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With Republicans in the Senate under despicable Senator Mitch McConnell “unable” to repeal anything regarding ObummerCare (this failure manifested at 7-28-17 at 2 AM) — there is nothing more important in the natural order, President Trump and Mr. Steve Bannon, than that you read this website. (Kellyanne Conway should read it, too.)

The strategy on this website at the menu tab “NEW Open Letter 2017” is NOT optional. It is mandatory if Donald J. Trump is going to go down as a great President, instead of another failed President, frustrated and defeated by the EVIL DEEP STATE.

IF you, President Trump, 1) implement the Precinct Strategy, 2) restore an honest, verifiable vote count, and, also, 3) finally issue money properly and scientifically in harmony with the fast advancing technologically age in which we live – you will go down as one of the greatest leaders in the history of mankind.

This strategy will put you on the offensive against the Old Guard, Deep-State-Compromised Pukes in the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the traitorous portion of the Big Media (most of it), AND the traitorous portion of the intelligence community (most of it near the top).

The body of elected neighborhood Precinct captains in each LOCAL county elect the local Party Leaders (Democrats elect their county Democratic Party Chairman, and Republicans elect their county Republican Party Chairman; this happens in all 3041 counties in the USA, and it takes place mostly in the even years).

The local County chairmen ultimately decide how the votes are counted on election night in their county, and they endorse the Congressional candidates, and they elect the State Party Chairman in their state – who go on to elect the National Party Chairman for their respective Parties, who in turn go on to set the rules for each Party’s Presidential primaries and national conventions, in large part.

1/3 of the precinct positions are vacant in both parties, so a call from President Trump to his supporters to enter the precinct system in the major party of their choice in their local county — would likely by very successful from the git-go.

A person running for Precinct Captain in Ohio, for instance, will need something like 5 signatures (rules vary from state to state) and should spend about 40 hours per year running for precinct captain, and attending the local, county meetings to elect their local Party leaders. THIS IS THE BATTLE FIELD! The vast majority of concerned Americans do NOT know where this battlefield is, and, therefore, are ABSENT from the KEY battlefield. Most Americans are reduced to impotence by their supposed leaders, who will only tell them to write letters to their computer-vote-generated Congressmen. and to attend rallies.

Americans in the last three generations should have learned about these three concepts (Precinct, transparent vote count, and how the nation should issue new money into existence) in High School, but we were not. So most Americans will have to be pushed out of their “comfort zone” to run for Precinct Captain (i.e., to become a Neighborhood Lighthouse) so that they can then bring all of these things about.

President Trump, you must now fulfill this leadership roll, and shepherd Trump Supporters nationwide into the precinct system. Only you can do it. The call from anyone else will not be effective to motivate millions of Americans to act.

What we must do is teach a ten minute lesson on how the Precinct System has worked for over 150 years to a few million people – a few million Trump Supporters. These millions of Trump supporters already exist, and are desperately seeking what to DO to help their new President, but no one with a big microphone is telling them what to do.

As stated above, this ten minute lesson should have been pounded into our brains in civics class in high school – but it was not. So we learn it now.

Here is what must be done:

1. President Trump, you would first set up special office for the Precinct Project (explained in depth in item #1 at “NEW Open Letter 2017” menu tab at this website ( as part of the 2020 Trump Re-Election Campaign. This office will field calls and emails coming in from all over the United States – and teach grassroots Trump supporters how to run for Precinct Captain in their neighborhood in the major party of their choice.

2. Then, President Trump, you should mention the Precinct Project (the Neighborhood Lighthouse Project) regularly and consistently in Tweets– and at every rally. Start out with a tweet and facebook video.

Then, use the technology at, either as is, or we will help you move that technology to a new website under your control, so that those leading the Precinct Effort on your campaign staff can talk to the grassroots people, and so that the grassroots people can talk to each other as they finally learn how to overthrow the UNELECTED Deep State criminals, their front men (often occupying public office) and take control of once again of this nation in the 21st century.

The good, constitutionally-minded, and prosperity-minded leaders already exist for local Party Chairmen (in both major parties), for Congress, and for Senate. But their heads have been “held under water” by the International Bankster Deep-State (Shadow Government) operatives and their opportunistic/subversive agents at the local level in each county.

The Old-Guard Big Media is already over. It has been eclipsed by Social Media. IF — IF — If a fair and transparent Election-Count is restored, we will get a REAL  vote count, and the phony polls of the Big New York City Media will cease to be published, and will be exposed as deliberately false (a mind-warfare tactic to push public opinion, not reflect it). Their “news” and analysis will quietly and unceremoniously be buried and totally forgotten by the American people.

Until we restore an honest election count, the Big TV Networks WILL be relevant, because the grossly falsified, easily-rigged, computerized election “results” will make their phony polls, and their mendacious propaganda (disguised as “news analysis”) come “true”.

Uprooting the Deep State and putting grassroots Americans in charge of their destiny once again is a BIG JOB — but once the Trumpet is sounded by President Trump, the job will be easier than it now appears. The entire Deep-State Shadow Government is operating in the dark, and successfully keeping Americans from realizing how the Precinct System works, and how powerful the effective use of it is.

( See also “President Trump, Mr. Steve Bannon et al: Half Measures Will Not Work” at:  )

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