Trump Tweets Twice on VoteFraud (3-12-16)

For the first time, as far as we know, Donald Trump has tweeted about votefraud in a way that comes close to hitting the nail on the head, and by implication suggests that computer rigging is a great danger. Here are the two tweets by Trump, one at 1:06PM on 3-12-16, the other at 1:07 PM on 3-12-16, one minute apart:

First tweet by @realdonaldtrump at 1:06 PM, 3-12-16: Word is-early voting in FL is very dishonest. Little Marco, his State Chairman, & their minions are working overtime-trying to rig the vote.


2nd tweet by @realdonaldtrump at 1:07 PM, 3-12-16: We are asking law enforcement to check for dishonest early voting in Florida- on behalf of little Marco Rubio. No way to run a country!

While we have no evidence that the Marco Rubio organization is trying to rig the vote, we are certain that the ELECTION VENDORS who have been subversively hired  (and paid BIG BUCKS!) by Election Officials running the elections in the 67 counties of Florida have the MOTIVE, MEANS, and OPPORTUNITY to rig the vote. THIS is how the vote is rigged: by the three big ELECTION VENDORS at the county level using computer fraud. There are NO checks and balances against this.

Crazy reports are coming over the corrupt, computer-votefraud-implicated 5 Big TV Networks, including FOX, — that Cruz may win Florida!!!!! That Kasich is leading in Ohio. These are rigged polls. Kasich is very unpopular in Ohio, and he’s a big bag of NAFTA-supporting nothing.

Kasich got under 500 in Cincinnati, Ohio with all the opportunists running the GOP in Hamilton County straining every nerve to force their county employees to the rally. Meantime, Trump got 20,000 people 60 miles north in Dayton, Ohio – the largest event in Airport history. Then Trump got 25,000 people in Cleveland.

The overriding HORRIBLE reality is this: we are all taking published reports of Ted Cruz’s victory in Texas ON BLIND FAITH! We will be taking the results in ALL THE UPCOMING PRIMARIES, such as Ohio and Florida, on BLIND FAITH. See “Election Nite Gatekeepers” menu tab at


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