Let’s See the Ballots, Wisconsin.

Update 3-30-16:

Let’s see the Ballots, Wisconsin.

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Again, we have an easily-rigged, secretly-“counted”, computerized “election”. The Wisconsin Primary is the hands of a handful of mega-computer election companies, hired by the counties, protected by the Big Media (see the menu tab “Election Nite Gatekeepers”).

The county election officials sign a contract, demanded by these criminal election vendors, that they are NOT allowed to look at the “proprietary” software that tells the computers what to do on election night. No citizen, no candidate, no local press person is allowed to inspect any ballots on election night.

Right now we see a repeat of the Big Media playbook used against Buchanan in the 1990s and against Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012:

Very questionable, mysterious public opinion polls are purveyed to the public by the Big TV Networks and treated as ABSOLUTE TRUTH as if they have wafted down from the Angels on High.

Are these polls which the Big TV Networks give the lion’s share of publicity real? Are they real part of the time? Are they skewed by the questions asked, by the demographics called? or in some other way? Totally falsified? Nobody knows but the top propagandists at the Big TV Networks and the companies they hire to conduct the polling. Nobody raises persistent questions about how these polls are done, or about any aspect of methodology, or about how polling 800 Americans (or sometimes as few as 200 people) can possibly be a scientific gage of how one hundred millions American will vote.

The Big Media is making a big deal out of the endorsement of Ted Cruz by lackluster Wisconsin Governor  Scott Walker — who polled virtually zero when he ran for President. In fact, Walker is not any more of an inspiring leader in Wisconsin than John Kasich is in Ohio. This Big Media hype is aimed at making a Cruz win in Wisconsin believable. They calculate (correctly, apparently) that people across the USA will believe that Kasich won in Ohio because it’s his home state; that Cruz wins in Texas because it’s his home state; and that Walker endorsing in his home state of Wisconsin will rub off on Cruz. We contend this is all media falsification of what’s really going on. LET’S SEE THE BALLOTS, WISCONSIN!

The Old Guard GOP needed a Kasich “win” in Ohio, and needs a Cruz “win” in Wisconsin – in order to have a chance to stop Trump at the GOP Convention in Cleveland this July.

Forget the polls, forget the exit polls, forget the 24 hour a day TV and newspaper punditry that Cruz is going to win Wisconsin, — LET’S SEE THE BALLOTS, WISCONSIN!

But with persistent publicized Big Media “polls” for Cruz, emphasis on the non-event of the Governor Scott Walker, consistent boosting of Hillary Clinton by all 5 Big TV Networks as the virtually “inevitable” 2016 winner (as if all five networks worked for Hillary Clinton), grossly false polls that most American women support Hillary and are “negative” towards Trump,  

Guess who’s OK with easily-rigged computerized election counts? Governor Scott Walker, FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Cruz, Kasich — and surprisingly, Donald Trump. Why is Donald Trump standing up for himself in every other way and on every other front, but not in regards to getting an open, transparent count for himself and his supporters, and for all American voters?

As things stand, the Big Media is going to make a Trump loss in Wisconsin “believable”, and then the secret computer counts are going to make the “believable results” — come true.

Americans do not deserve to be free if they can’t see that they must object to any kind of secret election count, and demand open, transparent election counts.

Those who want to ban together and restore honest election counts, as well as take back the country, need to go to NetworkAmerica.org, sign up, and then begin to communicate with others, and ultimately organize physically in each county, in order to use the Precinct System to replace the party leaders in both the Democratic and Republican parties, as these two parties run every county and every state in the USA.

The Big Media keeps talking about how the Republican Establishment is trying to make peace with the Republican base. In fact, THERE WOULD BE NO REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT if it were not for computerized election fraud. The Bushes, Roves, Kristols, etc. etc. would be swept away in one election, and replaced by populists. But with those backing establishment Republican and Democrats controlling the election computers, – the Establishment is treated as a permanent fixture that we, the people are stuck with. We’re only “stuck” with them because of computerized votefraud. Period.

As far as the Wisconsin Primary coming upon us, paper ballots should be counted in the open by the neighborhood voters in each neighborhood polling place, as soon as the polls close, and before the ballots leave the public sight.

“Let’s See the Ballots, Wisconsin.”


  • S.M.
    State or Province : N.Y.
    Country : ORANGE


  • AW
    State or Province : WA
    Country : US

    Agreed. Such a simple and reasonable thing, yet there is almost absolute silence on this issue.

  • VRM
    State or Province : Arizona
    Country : Maricopa

    EXIT POLLS !!! Every polling place needs to have someone counting at the exit polls. Go back to the paper ballots.

  • CSL
    State or Province : SC
    Country : USA

    Restore paper ballots, hand counted at the precinct, guarded by armed militia.

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