Save Health Care, Infrastructure, Economy – with the Dividend

Save Health Care, Infrastructure, Economy – with the Dividend
. . . and American National Credit


Even if Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator Mitch McConnell were not trying to sabotage Trump in favor of the Deep State/Shadow Government handlers they serve, they undoubtedly don’t know how to formulate a good health care system, or a sound economy.

This is explained in the “NEW Open Letter 2017” at the menu tab of the same name on this website (, for those seeing this post elsewhere).

Putting enough money into circulation (via the Dividend, based scientifically on the goods and services available in the USA in any given year,) and into the hands of the everyday people across the United States, combined with Senator Rand Paul’s  idea of engineering a truly free market for competition so that people can ban together in groups and see which insurance company will offer the best deal – is the way to a real health care system with a heart.

Those needing treatment for truly catastrophic illnesses, which will be a very small minority of the population every year, can be handled from some of the money issued against the goods and services available utilizing the “compensated price” concept, which is explained in the free online book, “In This Age of Plenty” by Louis Even, linked in the “NEW Open Letter 2017”.

This may be the only solution that will provide, in effect, universal health care (because we as a nation are rich enough and talented enough to do so) AND preserve free enterprise for the medical professionals and the insurance companies, so that we do not get the inefficient / long-wait type of health care systems now overtaking Canada and other socialized medicine countries.

If insurance companies are required to take people with pre-existing conditions (which they should be in light of the current development of civilization), they will have to be compensated in many of these cases with the compensated price solution.

President Trump, you are now being assaulted on all sides by the entrenched Deep State / Shadow Government. As many have noted, an attempted coup is underway. Your greatest enemies are those within the Republican Party pretending to be your friends. Just as half measures would not have worked for you in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, half measures will not work now.

If you do not learn and bring the best (and honest) economists and mathematicians around you to Implement American National Credit, starting with the Dividend and followed by the compensated price, then you will be unable to accomplish a stellar health care system, nor to revitalize infrastructure, nor to help those in the inner city with an economic ladder up which they can climb.

If you do not put out the call for Trump supporters to enter both the Republican and Democratic Parties at the Precinct Level, where the party leaders and Congress can be changed in 2018, then you will be stuck with traitors to you who are also spineless men, like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, two men who are also traitors to the people of the United States.

If you do not demand the banning of computers from US elections, and the restoring of paper ballots counted at the polling place at closing time BEFORE the paper ballots leave the public sight, counted by voters from that neighborhood precinct in public sight, then those mysterious private companies who OWN the secret computer programs that “count” 99% of the USA vote in 96% of the counties (See, will probably claim that the Democrats “win” the House of Representatives in 2018, and then you will be impeached.

To prepare for this hoped for impeachment, right now the news rooms of the 5 big TV networks, including FOX, are pushing the phony polls that you are the least popular President in history, while their news divisions are following the lead of the New York Times each day on what to discuss on their channels all that day (in the news portions of the programming). They hope to use all of this negative coverage to “justify” the rigging of the votes on election day in November, 2018.

You barely escaped such rigging/theft in November 2016. The Deep State operatives who own those election computer programs decided to let your victory stand rather than risk over half the nation believing the computers and illegal voters stole the Presidency from you. (The rigging of the computer programs BY THE THREE MAJOR VENDORS — ES & S, Hart, Dominion — is the far greater problem.)

Under the “More” menu tab on this website, you will find a letter from Election Integrity activist Sheila Parks which concisely explains exactly how votes should be counted in US elections. A Constitutional Amendment may be necessary to effect these changes. Each county would still be allowed to conduct their own local elections, within the new Constitutional requirements.

You should announce all three of these goals over twitter and over facebook without warning to the Big Media or anybody else.

In the next few years it will be decided whether the American people behind the Trump Administration will regain control of the country, or if it will remain in the hands of the Deep State / Shadow government run by those who pull the strings behind the Federal Reserve Board, Goldman-Sachs, the IMF, and other international-related, monry-issuing banks.

The three action prescriptions in the “NEW Open Letter 2017” may be the only way to win for the American people, as well as for the legacy of the Trump Presidency.



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