Will the Boys in NYC Risk Computer-Votefrauding Trump in Ohio?

Update, 3-14-16:

To Computer-Votefraud Trump, or not to Computer-Votefraud Trump in Ohio?

It is now too late for Donald Trump to object in public to the secret computer counts before tomorrow’s critical election day, Super Tuesday 2.

On that score, this website’s efforts of the last six months have failed. Hopefully the Trump organization leaders are doing something behind the scenes to let the Secretaries of State know they’re watching what happens, and keeping lawsuits with plenty of depositions open as an option.

The Election Night Gatekeepers in NYC are agonizing tonight on whether or not to risk cheating Trump out of Ohio, while preposterously claiming that the unpopular, no-energy Kasich wins. The Big Media has done plenty to prepare the public mind for a computer-generated Kasich “victory” in Ohio. They have also hedged their bets by reporting on a few late-breaking polls that show Trump winning Ohio.

The computer vote “count” tomorrow in Ohio is conducted completely in secret, with no checks and balances. No citizen, no candidate, no local press person — is allowed to inspect, or count, any ballots tomorrow  – in ANY of the primaries.

We, the hapless public, under the current election systems, must accept the “result” for Ohio announced by the 5 Big TV Networks as an act of BLIND FAITH. Same goes for Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri.

In a nutshell:

ACT 1: ES &S, Hart, and Dominion process the overwhelming majority of votes on secret software programs which all the election officials have agreed by contract not to inspect;

— ACT 2: These three mega-companies pass the “results” on to National Election Pool (NEP), which in turn passes the “results” on to its five owners, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, & AP wire;

— ACT 3: the 5 Big TV Networks and AP hide the role of ES & S, Hart, Dominion, and NEP from the public as they have done for 43 years, and pass on the “results” to the public;

— ACT 4: We, the public, foolishly accept the “results” as an act of blind faith. (See menu tab “Election Nite Gatekeepers” for full explanation.)

If the Networks announce Trump has won in Ohio, that means too many other factors were present that made cheating Trump out of the victory too risky. (For instance, the Mahoning County/Youngstown, Ohio Republican Party announced that for the last month a steady and constant stream of Democrats in the last few weeks had contacted them to say they wanted to switch to the GOP to vote for Trump in the Ohio primary. That’s in only one out of the 88 counties in Ohio.)

Computer Vote Fraud copyNext: Trump got a 20,000 crowd in Dayton, Ohio, and a 28,000 turnout in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday. Kasich, with an all out effort by the surrounding Republican Party organizations, got 700 in Cincinnati on the same day. Most of these were probably county employees, or their families, who felt pressure to attend. One present relayed that the applause was polite and tepid. No enthusiasm.

And, with a straight face, in light of these and other facts, the Big Media is going to claim that the dud Kasich wins? Preposterous.

If the Media claims that Kasich “wins” Ohio, then we are probably off to a contested convention, where the crooks running the RNC will be manipulating the rules like mad to get their way.

The question the Election Nite Gatekeepers are mulling over is this: if they claim Trump loses Ohio – are they risking that half the nation will believe Trump was computer-votefrauded?

And if that awakening materializes, are they risking losing their hammerlock on future US elections once their computers are booted out of the “vote-counting” process?


  • Kathlean
    State or Province : California
    Country : United States

    Are golf courses thee place to negotiate, the 2nd classes future? Mr Eastman – 2011 was a year these elite clubs planned a 2nd 9/11. If they had been a success the middle class would have been DEVASTATED – The investors wealthier. Material control at the Chicago mercantile – if you look closer you will find the same stock exchange swaps as days prior to 9/11. WHO MAY WE TRUST? Have you watched the documentary JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick? FREE sir – unlike today’s low wage workers coined “income disparity” – HOLE in ONE –

  • WatchTheVoteUSA.com
    State or Province : Ohio
    Country : USA

    Thanks to Dick Eastman for commenting. To all that don’t know it, Dick Eastman is one of the most perspicacious and prolific commentators/bloggers on the internet, and I always want to hear his opinion. It is possible Trump is playing us all. Certainly, Trump is out of the eastern establishment, and a friend of Howard Stern (Shock jock), George Soros, and everybody else, by his own admission. On the other hand, I believe by gut instinct (which could be wrong) that Trump is saying what he believes, and wants to go down in history as a great President. Even the things he is saying are TOTALLY against the Ruling Elite agenda. Also, he has unleashed the energy of the great middle class,– and the Ruling Elite doesn’t like it. Abe Foxman of the ADL complained that Trump is breaking one taboo after another that we (ADL) thought we had buried decades ago – and the worst part is, the people are cheering him on. (End of paraphrase of Abe Foxman.)

    There are not too thinly veiled calls for Trump’s assassination in Esquire Magazine, and by a NYT blogger named Douthat, and elsewhere. I’m just hoping that Trump, like John & Bobby Kennedy, and Richard Nixon to some extent, fall in the right direction. There is NO QUESTION that massive computer fraud was used to make Kasich the “winner” in Ohio today. Kasich is NOT popular in Ohio, and he has hacked off everyone. He is a disgusting creature of Goldman-Sachs. Early exit polls, before the Big Media altered them, showed Trump winning comfortably in Ohio. The 20,000 and 30,000 crowds Trump is attracting – have the Establishment in a box, as how do you make it believable that people who can’t get 50 people for most of their events — are “winning”. Also, the establishment might be thinking of making a deal, with Donald Trump, the self-professed deal maker. The Ruling Elite may be thinking they have to take a few steps back in the next four years due to intense public outrage at their take down of America, — while keeping their main program moving forward as far as possible behind the scenes. Many people are saying that Trump can’t be worse than Bill Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama., and that Trump might do some things right, where we know that Hillary, Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich are definitely total creatures of the Goldman-Sachs Establishment, and will do everything wrong for our country. This is about my take at this point.

  • Dick Eastman
    State or Province : Yakima, Washington
    Country : USA

    I do not think Mr. Trump is the opponent of the Establishment that you seem to think he is. There are four contending parties, Clinton, Trump, Neo-cons and Sanders. I suspect that the first three are really working together and maybe all three are working together. Remember, that Bill Clinton, who plays golf with Trump and Bloomberg, told Trump that he should run. To me this is telling, because Ross Perot was a friend of Bill Clinton and George H W Bush in 1992 (all three were members of the CFT together and GHW Bush sponsored Perot’s membership to the CFR. Note also that staunch neo-cons Guiliani and Chris Christie are backing Trump. So do not be sure that voting machines will be used to defeat Trump rather than to elect him. I also think that even more important than fixing an election by rigging the voting while it is done and while it is the last resort of their election fixing efforts, by far and away the best way to run an election is to divide the strength of the real opponent by running a several bogus people who are close to the real opponent on several issues — so they each can peel off a certain amount of support, of donation money, of volunteer effort — which is obviously what Rubio was doing. And towards the end I think that all that is left is these bogus candidates. Was Carson really independent or was he merely playing the role played by Alan Keyes (William Krystols Harvardr roommate) in the 1996 election to draw protestant pro-lifers away from pro-life Catholic Patrick Buchanan — Keyes gave speeched mostly in Churches to the protestant pro-lifers, pulling them away Buchanan, a Nixon speechwriter, the branch called “neo-cons” who were, in this way, driven from the party by the Neo-cons who came likes rats sneaking aboard ship when Reagan came in in 1980. The acceptance of Trump by “Christian” Carson makes me sceptical, unless of course Trumps friend, Michael Bloomberg told somebody to make Carson an offer he could not refuse.”

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