Let’s See the Ballots, Ohio. (Trump vs Kasich)

Let’s See the Ballots, Ohio. (Trump vs Kasich)

The Kasich “win” over Trump in the Ohio Presidential Primary was computerized votefraud. In this youtube video / audio we detail all the reasons pointing to a rigged computerized election system in Ohio which caused lackluster Ohio Governor John Kasich to “defeat” Donald Trump – in order to keep the Old Guard in the Republican Party alive in the Presidential election cycle. Now the Old Guard is preparing more computerized election fraud against Trump, and more dirty tricks to try and steal the Nomination in Cleveland, Ohio in July, 2016.

Problem is, nobody in the United States can prove the above assertion wrong (about computerized election fraud against Trump in Oho), because nobody was allowed to see any ballots on election day from amongst the people, the candidates, or the local press people. Incredible. Just like in any Communist country — only the OverLords are allowed to see the ballots. “Those who CAST the votes decide nothing; those who COUNT the votes decide everything.” – Communist Tyrant Joseph Stalin (in power from 1922-1954)

On internet Radio (infowars.com) accomplished author (The Clinton’s War on Women), Roger Stone told Alex Jones that his group is looking at filing suit against Ohio and Texas to challenge the published computerized election results in those states. We hope he does, but only Donald Trump can help himself now. Trump should publicly and loudly and persistently object to easily-rigged computerized elections, and demand paper ballots counted at the neighborhood polling place BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight.

He will hear from his befuddled advisors (on this issue) that “you can’t raise the computer-election-fraud issue, because it will discourage people from voting. WRONG! IF the leader tells his supporters that YOU MUST VOTE, but object to the secret computer counts every step of the way. They are illegal, they are unconstitutional, and they are anti-American.

The easily-rigged computerized election systems were erected since the 1970s BY CROOKS, FOR CROOKS. Forget their polls, exit polls, commentaries — forget all of that. LET’S SEE THE BALLOTS. This is the only thing our criminal overlords will not allow to happen.

When someone wants to take your ballots into the back room and count them in secret — you KNOW they want to cheat. But that’s whats happening in every primary and in the November elections – since 1988.

See OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com for the full story, including the menu tab, “Election Nite Gatekeepers.”

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