Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday will again present US citizens with published election results that must be accepted as an ACT OF BLIND FAITH.

Let’s go back to the South Carolina Democratic Primary of last Saturday (January, 2016). The PUBLISHED results were that Hillary Clinton won 74% to 26% over Bernie Sanders. And what evidence do we have to prove that?

Shockingly, we have ZERO EVIDENCE that the published results in the Democratic South Carolina Primary are true. There are no paper ballots. SC voters go into the voting booth and use a touch screen computer to indicate their choice for President. Then a bleep of energy goes somewhere and is supposedly counted.

The touch screen election system is provided to South Carolina by ES &S (Election Systems & Software), one of the three mega-companies count about 96% of the USA vote at the November election, or involving any primaries. ES & S processes about 60% of the USA vote on any given November election or primary day – on software programs that are kept secret not only from citizens, candidates, and the press — but even from the election officials themselves. (See the menu tab “Election Night Gatekeepers” on for full explanation.)

Since there are no paper ballots in South Carolina, then there is no way to do a recount. There is no way to see anything, or count anything, or double-check anything. It is the most absurd set of circumstances one can possibly imagine. (See “South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul” on YouTube, uploaded in 2008.)

At the South Carolina Primary, or on Super Tuesday, is where — historically — the boring, disgusting establishment puppets in both major Parties have suddenly “come to life” and started “winning” by landslides over insurgents that were drawing much bigger crowds and generating much greater excitement.

This is EXACTLY what is happening in the case of Hillary Clinton. Since the crooks at the Iowa Democratic State Party have not released the final results for the Iowa Caucus yet (and they probably never will – the final results for the 1996 GOP Presidential Iowa Caucus where Buchanan was cheated have STILL not been released), then we can assume that Bernie Sanders actually won by a close margin. Then Sanders won a landslide in New Hampshire. Then it is possible that the published results showing Clinton winning in the Nevada Caucus are correct.

But then, in South Carolina, Hillary “wins” in an overwhelming landslide where supposedly, according to the big TV networks, even young black voters are ENAMORED with Hillary. Really?? Hard to believe. But this landslide victory (??) sets the stage for Hillary Clinton to win more landslides (??) on Super Tuesday, and thereby lock up the nomination.

Why do the boring, unloved establishment puppets come to life in South Carolina and/or on Super Tuesday every four years? Because the vote is totally riggable in South Carolina by ES & S, with the permission of the Secretary of State of South Carolina, and all the counties in South Carolina. After all, ES &S didn’t “break into the system” or hijack it. No. ES & S was willingly HIRED by the election officials in South Carolina. And to complete the total betrayal of the voters in South Carolina (and the nation) by these same South Carolina election officials, – they sign an absurd written with ES & S in which they agree that election officials are NOT allowed to look at the source code of the ES &S programs that tell the computers what to do on election day. (!!!) The transparency of all Super Tuesday states (even the ones that use paper ballots) is the same as in South Carolina: ZERO.

While many Super Tuesday states do have paper ballots, the ballots are quarantined behind police guard so that no citizens, candidates or press can count any ballots. The only acceptable systems is: paper ballots, counted by the neighborhood citizens before the ballots leave the sight of the judges and local people, right as the polls close, with results posted on the neighborhood polling place wall for several days thereafter.

The 5 Big TV Networks work hand in hand with ES & S and the other mega-vendors, not only by protecting their key role on election day from public view, but also by broadcasting sometimes frantic propaganda to try and make the planned rigged results believable. All 5 Big TV Networks drummed into the public that the black community LOVES Hillary Clinton. The exit polls run by National Election Pool (NEP, owned by the 5 Big TV Networks and AP) claimed that Hillary did better with black voters in South Carolina (80%) than Obama did in 2008. I wonder. In any case, they got away with publishing results that Hillary won by 3 to 1 over Sanders in South Carolina.

After the South Carolina “landslide”, the stage is set for large Hillary wins, even more landslides, on Super Tuesday 2016 (today, 3-1-16). This is what has traditionally happened on Super Tuesday since 1988 for establishment-backed puke puppets.

Vice-President Bush the Elder lost early races to Pat Robertson, but on Super Tuesday in 1988 blew everyone away with massive computer-generated landslides.

Bill Clinton did not win ANY races in 1992 until Super Tuesday, when he won overwhelmingly on computer-generated Super Tuesday 1992 — which put him on the path to the nomination.

Buchanan was defeating Dole in the early races that were able to verified, or somewhat verified, in 1996. But on Super Tuesday, the lackluster Dole “won” by computer-generated landslides in every state (with no checks and balances at all).

McCain wiped all other Republicans out on Super Tuesday in 2008, even though there was no sign he had any support except what was published in easily rigged computer results. Around this time, a woman commentator on Meet the Press stated that McCain was at war with the party’s base. How is it possible to win primaries when the candidate is at war with the party’s base? It is IMPOSSIBLE, of course, — unless you have easily-rigged, computerized elections to override the will of the voters.

And Romney basically locked the GOP nomination up by computer-generated victories in the same way in 2012 — on Super Tuesday. Romney had no visible support as the first choice of grassroots Republicans. A number of national reporters in 2012 said that it was hard to find any Republican primary voter who had Romney as his or her choice.

Are American citizens in the 21st century too stupid or lazy to be free if they allow their votes to be “counted” in secret on easily rigged computer programs by 3 mysterious mega-companies?

In the case of Donald Trump, it appears that the Election Night Gatekeepers do not feel that it is believable to claim he is losing to the other Republicans still running. Even so, the Trump Campaign is making a tremendous mistake by not demanding an end to secret, computerized vote counting, and a return to paper ballots counted properly at each neighborhood polling place.

By not raising the issue of unverifiable elections, the Trump campaign is allowing the stage to be set by the Big Media for a computer-rigged November election — rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. Here’s the way it works: the 5 Big TV networks, and other big media, attack the intended victim-candidate (in this case, Donald Trump) – and then use these overwhelming, contrived attacks against the victim-candidate to justify the computer-generated “victory” of the other candidate (in this case Hillary Clinton in 2016).

By raising the issue of easily-rigged,computer elections vs. returning to honest, transparent vote counting at the neighborhood polling places, — the Trump campaign would put its enemies in the Ruling Elite in a box. For then, if Donald Trump loses in the November election (even if he really loses) — half the country will think he was cheated, and that (the loss of belief in computerized elections) is a risk that the Election Night Gatekeepers and the Ruling Elite behind them — cannot afford to take. Why? Because if computers are thrown out and we return to verifiable elections, then the Election Night gatekeepers lose the ability to computer-rig all important national elections. If they lose their monopoly on the PUBLISHED results of US elections, then they would lose control of the country probably in short order, or at least in due time.

More on this as the election season proceeds.


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  • Jeffrey Liberty
    State or Province : FL
    Country : USA

    This same scenario is happening to Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side of the problem. It is interesting that as of tonight, March 1st, Sanders has won or almost won all of 5 Caucus States (except American Samoa where only 243 people voted) and yet supposedly lost by a mile in all the easily riggable primary States.

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