NEW Open Letter To PRESIDENT Trump 2018

(The Original “Open Letter to Donald Trump” – to Candidate Trump, written in mid-2016 – is found on this page below this “NEW Open Letter 2018”  to PRESIDENT TRUMP; this NEW Open Letter 2018 deals with 5 issues that President Trump must deal with if his Presidency is to go down in history as a great one.)

NEW OPEN LETTER 2018 to President Trump:


Dear President Trump:

To go down as one of the greatest leaders in world history, you must pursue these five essential courses of action, domestically and internationally.

As a preface, in order to prevent the Old Guard “deep state” power structure from “mugging you in the dark”, you must continue to explain what you are doing every step of the way to the American people and the people of the world via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Press Conferences, and through Addresses from the Oval Office. We continue to advocate for some version of a TrumpTV website channel that broadcasts live TV 8 hours a day, and reruns the live programming twice for the other 16 hours. To explain and implement these necessary and historic five courses of action — such a TrumpTV channel on the internet will be extremely effective, if not necessary.

A short summary of these five essential areas of action are listed immediately below, followed by an in depth explanation of each:

Neighborhood Precinct Project: Take over the Republican Party (and possibly the Democratic Party also) at the grassroots level via the Neighborhood Precinct Project (which could be called the Neighborhood Lighthouse Project), using the Precinct System that has been in place since the days of Abraham Lincoln, and before.

Restore Honest Elections by hand-counted paper ballots and banning secret computer counts in order to stop the Deep State from impeaching President Trump by illegally installing Democrats into control of Congress by computer votefraud. Honest, transparent elections are NECESSARY for the survival of our free society and constitutional government.

Issue Money scientifically in This Age of Plenty, in this age of technology, computers, and escalating inventions. By introducing a monthly Dividend, scientifically and mathematically determined, based on available goods and services, to all adults over 25 years old, all races and classes will rise. If President Trump implements this one reform, which might be called the Free Enterprise Dividend, he will go down for the next thousand years as one of the world’s greatest leaders of all time. This is the “free enterprise” answer to the socialist call for an arbitrary guaranteed income. See the new website:

Dealing with the False Flag problem: right now our country is being manipulated by repeated and recurring false flags perpetrated by the Deep State in order to maneuver and manipulate the US population, and the world population, into directions desired by the Deep State / Shadow Government.




Now follows an in-depth explanation of each of the five necessary courses of action:

1. NEIGHBORHOOD PRECINCT (the “Neighborhood LightHouse”) SYSTEM: President Trump must call for Trump supporters to become a “Neighborhood Lighthouse”, to rush into the Republican AND Democratic Parties in the neighborhood Precinct system. You must call for this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE — right now — for the 2018 precinct races, many of which happen in the first part of 2018. A special campaign office for “Trump for President 2020” should be set up and well staffed to help Trump supporters learn how to run for precinct captain, i.e., how to become “Neighborhood Lighthouses”. It only takes about 200,000 to 300,000 people (at most) in EACH major Party to take over both of these major parties at the county level, state level, and national level. This is where the real political power in America comes from.

The majority of elected precinct captains in each local county party go on then to elect the chairman and the executive board for that local party in that local county. Then the local county Chairman and his local party leaders go on to endorse the candidates for congress for their respective parties in their respective counties, as well as help (with the other county chairmen in their party in each state) to elect the STATE party Chairman for their party in that state). The state Chairman and then go on to elect the national Party chairman for their respective party. (This is where Reince Priebus as the 2016 Republican Party National Chairman and Howard Dean as the 2016 Democratic Party National Chairman came from; now both have, of course, moved on to other things and been replaced).

This is how you drain the swamp and get rid of weak sisters and/or ideological traitors like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, or actual traitors like Rep. Adam Schiff, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, etc. in the Democratic Party. (There’s no reason the crypto Trotskyite Communists like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi should run the Democratic Party for the rest of our lives!)

While the significance of the office of Precinct Captain (and how to run for Precinct Captain) should have been taught to every student in the USA in High School, it was not. Therefore, a special office needs to be set up in the 2020 Trump for President campaign. This office must be well staffed, and would have three purposes: 1) receive calls and emails and letters from Trump supporters across the nation as each responds to the President’s call to enter the precinct system in his or her local neighborhood in the major party of his or her choice; and 2) teach each respondent how to run for precinct captain in his or her neighborhood in accordance with the rules of their respective state; and 3) help to find and identify the leaders in each county who can replace current party leaders (if necessary) with new leaders who will vigorously support the Trump agenda.

