it. What can we do. I am from Las Vegas and our caucuses are soon. I’ve never been to a caucus, I hate the whole idea, but I plan on going to this one. I am ready to make some noise, just need to know what kind of noise and how loud to make it.

    • Jim Condit Jr.
      Country : USA

      Please give us a report from the Nevada Caucus. Here is the answer to changing things: Sign up at NetworkAmerica.org by your county and state. That is our website designed to organize people into the precinct system — to run for precinct, win, and then go to the county meeting and replace the heads of the Democratic and Republican parties. It’s the board of elections at the county level that can change the way the votes are counted in that county.

  • jas
    State or Province : VIRGINIA
    Country : United States

    In the 1930’s my grandmother was promised $5.00 if she voted for Roosevelt. Think she couldn’t use the $5.00? You bet she could and she did what they wanted. Think that kind of promise isn’t going on today? Think again.

  • Fran Lee
    State or Province : NEw Jersey
    Country : USA

    Thank God finally someone speaking out against voter fraud!!!

    • Jim Condit Jr.
      State or Province : Ohio
      Country : USA

      Fran Lee, thanks for your understanding of the danger. A suggestion: please use election fraud instead of voter fraud. VoteR fraud, where an individual voter tries to vote more than once, is a problem that should be corrected. But 1000 times the problem is Election Fraud — the fraud committed by the Vendor who has been hired on election night by your county or my county. These Vendors controls the program, will not let anyone, including the Election Officials who hired the vendor, look at the source code of the software. It is Election Fraud, committed by the Vendors who run the software on election night, that is the real problem. The local Election officials’ sin is stepping aside and totally abdicating their responsibility to run transparent, verifiable elections.

  • Nicholas Landholdt
    State or Province : Texas
    Country : uSA

    We need to put the traitors in Congress on trial. Sheeple have no clue how corrupt WDC is and how controlled things are that “they” can put anyone they want into the presidency. Big Finance controls Big Business; Big Business controls Big Government; Big Government controls We the Sheeple…who have no interest “to form a more perfect union…”. So if you don’t want to pay income taxes anymore, then help elect me to Congress. I’m the last man in America with guts. Follow me on FB and Twitter (@TexasGovernor1) and find out how we can put the traitors in Congress on trial. Spread the word to make my campaign go viral. Help me return Congress to citizen representation. Elect me to lead the effort to put Congress on trial.

  • nilnutt@yahoo.com
    State or Province : AL
    Country : United States

    “See what has been found in the Canada Law of Citizenship Act 1946–47=they had no dual citizenship until the new Citizeship Act of 1977==when they adopted the dual citizenship==keep in mind Cruz was born in 1970 therefore he falls under the Citizenship of 1947==now in 1968 cruz father applied for and was granted Canadian citizenship and one yr. later his wife (cruz mother ) became a Canadian by rights of Canadian Law and the US law removes her US citizenship ==So he was born …a natural born citizen of Canada at birth ==therefore he was not then nor can he ever be a natural born citizen of the US ==in 2014 crus renounced his Canadian citizenship but then to be a citizen of the US he must file and be accepted BUT no documents can be found that he ever did that under the Freedom Act of the US ==he received a letter from a Brbara Ketay co-founder of the National American Law Center on 12-18-2013==that he is not now nor can he ever be a natural born citizen of the US( as required by the US Constitution )and should with draw from the presidential race / VP ==he did not reply to her letter==he has served in the US senate seat as a Canadian ==committing a Fraud==see documents ==google==Captains Quarters -Ted Cruz Citizenship Timeline =documented scribd == read many letters at bottom of the gov. timeline== or find it on FB where it has been shared many times ===” Thanks for the research Joyce Herder !

    • Jim Condit Jr.
      State or Province : Ohio
      Country : USA

      Thanks, NilNutt, for the only perfectly clear explanation of this subject I have so far seen in writing. Why no big media outlet will carry this explanation in depth, and then agree or try to refute it — is suspicious, to say the least.

  • william mcdonald
    State or Province : Virginia
    Country : United States

    I’ve been a business / IT analyst for over 30 years. In 2 minutes I’ve conceived a design for insuring 100% accuracy of every vote at a very minimal cost. Each voter would be able to visibly validate their vote counts with complete secrecy and further tallying of them up to the final count. Actually it’s quite simple.

  • pah
    State or Province : MN
    Country : United States

    A suggestion for a back door to Trump is if there are any veterans out there wanting to help. Trump might listen to a veteran’s concerns.

