Bravo! Trump Hits Sleazy Adam Schiff on Twitter! Go Farther . . .

Keep tweeting! Only the Corrupt Big Media keeps saying they are too “low IQ” to follow the POSITIVE moves of the Trump administration everyday, AND your defense of yourself against the band of traitorous Jackals trying to bring you down.

DON’T WORRY! We the people can keep up!

The corrupt Big Media is saying: “Quit tweeting! Quit using Social Media! We want to bash you over the head every hour on the hour, like we did to Nixon, and we don’t want you to answer us! Shut up, President Trump! Sit down! And take the beating we intend to administer to you and your family — without defending yourself.” — That’s what these subversives and enemies of the USA in the Big Media are saying, and hope you will fall for. In their story line, the only way for you to be “Presidential” is to let them destroy you without defending yourself. And, thank Heavens, you are not falling for it.

So glad you finally hit (on Twitter) the Super-Sleazy Congressman Adam Schiff, a dishonest hit man for the Deep State / Shadow Government, and a traitor to the USA.

Now, it is necessary to go further and challenge the lying intelligence agency operatives, like Dr. Strangelove Clapper and former CIA Brennan, to tell the public WHAT PROOF they have that Russia or anybody else hacked any election computers. They have been dancing on this one, — and saying that no votes were changed. So, to you liars in the Intelligence Agencies, — define what happened! Or Shut up. We call BALONEY on your “national security” excuse that you can’t reveal what you have. — You don’t “reveal it” because you have nothing. (What’s the matter with the new CIA Director, that he’s going along with this? You may need to fire him, President Trump.)

This is the level that must be addressed now. Dozens of liars and reporters who are either conscious operatives, like Wolf Blitzer and CIAnderson Cooper, or trying to keep their jobs (Joe Scarborough, Don Lemon) keep saying things like “we all know it is a fact that Russia meddled in our election” — on the contrary WE ALL KNOW NOTHING OF THE SORT. PUT UP OR SHUT UP, you liars in the Intelligence agencies. It is NOT undermining the Intelligence agencies to clean them out of the traitors who rose to the top of these same intelligence agencies under Clinton, W. Bush and Obama.

Like Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul before you, President Trump, you have forced the deep state / shadow government operatives to drop their masks. The battle for America is truly on! Couldn’t be more serious.

We’re with Ann Coulter: MORE TWEETS! Tweet. Tweet. TWEET!

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