This new projected effort is welcome to use the existing system to organize people state by state and county by county, or can to simply copy the website at and set up that system under a new name. For help in doing this, email: or contact Network America through 513-741-2095.

While it may be deemed wiser to concentrate only on the precinct system in the Republican Party for 2018 and 2020, we suggest concentrating on the precinct system in BOTH major parties. This will bring howls of pain from the worn-out, discredited Old Guard “leadership” in both the major parties. The wails would come forth because ushering US citizens into the precinct system of BOTH major parties would be laying the groundwork to oust deep-state influence from top to bottom in the USA.

When the current Republican Party County Chairman in the 3141 counties see that the Trump Supporters finally know where the “playing field” is (how the precinct system works) — and the grassroots people start to flood the Neighborhood Precinct System, many of the current Republican County Party Chairman may be relieved to be able to come out into the open in supporting President Trump’s agenda, and to be out from under the thumb of the dark side of the Old Guard Deep State which has dominated the precinct system by default for the last 50 years or so. The local Republican county party leaders who deserve continuing support will be happy that they can finally stand up for their true patriotic instincts and beliefs. The ones who are not falling in line with the Trump agenda — will have to be replaced at the county Party organizational meetings that will be held in all 3141 counties in 2016 and 2018.

This “precinct battle” will be a real fight, especially as the Trump Supporters start to flood the Democratic Party, county by county, — but this is what must be done to achieve new County Chairmen in both major parties, — and then to go on to elect a NEW CONGRESS in 2018 and 2020, both in the US House of Representatives and in the US Senate. — Then the SWAMP in Washington DC can finally be TRULY drained for good.

For a quick education on how the Neighborhood Precinct System works and why it is so important, see the short 4-minute intro below to the Precinct System — which will direct you at the end to go to the top video on called, “The Strangest Political Secret” (it is years old, but still totally relevant; it is only going to work if you, President Trump, put out the call to the grassroots people):

The video is a outdated in many ways BUT is totally relevant as to how the NEIGHBORHOOD PRECINCT system works – and why the Precinct Captain/Executive is, in a way, “The Most Powerful Office in the Land” (see commentary on this article below).

Also, everyone can find a comprehensive WRITTEN explanation of the Neighborhood Precinct system and why it is the grassroots key to the future of the USA and the world by going to:

“There is a Plan” found here:

Part of this article is a complete transcript of a short talk, “The Most Powerful Office in the Land”, delivered 27 years ago to Constitutionalists (who eventually became much of the Tea Party) by a gentleman named Rick Herron. To be clear, Rick Herron has nothing to do with this website, and doesn’t even know we are mentioning him here, but Mr. Herron and like minded leaders have today motivated the Tea Party takeover of the Republican Party which happened in Warren County, Ohio in 2014. These current Trump supporters elected 100 of 166 Republican precinct captains in Warren County, Ohio in 2014, which enabled them to elect one of their own (Mr. Ray Warrick) Tea Party members as CHAIRMAN of the Warren County Republican Party in 2014.

NOTE WELL: Warren County, Ohio went for President Trump in 2016, after going for Obama in 2012. When you have an alert network of precinct leaders in place, you can educate the population and GET OUT THE VOTE much easier at election time.

Another patriot who used the precinct system to take over the Republican Party in Boone County, Kentucky a few years ago, is current Judge Richard Brueggemann. Another man you should perhaps contact and talk to. (Judge Brueggemann, likewise, has nothing to do with this website, and also has no idea we are mentioning him here.)

President Trump, consider inviting Mr. Rick Herron and/or Judge Richard Brueggemann to the White House, or arranged for them to meet you somewhere else (on one of President’s Trump visits to the Greater Cincinnati area?) to talk to you for 30 minutes or so about exactly how they achieved success utilizing the Precinct System in these counties. You would not regret it.

The entire deep state would go into panic mode if you announced this one initiative (encouraging Trump supporters to flood the precinct system nationwide). And Americans who want to “do something” would finally know what to do, would finally know where the playing field is, and would finally know how to take back their government. Again, be sure to inform the American people what you are doing via Social Media, your Communications Team, and your own Press conferences – every step of the way.

Here is a short 6 minute video about the success in Warren County, Ohio and Boone County, Kentucky. Then GOP Boone County, Kentucky chairman, Rick Brueggemann (now Judge) is pictured in this video speaking to Judge Andrew Napolitano shortly before a Boone County, KY Republican Party banquet in December, 2012 at which Judge Napolitano was the featured speaker.


2. RESTORE HONEST AND VERIFIABLE ELECTIONS: The Commission on Election Integrity provides the framework to undo the last 40+ of unverifiable computerized elections (which are actually illegal because of the SECRET nature of the “count”, see the Three Supreme Court Decisions on the menu bar.

