President Trump, Add This To Your Rally Speeches to Stop the Deep State From Stealing 2020 Election by Computer Fraud

Immediately below this paragraph is the 3-minute version of this video — Next down the page is the 31-minute version which gives the background information and documentation. And then is linked the “2018 Open Letter” to you, Mr. President, which is more in depth, and still completely relevant. And at the bottom of this page is the video, “My Encounter with Trump on Computer Election Fraud”, which aired on April 29, 2018, and in the first few minutes I predicted you would be impeached by the Democrats if the computer vote fraud issue was not made a MAIN issue by you and the Freedom Caucus before the 2018 election. —- The Most Important ONE THING you can do to ensure your re-election in 2020, Mr. President, is to master this subject, and add a minute or two to your Rally Speeches against the secretly counted, easily-rigged computerized elections we now have, and why we need an open hand-count of paper ballots, BEFORE the ballots leave the public view. Paper ballots that are snatched away from the people before they are hand-counted in public view – are worthless. Two standing Supreme Court decisions explicitly forbid this – see menu tab on this website “Supreme Court Decisions”. — Paper ballots are now snatched from the people in 100% of 49 states, and 1/2 of NH. And the cases of Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida, Dr. Laura Pressley in Texas, and the Bevin race in Kentucky (covered in the 31 minute version below), and many other cases, show that we the citizens can no longer get at the paper ballots under any circumstances.  — Adding a minute or two on this subject in your Rally Speeches will alert your supporters that we are ALL in great danger that the Deep State will steal the election from you through their three Big Companies (see below), and will put the Big Media, and the Democratic Party (who want these secret, easily-rigged computer vote counts) on the defensive, with no comeback. The Deep State WILL NOT DARE to steal the 2020 Presidential election from you with everyone understanding these things and watching the processing of the ballots in 2020.


Here is the 31-minute version. It gives background information and documentation for why you must add one or two minutes on this subject to your Rally Speeches. (The 3 minute video above is from the approximately the 17 min mark to the 20 min mark in this longer video.)


And here are the bullet points for an honest, verifiable election:

  1. Paper Ballots
  2. Hand-counted
  3. in the open
  4. BEFORE the ballots leave the public view

Hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of $$ have been given to “count” the votes on easily-rigged, privately-owned (by only 3 companies), secret computer programs. $1 billion dollars, a pittance in our national budget, would enable the 3141 counties to hire enough people to hand-count paper ballots in the open at the neighborhood precincts/voting places — before the ballots leave the public view. In 2000, on November 28, half way through the Bush-Gore computer election debacle (which was resolved on December 12, 2000), Canada counted all the votes in their election in four hours AND achieved a final result, using the method of paper ballots counted by people right as the polls close on election night. This is the way we used to do things in the USA before the computers were introduced in the early 1970s.


Even though it is not likely we can fix the election “vote-counting” system in time for 2020, — you can “fix” the situation yourself, Mr. President, by putting one or two minutes into your Rally Speeches on the evil of secret, easily-rigged computerized vote counts – and again say that you are afraid they are going to rig the election against you. And tell the people to come to this website, – where they can learn for themselves. (We now have 100% easily-rigged computerized elections in 100% of 49 states, and 50%+ in NH. Worse: 3 Deep State companies, – ES &S, Hart, and Dominion, — have been disgracefully hired to “count” the vote on their secret computer programs in 3000 of our 3141 counties – see the Verifier section at; ES &S, Hart, and Dominion, between them, “count” 99% of our USA vote in the November election. The Boards of Elections, and the Secretary of State in all 50 states, totally abdicate their responsibilities, and sign contracts with these three Deep State companies that the election officials will not look at the source code of the ES &S, Hart, or Dominion computer programs. They also agree that the Election officials will not sue ES &S, Hart, and Dominion under any circumstances. ES &S, Hart, and Dominion (Dominion bought the election division of Diebold, as well as Sequoia in 2013). ES &S, Hart, and Dominion (always protected from public view by the Big Media) are probably the same operation behind the scenes, as all have the same rules for the 3000 or so counties which have hired them. These three sinister companies — NOT RUSSIA — own the election software that tells the computers in 3000 counties what to do on election night.

The reason you must explain why you are worried about the election being rigged against you in a minute or two at your rallies, is that it will alert your supporters across the nation how the 3 Big Companies hired by 3000 of our counties could easily and silently steal the 2020 election from you. — The contrast between you advocating for an open hand-count of ballots, and the media and Democrats exposed for wanting and protecting these easily-rigged computer counts, – will put the Big Media and the Democrats on the defensive, with no possible comeback. Once your supporters realize that the computerized elections can be silently rigged against, all eyes will be on what the Boards of Elections are doing, and if they DARE to say you lose in 2020, then well over half of the voters will know the election was stolen. Then the Deep State will be in danger of having their three companies (ES &S, Hart, Dominion) kicked out of the USA election system (as they should be) and they would losine their death grip on our elections. Mr. President, you must also say out load what you implied in the last debate with Hillary in 2016, in response to Chris Wallace’s question –  that you will sue the secretaries of states and county Boards of Election, if the results seem suspicious. Better yet, your 2020 campaign should sue them now. Have whoever in your orbit gets things done, email us at, and we will help guide you through what needs to be done for free. — IF there is a fair count in 2020 you will win by a massive landslide. In 2016, you probably won by 10 million votes, but ES &S, Hart, and Dominion likely switched 7 million of your votes to Hillary, and then about 3 million votes were manufactured by the Democrats at the street level, like they were doing in Florida in 2018. In “My Encounter With Trump on Computer Election Fraud” you can hear in 34 minutes which I believe the Deep State decided to stand down and let your victory stand.

So, the “Trump Must Spotlight Computer Vote Fraud in 2018” is linked immediately below. It is more in depth, and still totally relevant to the illegal elections we face today.

Trump Must Spotlight Computer Votefraud in 2018! Click Here!

Here is the video, “My Encounter with Trump on Computer Election Fraud”, which aired on WKRC radio on April 29, 2018, and in it I predicted in the first few minutes that the Democrats would impeach Trump if he and the Freedom Caucus didn’t make the easily-rigged votecount a main issue in the 2018 campaign. Here is that video/audio:


In case YouTube purges more of our videos like the one above; you can play the video below:



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