Strategy for New Hampshire & Beyond


Here is the strategy and explanation of why this course of action is absolutely necessary.

Strategy in NH

In New Hampshire, 10 counties count the vote in the open at the neighborhood polling place (the constitutional way), and 10 counties “count” the vote via secret computer program (the illegal way). However the 10 counties that are computerized “count” 80% of the NH vote, while the 10 counties that still do it by hand-count only count 20% of the NH vote.

The only thing that can be done in New Hampshire is to have witnesses for a Presidential campaign at each of the hand-count polling places to witness the open count. Then this can be contrasted with the computerized areas. If memory serves, there are about 380 polling places in NH, and perhaps 120 of them are the hand-count precincts. (We will have this exact information, as well as a spreadsheet system to watch New Hampshire, in a few weeks.)

So, if Donald Trump wins big in the hand-counted precincts in NH (which are counted BEFORE the ballots leave the sight of the judges and people, and where anyone can observe the vote count at close range), then what are the chances that he will “lose” big in the computerized areas?? No chance at all.

So that is why the Trump Campaign and every Presidential campaign, must have observers at the hand-counted neighborhood polling places on February 9, 2016 for the New Hampshire Primary. (Also, have some observers at the computerized precincts to see the sharp contrast: how your observers will NOT be allowed to see any ballot count; how the ballots are whisked away from the people to be counted behind police guard so that no citizen, no local press person, no candidate can even see one ballot for the purpose of counting on election day. In other words, to see how American citizens are treated in these computerized polling places just like they are slaves of a Communist government. Remember Communist dictator Stalin’s quote: “Those who CAST the votes decide nothing; those who COUNT the votes decide everything.”


The Trump Campaign, and any other Presidential Candidates which can be found to join in, must file suit against the Secretary of State of New Hampshire and South Carolina immediately, to prevent both states from holding yet another illegal, unconstitutional, computerized, easily-rigged primary “election.”

The only course of action is to file suit against the Secretary of State in all 50 states – demanding that they quit violating the three US Supreme Court decisions that outlaw secret vote counts.

You would need depositions from some of the Secretaries of State, some of the local county Board of Elections officials, and the major private vendors who have been contracted to run the elections in almost every county. And these depositions would be incredible if the right questions are asked. These depositions should be filmed and thrown up on youtube immediately. Then the public would see how crooked our “election” system is in all 50 of our “computerized election” states.


A handful of private vendors “count” the votes for 96% of our 3200+ counties. Four of these mega-vendors are: ES & S (Election Systems & Software), Diebold, Hart Civic, and Sequoia.

In the 2004 article in The Nation magazine, How They Could Steal the Election This Time, veteran journalist, Ronnie Dugger, reported that one of these companies, ES & S out of Omaha, Nebraska, processes 60% of the nation’s ballots in any given November election. Computer expert Howard J. Strauss stated this same number in a one-time only, but excellent, 5 minute report by Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News in November 1988, on the eve of the Bush-Dukakis Presidential election.

In the Iowa Caucus there is a CHANCE to catch votefraud, and that’s what Watch The Vote is all about.

Such is NOT the case in 80% of New Hampshire, and 100% the primaries which follow in South Carlina, the Super Tuesday states, and beyond. These states are NOT in line with the standards of the three relevant Supreme Court decisions. In fact, they violate these Supreme Court decisions in the most blatant manner possible.

In New Hampshire, for instance, 80% of the voters who are “voting” on computerized systems do have the right to cast a ballot. So far, so good. But, after they cast their ballots, the ballots are whisked away for processing in the “behind closed doors” computer rooms. The “count” is announced later that night. No candidate, citizen, or local press person is allowed to see any actual ballots on election day, or for weeks thereafter. So the voters and the nation are taking these election “results” in such computerized elections ON AN ACT OF FAITH, with no evidence.