What must be done:

A.  All computers must be banned as illegal for elections as ruled by the Supreme Court three times (see relevant menu bar). Instead, each neighborhood precinct must use easily read paper ballots, and those ballots must be kept in a clear box all day in the sight of the public and the election judges in each neighborhood precinct, and then counted in public by pre-selected citizens from that very neighborhood precinct – BEFORE the paper ballots leave the public sight. All ballots would be counted in public before observers of all factions welcome to observe without disrupting the count. With observing and recording video cameras mandated in the ceiling (above the ballots being counted by each team of two scrutineers, or counters) and horizontally in all precincts, vote rigging would become virtually impossible. A much longer explanation going into all details will appear soon.

B. The Board of Elections are money LOSERS just like the Police Department, the Fire Department, and the military. BUT the Board of Elections determines which we end up with the REAL choice of the people, or domestic enemies installed by the Vote Fraud Syndicate — especially the COMPUTERIZED votefraud syndicate explained in depth at – each county Board of Elections must be mandated and empowered to issue free Voter ID picture cards to anyone who wants to register to vote, with a voter ID which is DIFFERENT than the Social Security Number, and can be made public with no risk to any individual because is specifically dedicated to voting.

When a voter registers or/registers he/she would be required to affirm that he/she is not registered in any other county in the USA, or if they are so registered, they must disclose where so the local Board of Elections can contact the other county and have that person removed for the voter rolls in his/her former county. Attempts at fraud in this matter would result in jail terms of five years for each violator, whether voter of elections officials.

All county coroners would be required by law to post all deaths on a special website that would notify the Board of Elections nationwide of who has died and who must be removed from the voter rolls.

For in depth information on this subject go to:

which also leads to:

The HBO documentary, “Hacking Democracy”, featuring the incredible investigative work of Bev Harris of, is available to everyone again at — to watch (streaming) on their computer for only $2.99, to “own” for unlimited showings on their own computer or device for a bit more, or to buy the DVD at Amazon for about $17.99 plus shipping. Every adult in the world should see this documentary! The entire world owes Bev Harris, as well as producers Russell Michaels and Simon Ardizzone, an incredible debt for each of their prodigious efforts here.

3. Finally Issue Money Scientifically In This Age of Plenty: Even if we ascribe the most noble of motives to the Federal Reserve Board (which we at this website do NOT), then we are at least 100 years out of date on how to issue new money into circulation. The leader who accomplished this will go down as one of the greatest leaders in history. On the other hand, if President Trump does not accomplish this, then he will find it impossible to help the inner cities, establish a humane health care system for the people of the United States, or repair America’s infrastructure without absurdly going into unneeded debt to the bankers behind the Federal Reserve System.

With so much of the work being done by machines, computer, and now robots, the only way to get enough money to the middle and lower classes is to issue a monthly Dividend to each adults based on the goods and services available in the nation. Some experts say that the monthly Dividend today would be about $1600 to every adult in the USA to fill the “Gap” between money in circulation and the goods and services available. This money would be issued into circulation INTEREST FREE by the US Government to scientifically approximate, as far as possible, the goods and services available in the nation. This system was historically called “Social Credit”, but should now be called in the USA “American National Credit”. American National Credit would be the anti-dote to Socialism and Communism, and Vulture Capitalism as is now engulfing the USA, and would safeguard Free Enterprise Capitalism as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

Despite that MSNBC and CNN and the deep state won’t like where it appeared, a comprehensive, the following article, “An Open Letter to Donald Trump – Part I” by Mary H. Pennington has an excellent explanation of how the Dividend would work in the second section of that article, entitled “Reshaping the FED and the Economy”.

***** We are now too rich thanks to our collective heritage. Right now, the 1%-ers are skimming trillions off the top to build their New World Order. We need to re-direct those trillions into the pockets of everyday Americans via a monthly Dividend. (See the new website: Segments have been done on the increasing displacement of the workforce by technology on FOX by Tucker Carlson and Steve Hilton, on CNN, on WLW radio in Cincinnati by NFL Super Bowl ring holder Rocky Boiman, etc. etc. etc. All of these segments note the problem without a clue of a scientific solution in harmony with free enterprise capitalism. Even if we impute the best of motives to the FED, Goldman-Sachs, and the other money-issuing entities, we are at least 100 years behind the times of issuing money properly. The leaders who implements the Dividend will go down as one of the greatest leaders in history. Why should that leader not be you, President Trump? *****

Also see the article free online, “The Money Myth Exploded” by Louis Even, and the free online book, “In This Age of Plenty” by Louis Even.