  • Jim
    State or Province : Ohio
    Country : USA

    George Rip — We’ll have a new video up soon on OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com — and on WatchTheVote2016.com — We are trying to contact the Trump Campaign. We sent an overnight to Trump Tower and got a reply back — but it was a form letter. We sent an overnight to the New Years’ Eve celebration in Florida to Donald and Melania. We’re about to send a certified mail to Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka at Trump Tower. We are about to initiate conference calls for everyone who wants to help — FOR EVERY CAMPAIGN. We are about to initiate conference calls nightly. If you can join the conference calls and / or send more people to this site, then many thanks. The sister site is http://www.WatchTheVoteUSA.com — thanks. Consider Tweeting Trump to come visit OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com

  • GeoRip
    State or Province : DC
    Country : USA

    Thank you. Wonderful work. I am looking forward to reading the book “VoteScam”.

  • Davy Morgan
    State or Province : GA
    Country : USA

    This needs to be an open letter to Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul also. Thank you.

    • Jim
      State or Province : Ohio
      Country : USA

      Yes, Davy, you are right. We are about to approach the Trump, Cruz, Paul, and Carson campaigns. The establishment obviously wants Bush, Christie, Kasich, or Rubio. We are for a fair count for EVERYBODY, but we can see who the Old Guard are pushing, and who they want to destroy via votefraud. The only way we will get a Bush, Christie, Kasich, Rubio, or Hillary is by manipuation in Iowa and computerized votefraud thereafter.

  • Maria Barcia
    State or Province : FL
    Country : United States

    Thanks…fraud has been one of my greatest fears

    • Jim
      State or Province : Ohio
      Country : USA

      Dear Marcia — We are trying to contact the Trump Campaign. I sent an overnight to Trump Tower and got a reply back — but it was a form letter. We sent an overnight to the New Years’ Eve celebration in Florida to Donald and Melania. We’re about to send a certified mail to Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka at Trump Tower. We are about to initiate conference calls for the Iowans on the ground — FOR EVERY CAMPAIGN. We are about to initiate conference calls nightly. If you can join the conference calls and / or send more people to this site, then many thanks. The sister site is http://www.WatchTheVoteUSA.com — thanks. Consider Tweeting Trump to come visit OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com

  • Glora Ulrop
    State or Province : New York State
    Country : USA

    Looked up Voter Fraud on Safari and found a link by DC CLOTHESLINE re voter fraud., originated by Dr EOWYH , FELLOWSHIP OF THE. MINDS. In essence, 30 years ago RNC was taken to court by the DNC. For violating the VOTER RIGHTS ACT. Judge . Dickerson R Debevoice presided. Ruling was that RNC could no longer investigate or pursue voter fraud or over see election stations. At the age of 87 , the judge returns to renew his ruling. In 2010 the RNC tried to appeal the decision , but. It was thrown out by Judge Joseph Greenaway Jr. US Court of Appeals 3rd Circuit. My fear , next election, that the voting booths will be flooded once again with voters bought and paid for with cash or promises and enlisted from the hoards of illegal aliens or refugees who are coming into the country. This time on a more massive scale because Obama has a legacy to protect.

    • Jim
      State or Province : Ohio
      Country : USA

      The real problem is the Iowa GOP switching the results on the night of the caucus, and computer votefraud done by Diebold and the other vendors running the computer programs for the counties on election night. The things you mentioned are also problems, of course, and must be combated.

  • Franklin J.
    State or Province : Iowa
    Country : USA

    This is awesome! Well done! If Trump doesn’t follow the advice in this letter, and speak up about vote fraud and securing honest counts, he’s either an idiot or on the take. I pray he does the right thing.

    • Jim
      State or Province : Ohio
      Country : USA

      Dear Franklin J. — We are trying to contact the Trump Campaign. I sent an overnight to Trump Tower and got a reply back — but it was a form letter. We sent an overnight to the New Years’ Eve celebration in Florida to Donald and Melania. We’re about to send a certified mail to Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka at Trump Tower. We are about to initiate conference calls for the Iowans on the ground — FOR EVERY CAMPAIGN. We are about to initiate conference calls nightly. If you can join the conference calls, become one of the Iowans who email us a picture of the tally sheet at your caucus on Feb 1, and / or send more people to this site, then many thanks. The sister site is http://www.WatchTheVoteUSA.com — thanks. Consider Tweeting Trump to come visit OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com

  • CC
    State or Province : California
    Country : USA

    Awesome. Finally, someone is addressing the elephant in the room! Thank you for shining light on the criminals who have been selling us out and warping our destiny. Bravo!

  • Honest Elections
    State or Province : California
    Country : USA

    Thank you for writing this!

  • OL
    State or Province : Arizona
    Country : USA

    Amazing Information!

    • Es
      State or Province : nj
      Country : usa

      Trump will you do something like the above iowa’s poll were no doubt tinkered with……. Please up the anti and use the 3 Supreme Court cases to back up your plan…. We are counting on you!!!!

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