January 4, 2016

The Big Media Bosses and Old Line Political Establishment are frantically trying to boost someone to defeat you, Mr. Trump, in Iowa. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of winning the Iowa Caucus for any candidate who wishes to be President.

Why? Because if the Iowa GOP can crook the Iowa Caucus (because no one is watching), then the the Old Guard can EASILY rig the computer states which follow — because there is NO WAY TO EFFECTIVELY WATCH THOSE VOTES. That problem is addressed in a  few paragraphs down on this page.

In 2012, all they wanted to do was get their pre-selected boy, Romney, up on the stage on the night of the Iowa Caucus to take the bows before the worldwide TV cameras, with all the momentum in polls and fundraising which that entailed. They falsified the vote to get Romney on the “winner’s” stage, but had to retract their deception two weeks later after a hard fought battle with Watch The Vote and local caucus attendee, Edward True.

The LAST THING the Old Guard wants to see on February 1, 2016 is for Donald J. Trump to ascend the winner’s stage and take the bows before the worldwide TV cameras.  This will make it very difficult for them to claim that Trump loses Iowa, South Carolina, or almost anywhere. THIS is why they are straining every muscle to “Stop Trump”, even if they have to reluctantly boost Senator Ted Cruz.

As we wrote at the time, circa mid November, 2015, Big Media polls showing Ben Carson — (we like Ben Carson, it’s not his fault they were using him) — showing Ben Carson suddenly “ahead” in Iowa and nationally — were deliberately falsified by some of the Old School Big Media to try and stop your momentum —   falsified by lying info-crooks embeded at the top at CBS, Bloomberg, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Des Moines Register, and other “Old School Big Media” outlets.

When Carson proved unsustainable, they tried to boost the dead-eyed, wholly-Establishment-owned Rubio, — and now, in mid December, 2015 – the Old Guard is reluctantly going with Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz is the one guy who might beat you, Mr. Trump in the Iowa Caucus (if he can rally enough Evangelicals, as Santorum allegedly did in 2012) — so all the more critical that everyone work to ensure a FAIR COUNT in the Iowa Caucus on February 1, 2016.

In late December, 2015, reluctantly, the Old Line Establishment may have to boost Cruz, — honestly, dishonestly, or both, — to try and prevent a Trump victory in Iowa. (Again, this is no reflection on Cruz, he is just being used if the Big Boys go this route.) IF THEY ARE SUCCESSFUL IN STOPPING A TRUMP VICTORY in the Iowa Caucus, then the easily rigged computer “counts” (which are both illegal and unconstitutional) in the states which follow Iowa — will show all kinds of varied rigged results, perhaps preventing Trump or anyone else from getting a clear majority of delegates by convention time.

Problem for the Old Establishment: with the crowds you are pulling, Mr. Trump, in addition to the wide and diverse polls showing you WAY ahead, it is NOT BELIEVABLE that your numbers would collapse when the real voting starts.

THIS IS WHY CROOKS LIKE REINCE PRIEBUS and Senator Mitch McConnell, amplified by the 5 Big TV networks, are talking about a brokered convention. With the help of the five TV Networks attacking some and praising others on cue, the Old Line Elite is now planning for rigged but jumbled computer results in the post Iowa Caucus states, so that no one has a majority of the delegates going into the Convention, where the crooks behind Reince Priebus can rig the convention result.

It is important to know that the Republican AND Democratic National Conventions in 2012 were run like Communist Party events — the delegates who had invested 1000s of $$ and 1000s of hours to get there, where used as window dressing, and given ZERO say in any of the key Convention decisions. (For instance, Barbara Anderson of Alaska gathered the necessary signatures from six states to place Ron Paul in nomination, and allow him to give a speech at the National Convention, – like in the pre-1980 days, when national conventions were not totally rigged in advance. GOP Attorney Ben Ginsburg and Reince Preibus ignored the rules and ignored the signatures from six states for Ron Paul.)

It is possible to thwart any falsification of the vote-count in the Iowa Caucus. See exactly how to stop any votefraud in Iowa at our Iowa Caucus Strategy page on this website.

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