Also, Mr. Bill Still, Ellen Brown, and M. Oliver Heydorn Ph.D. could be consulted in person.

4. The False Flag problem. (Coming Soon.) President Trump, you can find a way to break this reality to the US population, just as you have repeatedly stated that our country has wasted trillions of dollars in the Mideast since we were lied into the Iraq war by the W. Bush administration in 2003.




( Below is the original “Open Letter” to Candidate Trump at the beginning of the 2016 Presidential campaign – still worth the read. The NEW Open Letter to PRESIDENT Trump is immediately above. Also, see the “Election Night Gatekeepers” article tab on the menu on this site, and see the website )

Dear Mr. Trump, (addressed to Candidate Trump prior to November 2016)

We are the organization Watch the Vote. Together with first time Caucus goer Edward True, we proved that the Iowa GOP HQ ANNOUNCED THE WRONG WINNER on the night of  the Iowa Caucus held on January 3rd, 2012. When the facts emerged over the days that followed, the Iowa GOP HQ change the winner from Romney to Santorum. (To our knowledge, this was a first in American history. See CNN videos here.) This error by the Iowa State GOP HQ in 2012 resulted in Mitt Romney taking the bows before the worldwide cameras as the “winner”, with all the momentum that entailed for Romney in media coverage, polling, and fundraising.

The LAST THING the Old Guard wants to see on February 1, 2016 is Donald J.  Trump ascending the winner’s stage before the worldwide cameras to take the bows as the Winner of the Iowa Caucus 2016. On the Menu above, we detail the EXACT INSTRUCTIONS for how to ensure a FAIR COUNT in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Edward-True-and-Judy-Spady WTV copy

Back to the Iowa Caucus in 2012: After announcing the WRONG WINNER on Iowa Caucus nite, the Iowa GOP changed the winner kicking and screaming, after unsuccessfully trying to discredit the key witness, caucus attendee Edward True. The first statement out of the Iowa state GOP HQ after True came forth with the discrepancy he found, a Republican Party of Iowa spokesman stated that since True is neither a precinct captain nor county chairperson, he has “no business” talking about election results”. (!!!) This was carried in newspaper articles at the time, and is still on Wikipedia with references under “United States Presidential Election in Iowa 2012.”

We also caught and proved the 13% reduction in Patrick J. Buchanan’s real vote in the 1996 Iowa Caucus in Dubuque County. The Dubuque County Chairman posted the correct results, but despite his efforts at the time, and ours, the falsification of Buchanan’s numbers have never been corrected to this day. On January 19, 2012, the Des Moines Register carried that players in the 1996 Iowa Presidential Caucus thought that Buchanan had really won, not Dole, in the GOP contest.

We have also compiled ongoing tactics by the Iowa GOP in every contested straw poll and Caucus since 1988. On several occasions, when any “insurgent” candidate was threatening to defeat what seemed to be the establishment favored Presidential candidates, results were objectively falsified at the state level — after the local people had done an honest job at each neighborhood caucus.

The Iowa Caucus is the most open and fair contest in the Presidential season. If citizens watch the vote at each neighborhood caucus, and make sure the local numbers are accurately tabulated at the STATE level.

You, Mr. Trump, are being subjected to the exact same treatment as Pat Buchanan in 1996 and Ron Paul in 2008 & 2012. The Big TV News Networks are all pushing one theme: When will Trump fall? If Jeb, Christie or Rubio were drawing crowds of tens of thousands, and doubling and tripling everyone else in the polls, the Big TV Networks would be saying “it’s over”, and “we have our nominee”.

The general drift of all 5 TV Networks in their “news” segments is to prepare the public for your “fall”, which the Old Guard plans to make happen with their tried and true election votescam tactics. Watch The Vote does not endorse, but we can clearly see whom the Old Guard is targeting for electoral obliteration. In 2012, we said “we want a fair count for Ron Paul, and everybody else”. In 2016 we might say that “we want a fair count for Donald Trump, and everybody else.”

Please let us emphasize one thing: here we are NOT talking about “VOTER” fraud, which would be voters running around voting at more than once location. This is a problem and should be dealt with, — but it is a very minor part of the problem. The problem we are talking about in the 2016 Presidential contest is both alleged and proven ELECTION FRAUD, and more specifically ELECTION VENDOR FRAUD. It is the ELECTION VENDORS, hired by each county, that have the “motive, means, and opportunity” to alter elections via their software. (These dangers are exposed in the excellent HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy.) Those who control the software can possibly switch tens of thousands of votes in the blink of an eye, silently, invisibly — with no checks and balances on election day. In these states, such as in NH where 80% of the vote is “counted” on these secret software programs, no candidate, no citizen, no local press person is allowed to see or inspect any real ballots on election day.

