Big Media Liars Need Trump, Sanders To Accept Secret Computer Counts

The Big Media talking heads need Trump and Sanders to continue treating the published easily-rigged, illegal, unconstitutional computer “counts” for primary states as if these results have wafted down from heaven brought by Angels.

As long as the Insurgent Candidates, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in this 2016 cycle, accept the published computer counts on blind faith, then the Big Media wirepullers (who control the parameters of what their hired Talking Heads say on air) are enabled to spin their various fictions without consequence. Why? Because the five teams controlling ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, & FOX can depend on their counterparts and co-conspirators at ES&S, Hart, and Dominion to make their prognostications (often citing grossly falsified polls) come true via computer-rigging, when needed.

To be clear: these three mega-companies (ES&S, Hart, Dominion) did not break into the system.  They have been hired by the vast majority of our nation’s 3141 counties to “tabulate” about 96% of the USA vote in each primary and general election. And who hired these three, mysterious, sinister private companies? They were hired to run our election system by Democratic and Republican politicians who function as election officials in the Secretary of State offices in all 50 states AND in the Boards of Elections in all of about 3000+ counties (3141 total counties in USA).

Thus, the Democratic and Republican party leaderships – nationwide – have subversively, treasonously and willingly stepped aside and abdicated their responsibility to guarantee an accurate vote count – which is the only reason election officials exist at all.

Stepped aside? Abdicated their responsibility? Treasonously? Subversively? Strong words – but totally justified. Consider that Ohio Secretary of State John Husted confirmed on audio tape that election officials in Ohio sign contracts with the election vendors that election officials are not allowed to inspect the private software that tells the election computers what to do on election night. !!!!!! — (This statement was given by Husted during a Q & A session at a Tea Party meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio on September 17, 2012. Election officials all across the USA, not just in Ohio, sign these totally unacceptable contracts with the three big vendors.)

Add to this the fact that in 2007 California Secretary of state Debra Bowen disqualified the Big 4 election vendors because she found their systems totally vulnerable to rigging. After the usual showcasing of some totally bogus software “tests”, as well as some arm twisting/arm breaking – California reinstated all four mega-election vendors. (The 4 Big vendors became the 3 Big Vendors when Dominion bought Diebold and Sequoia in 2013. So now it’s ES&S, Hart, & Dominion.)

And, we have a copy of a letter from then Ohio Secretary of State (now US Senator) Sherrod Brown telling the Hamilton County (Cincinnati) Board of Elections circa 1985 that he was approving their election computer system even though it was not secure, while in the same letter suggesting that they fix the vulnerabilities as soon as possible. !!!!!!!!!!

Now let’s go deeper. Who had the money and the clout to erect these three billion-dollar mega-election vendors and get the Republican and Democratic parties to hire them nationwide? That would be the individuals who are provided with mega-capital by the international banks such as the FED and Goldman-Sachs, the very entities that have the power to issue virtually unlimited money and loans in secret.

It is now an Open Secret that these international banks and their octopus arms on Wall Street control both major parties.

Now, let’s consider that the future of the world is at stake. And then notice that Trump is threatening to reverse the Ruling Elite’s policies of unlimited illegal immigration and the brutal de-industrialization of the USA. One may be permitted to speculate that the three big Election Vendors are in actual fact ONE COMPANY, funded by the handful of international banks and animated by the dark side of the CIA, in conjunction with other sinister intelligence agencies.

Intrepid investigative reporter Christopher Bollyn, formerly of the American Free Press, who was driven out of the USA by Homeland Security trained Thugs and a crooked Judge, went to the offices of ES & S (Election Systems & Software) in Omaha, Nebraska. This was circa 2003. After sitting in the ES &S lobby for an hour, a company official emerged and told him he had to leave.

ES & S exists to steal America and the world via secret software and computerized Votescam, not to answer questions from truly independent investigative reporters. (Please notice that all the Big Media Reporters and Anchors know better than to ask ANY questions about any of the issues and subjects covered in this article.)

The Election Night Gatekeepers (see menu tab at swing into action when the Ruling Elite agenda is threatened by insurgent candidates such as Pat Buchanan in the 1990s, Ron Paul in 2008 & 2012, or Donald Trump in 2016.

For those new to this subject, it must be understood that no citizen, no candidate, and no local press person is allowed to effectively see any ballots in 99% of US counties on election day. The ballots are snatched from the people in one way or another after they vote, and the local police mistakenly protect the hired vendor and the local election officials from public oversight as they process the votes in secret on election night.

It is this secret vote count which is unconstitutional and illegal according to common sense and three US Supreme Court decisions (found in the Open Letter to Donald Trump down a bit on the home page of

IF there is a request for a recount, a fraction of the actual ballots are brought forth about 21 days later, plenty of time to switch the ballots to make the computer count “come true”, especially when the future of the city, the county, the state, the nation and the world is at stake.

Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, laughs out loud after Rep. Martha Roby, R-Ala., asked Clinton if she was home alone during night of the 2012 Benghazi attacks during testimony on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015, before the House Select Committee on Benghazi. After laughing out loud, Clinton said it was a bit of levity at 7:15 p.m., more than nine hours since the hearing began. She described conversations with other officials and said, "I did not sleep all night." (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, laughs out loud after Rep. Martha Roby, R-Ala., asked Clinton if she was home alone during night of the 2012 Benghazi attacks during testimony on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015, before the House Select Committee on Benghazi. After laughing out loud, Clinton said it was a bit of levity at 7:15 p.m., more than nine hours since the hearing began. She described conversations with other officials and said, “I did not sleep all night.” (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

With that covered, let’s look at some of the propaganda concepts the Big TV networks are brazenly pushing, which they could never dare air if they were facing a real vote count on each primary election day, and on the general election day in November.

Here are some of the fictions being spun on all Big TV networks to prepare people for the coming computer rigging in the last primaries and/or the November election.

— 1. “Trump cannot win against Hillary in November, only Kasich can win.”

Comment: This is a ferocious lie. This is a lie so big that it falls under the category of lies which has caused a few courageous voices to call for some TV pundits to be prosecuted for treason, i.e. distorting or fabricating information in their coverage of the Presidential race to favor candidates that have a history of giving aid and comfort to our nation’s internal, domestic enemies.

With a real vote count, Trump would defeat Hillary in all 50 states – by a landslide.

This technique of saying that the Democrat clone-candidate, in this case John Kasich, is the only “Republican” that can win – is trotted out over and over again by the enemies of America who control all 5 Big TV Networks. This type of propaganda was used to justify the fixing of the computer vote-counts to give us Dole, McCain, and Romney – all big, historic LOSERS, who could not even put up a fight because they were in basic agreement on everything essential with their super left-wing Democratic opponents.

The endless parading of such false analysis and related warped polls is sophisticated psychological warfare meant to blunt the anger that should engulf the Big Media, and the three big vote-fixing companies which the Big Media protects, when the published computerized “counts” contradict the evidence and common sense.

We, the public, have NO evidence about how these mysterious polls are conducted. And no one asks for explanations – except us a few paragraphs below at the end of this article.

Thankfully, the Trump people, and Trump himself, are questioning the accuracy and relevancy of some of these alleged polls.

— 2. “Trump is hated by women.”

Comment: Another series of lying polls meant to falsify public opinion, not reflect it. Most women are not influenced by the handful of hard-faced feminists who the Big Media preposterously tout as “all women”. In fact, most women want security, and want a strong man, if they can find one, to protect them from real or perceived threats.

— 3. Hillary is wildly popular with black voters.

Comment: Highly doubtful. Let’s see the ballots.

— 4. Trump is hated by black voters and Hispanic voters.

Comment: Not true. Let’s see the ballots.

How Are Those Mysterious Polls Done, Anyway?

The polls given wide publicity by the Big Media are treated as if they are brought down by Angels from heaven.

But what’s the reality?

Presumably a few dozen people working for the big companies doing public opinion polls sit around calling potential voters.

Who are they calling?

What neighborhoods? Rich? Poor? Middle Class?

Blacks? Whites? Asians? Hispanics?

What are the EXACT questions being asked? What is the exact wording being used?

Knowing the real answers to all these questions is critical to evaluating the relative validity of a poll.

How many people are called? How many people answer the phone of those who are called? How many people who answer the phone are willing to talk to the pollster. — And the big, unknowable question when a candidate like Buchanan in the 90s or Trump in 2016 is under attack by the Big Media for being a “racist”: how many people lie to the pollster because they don’t want to be viewed by the pollster as a racist?

Rand Paul and Ben Carson both challenged polls in the 2016 election cycle because they found out the polling company had only contacted 200 people. (!!!!)

The polling companies themselves only claim to be sampling 800 to 1200 people in a given poll.

And then there is this reality: let’s say there are 20 people whose job it is to reach 40 voters each in a given poll. At the end of the poll, each of these 20 people turn in their results to the company owners. Each of the 20 people only know the results he or she got. ONLY the polling company owners know the real results of the efforts of all 20 people. SO THERE ARE NO CHECKS AND BALANCES ON WHAT THE COMPANY OWNERS ANNOUNCE AS THE POLL “RESULTS”.

