Utah Caucus Today: 15 Year Old Soros Plan for Riggable Internet “Voting” Being Rolled Out

In year 2000, June, thanks to a world class researcher, Brent Beleskey of the International Voters Coalition, we at Watch The Vote learned of a George Soros-backed gathering in Athens, Greece (the birthplace of democracy). The massive gathering was devoted to foisting “Internet Voting” – TOTALLY riggable internet voting – on the USA and the world.

That long percolating plan is being rolled out in the Utah Primary today, on March 22, 2016 – 16 years later. SINCE UTAH IS A “TAKE ALL” state if one candidate gets 51% — then you can look for Ted Cruz to be the PUBLISHED “winner” in Utah today. Internet voting is only PART of the system in today’s Utah Primary, but it is finally being foisted on the public.

In 2000, the Soros crowd was calling this “Direct Democracy” via the internet. They also told their minions to ONLY talk to the public about how EASY it is to vote via the internet. In other words, never talk about how secure it is to vote on the internet, as that would get thinking people questioning and rejecting the entire idea of internet voting. (Note: article continues after YouTube insert immediately below.)




Here’s quote from our Network America ewire of June 21, 2000:

“It’s not ‘war’ as in bullets and bombs. It’s war as in taking away meaningful ballots from the world. It means taking away private paper ballots – counted by neighborhood citizens — away from the world – in favor of totally absurd, unverifiable internet and phone voting methods. The big difference is that in ancient Athens everybody in the town square could see how everyone else was voting. In modern America, you will click the mouse on your computer to vote, but you will be at the mercy of those running in the election to tell you how everyone else voted. BIG DIFFERENCE. And it’s just the difference this so-called ‘Direct Democracy’ crowd wants. For they fight every effort at a transparent verifiable method of voting, and promote any way to get to a totally riggable, totally unverifiable method of voting, controlled by them.

“The meeting in Athens, Greece starting today (June 21, 2000) is called The Second Congress on International Direct Democracy. If this group of New World Order Experts get their way – it would mean removing any kind of representative government from the world.

“(Incidentally, the First Congress on International Direct Democracy was held in Prague, Czechoslovakia a few years ago. These conferences, not reported to the public by the Big TV Media Censors, are attempting to implement the tyrannical goals promoted by, among others, billionaire insider George Soros (of the so-called Open Society Foundation) who has funded these and other conferences for years.)

“What the “experts” gathering in Athens, Greece today are promoting is something they call “direct democracy.” That’s a code word for ‘alternative method voting’ – which means internet voting, mail in voting, telephone voting, computerized voting and mechanized voting — anything but the right to a free and private paper ballot, ballot box, hand count, and scrutineers (those who scrutinize and/or witness and/or count the ballots at the end of an election day in properly run elections).

“The ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tsu wrote down the principles of ultimate warfare. His thoughts are still around in a readily available book entitled: “The Art of War.” One of his main points is that the most effective war is when the other side is defeated without ever realizing that there was a war.

“This is what is happening to the proponents of all that is good in western civilization at the hands of Insider George Soros, the so-called ‘Direct Democracy’ movement for computerized, mechanized, internet, telephone, and mail-in voting, and their minions meeting in ALMOST complete obscurity in Athens, Greece today. (The conference will run four days until Sunday, June 25, 2000.)

“If the efforts of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count (note: now Watch The Vote USA), the International Voters Coalition, the Constitution Party, Constitutional Colleagues, and a handful of other groups do not succeed in returning verifiable elections, then the people are in danger of being defeated without ever realizing how the war was fought. . . .

“Remember, the public never demanded these mysterious election methods. The greatest enemy the American people have ever known, the Big TV Networks, have demanded these methods. As stated before in this e-wire, the tyrants of the 20th and 21st century don’t what to be so crude as to say, “We demand that you do what we want!!!!” No. That would be crude, like Ghengis Khan, Stalin, Castro, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Napoleon, etc.

“The ‘modern’ tyrant will say, in a phony sweet voice hiding both contempt and hatred for those to whom he is speaking: ‘I am only doing what you have demanded that I do. You have demanded it through the public opinion polls, through internet voting, through computerized elections, and through your mail in ballots. I am just doing what YOU, THE CITIZENS want.’

“Of course, the public opinion polls, the exit polls, the computerized vote counts, and the internet vote counts will be rigged from the start on key issues and key races. The public will never be allowed to look into these “black boxes.” We must take everything on faith – just like the subjects of all the tyrants throughout history.

“The reader should note that such almost-covert meetings like today’s gathering in Athens, Greece have been taking place since at least as early as the 1960s. The first goal was to replace verifiable elections with unverifiable computerized elections. The goal now is to keep the computerized elections, with increasing use of mail in ballots, until the nation and the world can be deceived into switching over to absurd internet voting and/or absurd telephone voting.

“In sharp contrast to the push that is on for internet voting (and now you have a better inkling of exactly where it is coming from), consider these quotes from an official at the Federal Election Commission, given at a dinner to election commissioners in Rocky Gap, Maryland two weeks ago, on June 7, 2000.

“In an AP wire story entitled ‘Federal Election Official Blasts Internet Voting’, which incidentally made it to the CNN website, the following was reported:

“A federal election official is calling Internet voting ‘a breeding ground for fraud’ and a business-driven threat to democracy. . . . ‘The bottom line behind this push is money,’ said Bill Kimberling, deputy director of the Office of Elections for the Federal Elections Commission. . . . ‘The noise being made to begin Internet voting is vendor-generated because a lot of new software and hardware will be needed to make it happen.’ . . . ‘I don’t want to vote over the Internet and I don’t want anyone else to either,’ Kimberling said Tuesday at the annual meeting of the Maryland Association of Elected Officials.”

“End of quote from the AP wire. . . .”

And that is the end of the quote from the Network America ewire of June 21, 2000; the entire ewire can be found here:


Look for Goldman-Sachs insider Cruz to “win” all the delegate of the Utah Caucus with the help of the first ever use at a public primary/caucus, election of the Soros-dreamed-of internet voting.

In Arizona, if Trump doesn’t get 51% or more, then that means the Ruling Families of Maricopa County (Phoenix), which is where 50% of the voters are in Arizona, have brutally cheated Trump like they brutally cheated Buchanan in 1996. For a glimmer of what they did to Buchanan, google “A House without Doors” published in Chronicles magazine in November of 1996. The article “A House without Doors” is also found down the right hand side of the home page at votefraud.org.

Donald Trump is the only one who INSTANTLY can spotlight all the unverifiable, illegal, easily-rigged computerized elections on a worldwide scale, — and also demand paper ballots, counted in the open by the neighborhood voters in the neighborhood polling place, at closing time, BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight.

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