February 4, 2016 STOP TRUMP Update. EMERGENCY!

February 4, 2016 STOP TRUMP Update. EMERGENCY!


Covers how the Election GateKeepers work, WHO THEY ARE. See also Menu Tab, “Election Nite Gatekeepers”! And covers much more:

— 1. What Happened in New Hampshire – a Responsible Report. No smoking guns on vote switching at the state level. But here’s where to look for the possibly fraudulent boosting of Rubio — same pattern as Dole in 1996 and Romney in 2012. Very important. Democratic system was made by crooks for crooks — to make Hillary Clinton the “winner.” 99% odds that Sanders really won.

— 2. CNN Anchor John Berman gives game away that Big Media pre-planned to make “Rubio Surging” the story of Iowa. Even though Cruz and Trump came in ahead of him.

— 3. Pattern of “Super Tuesday Wipeout” against independent minded GOP Presidential Candidates since 1988.  Pat Robertson in 1988, Patrick Buchanan in 1996, and Ron Paul 2012 — all did well in early, VERIFIABLE contests, — but then were wiped out on Super Tuesday with easily-rigged, secret computer counts. Take a look at these lackluster candidates who had very little visible support from the public, but were the CHOICES of the Establishment. Super Tuesday “Landslide Winners”: Bush the Elder in 1988, Senator Dole in 1996, McCain in 2008, and Romney in 2012.

— 4. Gary Forbes of Trump Magazine and Forbes Group gets it right on Election Fraud and Honest Election Counts.

— 5. Late Breaking on Feb 4, 2016: Karl Rove, Bernard Goldberg, and Bill O’Reilly on FOX give credence to Trump claim that he may have won in Iowa due to last minute Cruz dirty trick (saying Ben Carson was dropping out right by mass email minutes before the Iowa Caucus began).


  • Monique Wright
    State or Province : Georgia
    Country : United States

    Why I shouldn’t be surprised! We, the people, our votes don’t count! This must stop or we are headed towards more evil & corruption, than we already have! I am a born again Christian & after much prayer for this Country I love, I received the spiritual confirmation on who my Presidential Candidate would be, about a month ago! That Candidate is Donald J. Trump! He may be brash & use language I don’t apposed of but I believe he speaks the truth, says what he means & means what he says & truly does love this Country & our Veterans! Mr. Trump will become a target, no doubt but I believe he knows this & will expose them all, for who they are! He has already shown us a lot about the corruption in Washington & he’s far from being stopped! I’m very grateful for Mr. Trump for loving this country so much that he left his business to devote his time & energy to run for the Office of, The President of The United States Of America! He didn’t have to, he’s shown me, he wants to! My Pawpaw is a 94 year old WWII Veteran & my hero! He fought in the front line of the war in The Army! He has told us stories of things, nobody should have to see or do but taught us about the high price of freedom & the love of Country, God & Family! He never got all his awards & medals because his records burned up with so many others! He had disabilities due to his service & it took him almost 60 years to receive his disability! Thankful God allowed him to come home & be my pawpaw! He’s buried his daughter, my mother, due to a unexpected tragedy, his son & law, my dad, less than 18 months later & then 1 of only 3 grandchildren, my sister! He doesn’t understand why it wasn’t him that died, rather than his military family members & I always tell him because God knows everything & HE knew we would need him! Thank you again Mr. Trump for your love & concern for our Veterans! They ALL DESERVE BETTER, NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN! MAY GOD HAVE MERCY & CONTINUE TO BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! @real Donald Trump

  • charliegirl42
    State or Province : ARKANSAS
    Country : USA

    I have contacted Al Baldesaro in N.H. just a few minutes ago to alert him to fraud possibility in his State. He said he is aware and there will be watchers in every balloting location, and he has many people aware there as well!
    God help the United States.

    • WatchTheVoteUSA.com
      State or Province : Ohio
      Country : USA

      Dear. Charliegirl42 —

      Is it possible to talk to Al Baldesaro in NH.? Is he with the Trump Campaign? Glad to hear people are aware.

  • Patty V.
    State or Province : NY
    Country : USA

    I just came across this wonderful site today and as someone who has worked in local elections for the past 25 years, I can tell you that this guy’s info is right on. I remember when we used to have the old fashioned voting machines that were replaced by computer voting and I always suspected fraud even in town and county elections. Also, the year that I ran for office and had to go thru two votes, a primary and regular election- I was almost certain they had messed with the results because I was a tea party / taxpayer candidate who was anti Dem and Repub. I am praying that someone from the Trump campaign reads these articles and takes them seriously! I am sure that they screwed Trump in Iowa and now will screw him again in NH. I watch his rallies and see the thousands of people that have to be turned away because there’s no room. Don’t insult my intelligence by claiming that these people don’t and won’t vote! Of course they will. They are committed which is obvious because they come out in snow and any kind of weather. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

  • Nana
    State or Province : TN
    Country : USa

    This is absolute Third world fraud.

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