This reality also explains how the Iowa Presidential Caucuses, and other Caucuses, are warped by Party leaders IF citizens are not watching what’s happening at the top with regards to the adding up of the results of the local Caucuses. Please recall that the final results of the 2016 Iowa Presidential Caucus for the Democratic Party have still not been announced. (And they never will be, as Hillary lost and Bernie won, which was not supposed to be the narrative at that point.)

The final results for the 1996 Iowa Presidential Caucus for the Republican Party have still not been announced (Buchanan vs. Dole), and they never will be; Google the article “A House without Doors” for the proof of how Buchanan was cheated in that Presidential Caucus.

In 1996, in the three weeks leading up to the Iowa Caucus on February 12th, I (Jim Condit Jr.) witnessed the Big TV Networks (at that time ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN) coordinating deliberately false national polls to try to stampede the people of Iowa away from Buchanan and towards Senator Robert Dole. On the ground we saw Buchanan yard signs everywhere, and almost zero Dole signs. Buchanan came into Dubuque on a snowy night with several inches already on the ground – and drew 300 people to hear him speak. Dole came in on a good weather night, and got a few dozen people, probably mostly staff members and party hacks. When I asked bank tellers, grocery store cashiers, and other everyday Iowans if they like Senator Bob Dole of near-by Kansas — some of them almost spit in contempt.

For three weeks, ALL four of the national TV Networks touted “polls” with Dole at 28%, Forbes at 26%, and Buchanan at 12%. As it turned out, this was a blatant attempt to stampede the public away from Buchanan, and towards Dole.

On February 10th, the Saturday before the February 12th Monday Iowa Caucuses, ALL FOUR Big TV Networks announced that because of the money that Steve Forbes had thrown into TV advertising – that all their polls were invalid and they could not make any projections. (!!!!)

In other words, after three weeks of telegraphing that Dole was a “winner”, and Buchanan was a “loser”, the Big TV Network conspirators were trying to save face if their propaganda had not worked on the coming Monday. AND IT DIDN’T WORK. The final results, even with the massive rigging in Dole’s favor, were published as 26% for Dole, 23% for Buchanan, and 12% for Forbes, the rest further behind.

IN OTHER WORDS, the Big TV Networks were using polls to try to SHAPE public opinion, NOT to reflect it. And they are doing it this time around also.

Early polls in mid-2015 purportedly showed that 89% of Republicans said they would never vote for Trump. THESE WERE FALSIFIED OR WARPED polls. Now the Networks are admitting that a vast majority of Republicans say they will vote for Trump.

Let’s see EACH of the employees conducting the polling videotaped and audio recorded. Then we could see what really happens in these “all-knowing” polls. I think we would all be shocked at how haphazard and unscientific the entire process was.

The 10,000 to 30,000 Trump crowds, sustained over 10 months, have made it difficult for the Election Nite Gatekeepers to make Trump losses believable in these latter primaries. HOWEVER, as long as the “system” is Big TV Network coverage, Big TV Network publicized polls, and Big TV Network protected secret-computer counts on election day — the whole system is a round robin of election rigging, — IF the Big TV Networks can make the rigged, published computer result BELIEVABLE to the public.

One last tidbit: the Ruling Elite was so eager to convince the public of the near-infallibility of their warped public opinion polls, that Hollywood made a movie about public opinion polls. No kidding!

The movie, “Magic Town”, was made in 1947, starring Jimmy Stewart and Jane Wyman. Here is the IMDB description of the movie: “An opinion pollster finds a town which is a perfect mirror of U.S. opinions.”

You can find everything about “Magic Town” at this link:

In the key scene Jimmy Stewart, the visiting pollster, gives a speech to town leaders about how their town is so wholesome that it may be a perfectly gauge of how Americans thinks nationwide. One of the older ladies in the room breaks down crying in joy.

Message to the movie audience: pollsters are going to be very important national figures who will tell us what we are thinking. (Ha! Ha! Early propaganda for what has become a key lynchpin of the Ruling Elite’s system to keep control of the direction of the world. Pretty bold, eh?)

While polls can be accurate in some cases if they are done sincerely, modern-day political polls are used primarily for two reasons:

a) to shape public opinion, rather than reflect public opinion;

b) to see (in the real poll results) what the public is actually thinking and believing, so that the Ruling Elite behind the 5 Big TV Networks can gauge what they can get away with – as they seek to maneuver the public towards attitudes so they can further consolidate their hoped-for world power.

Let’s not let them get away with it! Go look at the “Election Nite Gatekeepers” menu tab at — and —

Please, Mr. Trump, object to the secret easily-rigged computer counts and demand paper ballots, counted at the neighborhood polling place, before the ballots leave the public site. Just RAISING this issue will make it FAR less likely that the Election Nite Gatekeepers will cheat you out of the Presidential Election in favor of crooked Hillary in November 2016.

— Jim Condit Jr.

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