How To Ensure a Fair Count In the Iowa Caucus 2016


Remember: The Iowa GOP State HQ announced the WRONG WINNER in the Iowa Caucus on Jan 3, 2016, and their pre-selected boy, Romney, took the bows before the worldwide cameras, with all the momentum that entailed in polling, fundraising, and media coverage.

Mr. Trump: Hold a Press Conference, or make an announcement at one of your large rallies accompanied by a Press Release, that in light of the fact that the Iowa  State GOP HQ announced the WRONG WINNER on the night of the Iowa Caucus 2012 (January 3, 2012), that you are directing all of your supporters to take a cell phone picture of the official tally sheet at each of the 1650+ local caucuses they attend, and email a copy of that cell phone picture to a dedicated email address, from which the cell phone pictures will be posted PUBLICLY on a website for all the world to see. This way, it will be impossible for the Iowa GOP to falsify the results, either by accident or on purpose. 

Two options for how to get this done on Iowa Caucus night, February 1, 2016:

OPTION ONE: We at Watch the Vote have the system set up already. If you want to use our system, assign a tough, competent tech person to work with — on Iowa Caucus night. We will give that person access to the relevant parts of our website, and the same offer is extended to all the other Presidential candidates. In this scenario, you would direct a designated supporter at each caucus to email their cell phone picture of the official tally sheet to As the cell phone pictures arrive, WatchTheVote volunteers will post those cell phone pictures on the Watch The Vote website on Caucus night IN PUBLIC as soon as the cell phone pictures come in from the field. When the cell phone pictures of the official tally sheets are posted PUBLICLY for all to see, neither the Iowa GOP HQ, nor anyone else, can falsify the results this time, either by accident or on purpose.

OPTION TWO: If the Trump Campaign, or any other campaign, wants to set up their own dedicated email, and post the results PUBLICLY on their own website, we at Watch The Vote will explain to one of their tech people how to do this quickly and effectively, and we will do this, of course, free of charge. We are not interested in money or recognition — we are interested in a fair count, so that our nation’s future is not warped (again) by deliberate vote manipulation.

On the home page of this website ( – we explain why it is the responsibility of of every candidate to demand a fair and transparent count for himself and HIS SUPPORTERS, even though no candidate has done this since the early 1970s when easily-rigged computerized vote “counts” were imposed upon the nation. Challenging these computerized “counts” will become essential before New Hampshire and South Carolina — but this page is dedicated to what must be done before the Iowa Caucus.  

THE IMPORTANT THING is that you, Mr. Trump, bring this subject up IN PUBLIC in advance of the night of the Iowa Caucus. That way you put the Iowa GOP on notice that the vote at each caucus is being watched, and this alone may deter the dark side of the Iowa GOP from trying to falsify the results, as they did provably in 1996 and in 2012.

AND, this is a winning issue. Tens of millions will be glad when you raise it in public. Not that you need a speech writer, but here is what could be said at a major rally, or at a press conference:

“Remember, in 2012, the Iowa GOP announced the WRONG WINNER on Iowa Caucus night. We can’t have this. We can’t have this in 2016. So we are directing our supporters at each local Iowa Caucus to take a cell phone picture of the official tally sheet and send it to us. That way they won’t announce the wrong winner this time. Like Reagan said: Trust but Verify.”

End of story. — 


(Please Note: Do NOT put anyone who is not totally loyal to you, Mr. Trump, in charge of this Watch the Vote effort at the Iowa Caucus. Our experience is that those who have a big association with the Iowa Republican Party want to be on good terms with the Iowa State GOP HQ after the contest, and that they want their little pat on the head from the crooked side of the Iowa State GOP.

You must put someone in charge, like Eric, Donald Jr., or Ivanka, or Tana Goertz –who is totally loyal to you, and who is willing to treat the Iowa GOP HQ with suspicion, and NOT with trust. The Iowa GOP Old Guard – inside and outside of Iowa,  — will be seeking any way possible, by hook or crook, to get anyone but Donald J. Trump up on the stage to take the “winner’s bow” before the worldwide cameras on Iowa Caucus night, with all the momentum that entails. As we said, above, this is what they actually did in Romney’s case in Iowa Caucus 2012. Trust but verify applies here. The Iowa State GOP HQ deserves NO TRUST in an election, and neither does anyone else. Anyone who wants blind trust in any election count is acting like a crook.

Also, Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign in 2012 was heavily infiltrated. Paul was betrayed by his paid staff member, Dimitri Kesari, who dropped everything a week before the 2012 Iowa Caucus to treacherously browbeat Ron Paul’s Iowa supporters to NOT cooperate with Watch The Vote. His henchman, Matt Collins, published blatant falsehoods on the internet to try and thwart any attempt to watch the vote. Ron Paul’s Iowa Campaign Manager, the brain-dead Drew Ivers, let these traitors to the nation and Ron Paul himself — run wild, dismissing our efforts with supreme arrogance. Ivers was more interested in getting his pat on the head from the Iowa GOP HQ than he was in getting a fair count in the Iowa Caucus of 2012 for Ron Paul, and everybody else. This hurt us badly as only the Ron Paul supporters were distrustful of the process, and the only ones inclined to Watch The Vote.

Nevertheless, thanks to one lone Caucus attendee, Edward True, we at Watch the Vote were able to expose the fact that the Iowa GOP HQ announced the WRONG WINNER on Caucus night. 

The Iowa GOP is no more crooked than the other 49 state GOP organizations (or the 50 Democratic Party state organizations). And this goes for the RNC and the DNC as well. They are all crooked and some of the worst de facto criminals in the nation, as they warp our nation’s destiny by warping elections. What can be worse than stealing elections, or usually easily-rigged election systems, to hi-jack the future of the USA?

The state of knowledge of most of the state GOP operatives is in question: are they knowingly crooked? or are they brain-dead pawns of those who are crooked? However, in the Iowa Caucus, there is a vicious dark side to the Iowa GOP that knowingly sets up systems at the state level DESIGNED to steal the Iowa Caucus, if they can get away with it. We must not let them get away with it in 2016.


Related Factoid: In response to a caller on C-Span in mid-1999, Pat Buchanan (when he was still a Republican) stated that in Iowa the Buchanan Brigades would need to have people at every caucus so they would have the numbers before the boys in New York do (paraphrase). Thus, knowing about the proven votefraud perpetrated against him in 1996 in Dubuque County, Iowa during the Iowa Caucus of that year, Buchanan endorsed in principle the Watch The Vote approach of having monitors at each of the 1650+ local Iowa Caucuses. With the advent of easy cell phone pictures, we can really ensure a fair count in the Iowa Caucus.