In these computerized elections, the SECOND PART of the citizen’s right to vote is not being respected: the citizen does NOT know whether his or her vote has been counted accurately, or counted all all. (In fact, if a group of citizens tries to see the actual ballots in a computerized election in the USA on election day, they will be arrested before local election officials will let them see any actual ballots just like in Soviet Russia, or any other dictatorship, tin-horn or large scale.)


Coming soon: A YouTube video where the Ohio Secretary of State, John Husted, confirms that all 88 counties in Ohio, and his office, signs contracts with election vendors that NO ELECTION OFFICIAL is allowed to inspect or see the source code that instructs the computers what to do on election night. (!!!!) And he acknowledges that this is a problem. (Ya think?) Husted should be applauded for his honest answer to this question at a Tea Party gathering at “The Farm” event hall in Cincinnati, Ohio in October 2012. Note well: this deplorable and unjustifiable situation prevails in 100% of 49 states, and by now 80% of New Hampshire. ***


In the other 20% of New Hampshire, the ballots are counted properly — as votes were counted from 1783 or so, until the early 1970s.

Pre-selected citizens from each neighborhood count the votes in public, and right as the polls close, and BEFORE the ballots leave the sight of the election judges or the sight of the public. A man who has become a friend of Watch The Vote in recent years, Mr. Douglas Bersaw, supervised the counting of the votes in such a constitutional way in Richmond, New Hampshire, where he served as Election Supervisor until just a few years ago. It’s do-able. It would cost the nation about 480 million dollars a year, a mere pittance in the national budget to be sure we get the leaders whom the voters actually elect.

When the primary process gets beyond New Hampshire, then 100% of the primary states (South Carolina, the Super Tuesday states, etc.) are “counted” by computerized “elections”. (See the YouTube Videos, “Watch The Vote – Iowa Caucus 2012”, the first 13 minutes — and — “South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul”, 10 min.)

When the “count” is conducted in secret (within a computer) powered by secretly programmed software (with source code usually programmed by persons unknown to even the local election officials) – then the second part of our right to vote is being violated and nullified. These realities about computerized elections have been ruthlessly censored by the Big TV Networks who are NECK DEEP in the process, and as guilty as they can be over the last 40 years, complete with faked “competitions” to call the winner first, when all TV networks have been getting the exact same information, at the exact same time, from the exact same organization (National Election Pool, or NEP – formerly Voter News Service, or VNS) which ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX jointly own — together with AP wire.

Nevertheless, there have been intermittent exposures in national publications, such as The New Yorker in 1988, the Nation in 2004, American Opinion in 1977, the American Free Press (formerly the Spotlight) from 1984 until the present, and Vanity Fair in 2012. Most of these very important articles, and much more, can be found on the nation’s oldest site exposing the illegality of computerized elections, and all of the articles in the right hand column on the home page are vital reading for those who wish to restore honest, open, verifiable, constitutional elections. Another important website is

Important books are Votescam: The Stealing of America by the late Collier brothers and Black Box Voting by Bev Harris. One HBO documentary covers this subject, Hacking Democracy.

Another prestigious study that everyone should know about is the MIT/Caltech report, The State of US Elections, issued after the year 2000 Bush-Gore election. Incredibly, this team of experts reported that 6 million ballots were DESTROYED as they were processed by the computer systems nationwide — that 6% of the ballots cast in Presidential Election 2000. (!!!) This could not happen if the ballots were counted properly as still happens at the Iowa Caucus, and in 20% of New Hampshire.

The fatal problems with computer-“counted” elections were pinpointed by Dr. David Dill of Stanford University: “Why am I always being asked to prove these systems aren’t secure? The burden of proof ought to be on the vendor. You ask about the hardware. ‘Secret.’ The software? ‘Secret.’ What’s the cryptography? ‘Can’t tell you because that’ll compromise the secrecy of the machines.’… Federal testing procedures? ‘Secret’! Results of the tests? ‘Secret’! Basically we are required to have blind faith.” — Dr. David L. Dill, Professor, Computer Science, Stanford University, as cited by Ronnie Dugger in his article, “How They Could Steal the Election This Time”, which appeared in the August 16, 2004 edition of The Nation magazine.