Trump Must Spotlight Computer Votefraud in 2018! Click Here!

Introduction Video on Below Article – followed by article which contains entire strategy below in 7 talking points, each followed by a very short audio clip. This strategy will defeat impeachment and spotlight the Computer Votefraud Syndicate / Election Night Gatekeepers.


This Post is especially for President Trump on preventing massive computer votefraud and massive voting by illegals with drivers licenses, — but we hope you, dear visitor to this website, will read it also, and listen to the audio/video. And spread the word about this article across the internet.

IF ANYONE can get a direct message to President Trump, Melania, Eric, or Don Jr. – please ask them to look at this post, and ask them to ask President Trump to come study this page. If President Trump, as in 2016, brings up the dangers of the massive rigging of elections again in 2018 in exactly the right way, then he and his team will win the 2018 congressional elections. If he does not, the three sinister Deep State/Shadow Government Election Vendors covered and exposed to public view here, will use their secret programs to warp the 99% of the USA vote which they “count”, and they will install the Democrats in Congress, and then President Trump will be impeached next year, and maybe convicted if the Democrats are put into power in the US Senate by the same tactic of Computer rigging.

April 27, 2018

President Trump:

There is nothing more important than that you enact this action plan on election integrity so that we can prevent election fraud in November 2018, and finally restore honest, transparent elections once again.

The Big Media, Democrats, and Deep State Republicans will HOWL if you bring up these points publicly, but the tens of millions of people will be with you – not only conservative populists, but also centrists and liberal/progressives.

ACTION PLAN, to be done in all public speeches in some way, and making a video that can be posted on youtube and through your media reach for tens of millions to view and finally realize the way we are letting three Mega-Election-Vendors take the ballots away from us before they are counted, and then “counting” 96% of our counties and 99% of our people’s votes on their secret, privately owned computer programs, which the brain-dead election officials agree NOT to look it – ever! Here is the action plan for public:

1. Demand that we return to what our nation did for the first 180 years: Hand-counted Paper Ballots at the neighborhood precinct BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight. (Both hand counting the paper ballots and doing so BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight at the neighborhood polling place. This can easily be done, only the crooked Big Media Outlets, involved up to their eyeballs in the criminal actions of the Election Night Gatekeepers, scream it’s “impossible.”

Hand counted paper ballots BEFORE they leave public sight.


2. Demand that the Boards of Elections quit withholding or illegally destroying the paper ballots before the 22 months after each election by federal law, and quit destroying the ballot images that are now made in almost every county in the nation. Austin, Texas, (Dr. Laura Pressley race) Alabama (Judge Moore race), and Florida (Debbie Wasserman Schultz race) are three cases where it is public knowledge that paper ballots and/or electronic ballot images were destroyed against federal law.

Listen to the below audio on the case of Dr. Laura Pressley of Austin, Texas, now waging an historic court battle for all Americans. The Austin Board of Elections destroyed the electronic ballot images (there were no paper ballets, absurdly) a few days after her election context in 2014 in total violation of federal law which DEMANDS all election evidence be kept for 22 months after each election. Dr. Laura Pressley is a women you need to call and/or or meet face to face. (See Her case is before the Texas Supreme Court, and the Secretary of State of Texas is opposing her, but the Attorney General of Texas is WITH HER. Very exciting. The lower court has fined her $100,000 for filing a “frivolous” lawsuit. We all know how frivolous it is when election officials violate their reason for being by destroying all the election evidence (in this case the electronic ballot images), as was done in Austin, Texas.

A Mr. John Brakey, a progressive, is valiantly masterminding similar lawsuits all over the nation. He is probably another person you need to meet. (By the way, I have nothing to do officially in any way with Dr. Laura Pressley, Mr. John Brakey, Mr. Harri Hurster, Bev Harris of – or anyone else mentioned in this article; good reporters and top investigators called my attention to these Election Integrity leaders over the years.)

Stop the Destruction of Election Evidence by Board of Elections officials. (Dr. Laura Pressley is a woman, President Trump, that you need to call and/or meet face to face.)


3. Direct all GOP Candidates in 2018, especially Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Congressmen Meadows and Jordon, to announce in advance that they are coming with their computer experts to look at the ballots and the ballot images on election day and thereafter, and there will be lawsuits and depositions this or any other election evidence are destroyed.

Announce in advance that GOP candidates and the Trump Administration are coming on Election Day 2018 with their computer experts and workers to look at the Ballots and Electronic Ballot Images — and if election Evidence is destroyed – there WILL be lawsuits and depositions, and a lot of Noise made.



