TrumpTV NOW – as part of the 2020 Campaign Effort

President Trump and Steve Bannon –

Strong Suggestion: Establish some internet website for TrumpTV NOW! Establish it as part of the 2020 President Trump Re-Election campaign, and funded by campaign money. (It could also be founded as a new business, but that would give the traitorous snipers a chance to find some kind of petty paperwork infraction somewhere down the road; as part of the Presidential campaign for 2020, it is impregnable.)

Why? Because, as President Trump has finally uncovered for the American people and the world to see, almost all of the Big Media are not news organizations, but rather partisan actors for the “Deep State”, or Shadow Government, that wants to the turn the USA into merely a “province” of their hoped-for New World Order (to quote Patrick J. Buchanan).

And now they’re actively plotting on how to put the President’s son, Don Jr., in jail — for absolutely nothing.

These so-called “News Organs” are NOT reporting 99% of the positive things that the Trump Administration is doing. For instance, how many Americans know that Attorney General Sessions and President Trump are cracking down big time on organized gangs that have been terrorizing innocent citizens in many US big city neighborhoods?

This Trump TV website could produce programming every day about what is actually happening inside the Trump administration, interactions with Congress, exposure of Big Media lies, etc. etc. It could have Ann Coulter on a lot. And Pat Buchanan. Or whatever.

This is an all out information war. The other side is trying to put the President and some of his family in jail if they can warp the system enough to do it. We’re in an all out war, and a lot of what the Big Media is doing is just to eat up hours, eat up days, and have the casual news viewers constantly hear the name “Trump” associated with “impeachment” and “collusion”, etc. tec.

President Trump could direct people to the new Trump TV website with his 80 million + social media followers.

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