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Who are the Election Night Gatekeepers?

Election Night Gatekeepers post pic

Who are the Election Night Gatekeepers? Which 13 12 groups control Election Night “results”?   Important commentary before you see the blockbuster evidence which the 5 Big TV Networks and related big media have been hiding from America: was erected to help ensure an honest vote count for all candidates and all voters in every election. But we must put

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Trump and Roger Stone Both Warn of Rigged November Election

Trump and Stone

In a watershed week for the Election Fraud issue, both Presidential candidate Donald Trump and his long time friend and advisor, best-selling author Roger Stone, raised the specter of the November Election being rigged against Trump. (Scroll down this page to see both entertaining videos – the Trump video is 1 minute, the Stone video is 4 minutes.) Trump brought

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Mr. Trump, Don’t Sign Your Own Death Warrant With Wrong VP Pick


Mr. Trump’s VP Pick must be someone whom the Old Guard Ruling Elite fears as much as they fear Trump. The man for Trump’s Vice-President is Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. Please see below in this article the excellent letter from Texas portrait artist Gary Giuffre to Trump friend and best selling author, Roger Stone, about why Senator Jeff Sessions

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Big Media Liars Need Trump, Sanders To Accept Secret Computer Counts

Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, laughs out loud after Rep. Martha Roby, R-Ala., asked Clinton if she was home alone during night of the 2012 Benghazi attacks during testimony on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015, before the House Select Committee on Benghazi. After laughing out loud, Clinton said it was a bit of levity at 7:15 p.m., more than nine hours since the hearing began. She described conversations with other officials and said, "I did not sleep all night." (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The Big Media talking heads need Trump and Sanders to continue treating the published easily-rigged, illegal, unconstitutional computer “counts” for primary states as if these results have wafted down from heaven brought by Angels. As long as the Insurgent Candidates, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in this 2016 cycle, accept the published computer counts on blind faith, then the Big

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Trump Dooms Himself By Accepting Illegal Secret Computer “Counts”

Election Fraud Info Donald Trump copy

Update 4-05-16:  Donald Trump’s failure to follow the advice of this website and object to the easily-rigged, secret computer counts – has as of now doomed the Trump presidential bid to computer-generated “defeat”. (See video below) Trump was 10 points ahead in Wisconsin ten days ago, but now has “lost” 50% to 30% according to the published computer “results.” Same

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Let’s See the Ballots, Wisconsin.


Update 3-30-16: Let’s see the Ballots, Wisconsin. (accompanying Youtube video – see below, after this article) Again, we have an easily-rigged, secretly-“counted”, computerized “election”. The Wisconsin Primary is the hands of a handful of mega-computer election companies, hired by the counties, protected by the Big Media (see the menu tab “Election Nite Gatekeepers”). The county election officials sign a contract,

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Utah Caucus Today: 15 Year Old Soros Plan for Riggable Internet “Voting” Being Rolled Out


In year 2000, June, thanks to a world class researcher, Brent Beleskey of the International Voters Coalition, we at Watch The Vote learned of a George Soros-backed gathering in Athens, Greece (the birthplace of democracy). The massive gathering was devoted to foisting “Internet Voting” – TOTALLY riggable internet voting – on the USA and the world. That long percolating plan

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Let’s See the Ballots, Ohio. (Trump vs Kasich)


Let’s See the Ballots, Ohio. (Trump vs Kasich) The Kasich “win” over Trump in the Ohio Presidential Primary was computerized votefraud. In this youtube video / audio we detail all the reasons pointing to a rigged computerized election system in Ohio which caused lackluster Ohio Governor John Kasich to “defeat” Donald Trump – in order to keep the Old Guard

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Will the Boys in NYC Risk Computer-Votefrauding Trump in Ohio?

Computer Vote Fraud copy

Update, 3-14-16: To Computer-Votefraud Trump, or not to Computer-Votefraud Trump in Ohio? It is now too late for Donald Trump to object in public to the secret computer counts before tomorrow’s critical election day, Super Tuesday 2. On that score, this website’s efforts of the last six months have failed. Hopefully the Trump organization leaders are doing something behind the

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Donald Trump must challenge the easily-rigged, secret computerized election counts

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Donald Trump must challenge the easily-rigged, secret computerized election counts and demand paper ballots counted in the open, before the ballots leave the public sight, at each of the 200,000 polling places in the USA. There are no paper ballots at all in South Carolina and other states! This 73-minute Youtube is my attempt to bring everyone up to speed

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Jan 30 Warnings To All Presidential Campaigns in Iowa Caucus

January 30, 2016 Warnings To All Presidential Campaigns in Iowa Caucus   Poison Pill emerges in Iowa Caucus 2016: For first time, military, out-of-state students and shut-ins are allowed to “vote” in abstentia over suspect Microsoft cloud. This is an open door for Iowa GOP HQ and Iowa Dem HQ to silently and invisibly alter thousands of votes. No paper

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