4. Call for an investigation into the sinister Big Three Election Vendors (ES&S in Omaha, Hart Civic in Texas, and Dominion, formerly Diebold, based in Canada. These three companies, incredibly, have been hired by over 3000 counties to process 99% of the US votes on their secret computer programs, which violate AT LEAST two standing US Supreme Court Decisions which can be found at the Menu Tab at the top of Most Americans have never even heard the names of these three companies, thanks to the criminal suppression by their partners, the Big TV Networks, even FOX.You can verify that this is the case at, run by academics of unimpeachable credibility, such as Professor Rivest of MIT and Professor Appel of Princeton, both of whom testified at the New Hampshire Presidential Advisory Election Commission a few months ago, which can be viewed on YouTube. At you can find which of these three mega-Election Vendors is hired by which county. In Alabama, for instance, all 67 counties are counted by ES&S (Election Systems and Software). In Ohio, 86 of the 88 counties are “counted” by one of these three big companies (each county only hires one election vendors, but the computer election vendors have the same exact rules which they demand be adhered to – as ifthey were really one company).

Call for an investigation into the sinister Big Three Election Vendors, ES &S, Hart, Dominion (formerly Diebold) – which “count” 99% of the USA vote in 96% of our counties – on their secret, privately owned software



5. Hit the Fake Media for covering up all these things from the American people for the last 30 years. Why aren’t the Big TV Networks concerned with this concentration of power with regards to these Big Three Election Vendors? Why aren’t they against Secret Counts? Why do these Big Media outlets have no desire or appetite to tell the American people about these three big election vendors, or to talk about them at all – OR to investigate them in any way? Why? Because CNN, NBC, etc. DEPEND on these Big Three Election Vendors to make their own lying polls, and their own fake analysis come “true” by massive electronic computer fraud on election day. As an aside, the pretended “election night competition” amongst ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX to be first to call “winners” and “losers” on election night is a total fraud, and at least the executives at these big TV Networks have always KNOWN it was a total fraud. These TV Networks get the exact same information at the exact same time from the exact same company (National Election Pool, or NEP), which they JOINTLY own control! (See, the online article “A House without Doors”, and the youtube video “40 Seconds to Victory for Trump.”)

Hit the Fake Media and the 5 Big TV Networks for covering up all these things from the American people for the last 30+ years, and hit the 5 Big TV Networks for their phony election night “competition” to “be the first” to call the “winners and losers.”



6. Finally, tell everyone at your rallies to get the HBO documentary, “Hacking Democracy”, which is available at Amazon and elsewhere. This documentary features another person that testified at the New Hampshire session of your Presidential Advisory Election Commission, and Bev Harris of, the mastermind of the documentary along with its producers. His documentary will open up anyone’s eyes who watched it. (While the documentary hints at one point that the Bushes control the election computers, this is obviously not true. Neither the Bushes nor Clintons control the election computers – that would be the three Mega Election vendors with the disgraceful permission of election officials in 96% of our counties, and all 50 Secretaries of State.

Tell everyone at your rallies to get the HBO documentary, “Hacking Democracy”


7. You ALONE, President Trump, can again call this issue of HONEST ELECTIONS to the attention of the people of the United States and the world, as you did starting in August of 2016 in almost all of your speeches from that point onward. Do you remember the Big TV Networks being so nervous that they had Lester Holt of NBC at the end of the 2nd Presidential Debate with Hillary, and Chris Wallace of FOX at the end of the 3rd Presidential debate ask you, “Will you accept the election results?” And you gave the right answer: “I’ll look at the evidence. I’ll keep you in suspense.”

This is one of the reasons the Deep State stood down and let your massive victory stand. You probably won the 2016 election by ten million votes in reality. Se the Menu tab “Videos” at for a video about this entitled, “Why the Deep State Let Trump’s 2016 Victory Stand.” We can’t let the three Big computerized Election Vendors be in a position to warp the 2020 Presidential election in ANY way. All this talk of the non-existent “Russia’s attempt to interfere in our elections” is to DIVERT that the Big Media is neck deep in protecting from public knowledge those who Do have the motive, means, and opportunity to FIX any election they think they can get away with fixing: ES&S, Hart, Dominion.

The Media is going to HOWL when you focus public attention on these realities. But, it is NOT sour grapes to call for an honest and transparent vote count BEFORE the election. In fact, it is the duty for all candidates to DEMAND an honest vote count for their supporters, and all voters.

Sources on this website ( or linked on this website that are chock-full of documentation are:; (contains the WatchTheVoteUSA official report to the Trump Presidential Adisory Election Integrity Commission, submitted a few weeks before it was shut down);, right hand column linked articles and archives; the YouTube video, “40 Seconds to Victory for Trump” (tells what happens from the time we vote till the time the alleged results are announced on TV; made three weeks or so before the Presidential election). YouTube video, “South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul” (Made in 2008, ten minutes).

Communist Tyrant Joseph Stalin (ruling Russia from 1922 to 1953) famously said, “Those who CAST the votes decide nothing; those who COUNT the votes decide everything.”

Millions of our fellow Americans have fought and bled and died to ensure our right to determine our destiny in free and honest elections. We dare not let the Election Nigh Gatekeepers / Shadow Government computer votefraud syndicate, such as the executives at the five Big TV Networks, and ES&S, Hart, and Dominion, and all 50 Secretaries of State, and almost ALL local election officials (by their shameful collaboration with these TV Networks and Mega-Election-Vendors – continue to spit on their heroic sacrifice.

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