The three main election Vendors, — the three main suspects — are ES & S (Election Systems and Software), Hart Civic, and Dominion (which recently bought Diebold and Sequoia). According to reliable experts, such as Bev Harris of and veteran journalist, Ronnie Dugger, these three companies “count” approximately 96% of the US vote on any given November election night, and in all primary contests during the primary season. This unconscionable, un-American, illegal, and unconstitutional “election” system has been in place to steal Presidential elections since at least as far back as 1988. In all but ten of our 3200+ local counties, the local election officials totally abdicate their responsibility to one of a handful of Election vendors, whom they hire to run the “election” process.  

It’s that bad — so bad that most people can’t believe it at first glance. In New Hampshire, they break their own state law which forbids secret counts. (All computer counts are, by their very nature, secret counts.) South Carolina not only breaks its own state law against secret counts, but also has the effrontery to have NO PAPER BALLOTS AT ALL!!! In SC, your vote is a bleep of energy supposedly counted at some computer somewhere. There is no way to check the count, and no way to do a recount. (Is this how Mr. 0%-in-the-polls Lindsay Graham gets “elected” and “reelected” Senator in SC? Our conclusion is YES.)

  • Mr. Trump, if you do not deal with the election votefraud problem now, you will surely “lose”.
  • If after the Iowa Caucus you also deal with the much more serious election votefraud issues in NH, SC, and beyond, then you have an excellent chance to become President of the United States of America.

(Please note the graphic below was made ten years ago, and demonstrates the essence of the problem of trusting our elections to a handful of private mega-vendors. In recent years a company named Dominion has bought Diebold and Sequoia. This “musical chairs” of names, owners, and locations has been going on for 40 years, since the dawn of computerized elections. Many astute observers believe that the ownership basically remains with the same crowd, the dark side of certain Intelligence agencies and a handful of International Banks, despite all the surface window dressing. You can order the original print edition of Votescam: the Stealing of America by the late Collier Brothers, or a new ebook version updated by Victoria Collier.)

Votescam 2

Near the beginning of this Presidential Campaign you said that you “whine, and whine, and whine until I win”. Now is the time to “whine” about past documented election fraud in the Iowa Caucus perpetrated by the Iowa GOP State HQ, and the illegal, unconstitutional and criminal computerized “vote-counting” system that has been imposed on the American people since 1988. 

However, it is clearly NOT whining to ask in advance for a FAIR, TRANSPARENT & CONSTITUTIONAL vote count! In fact, if a candidate is going to ask for time and support from his fellow Americans, is it not his duty to demand for them a transparent, honest vote count?

Before computers were introduced into elections in the 1970’s, everyone knew that it was an essential part of every campaign to Watch the Vote count. Every worthwhile campaign handbook in history carries a prominent section on the necessity of making every effort to prevent vote fraud on election day.

In his classic 1964 book, “How to Win an Election”, Barry Goldwater’s Senate Campaign Manager, Stephen Shadegg, emphasized the necessity of ballot security. In Chapter 14, entitled, “Don’t Let Them Steal it From You”, Shadegg admonishes all future campaigns: “This being an imperfect world, populated by imperfect men, it would be naive to expect that man’s sinful greed which prompts him to steal, lie, cheat and wage war would be submerged or held in check when the contest is for a political prize . . . To insure an honest vote and an honest count, observers, supported by all contending factions, should police the activities in the polling place from the moment the doors open until the last ballot is counted.”

While citizens can still watch the vote in the Iowa Caucus process, and in the ten smallest counties in NH which means only 20% of the NH vote, the Votescam Syndicate has made it impossible to observe anything in South Carolina and the primaries beyond, where elections have been computerized. This must be reversed if America is to remain at all free.

This is not a complicated subject, nor does one have to understand all the ins and outs of this issue, or understand computers. All the American citizen has to know is that a powerful group of people have worked stealthily for decades to arrange things so that they can count our votes in secret. When someone wants to count your votes in secret, you know they are up to no good.

Anyone in the 49 states, and in the ten largest counties in New Hampshire, can confirm with a simple phone call to their county Board of Elections that citizens, candidates, and local press people will be arrested if they try to see and/or count any ballots on election day in November, or in any of the primary states in the spring/summer primaries.

ALL Americans have a right

The ballots are whisked away from the people at closing time and “counted” behind closed doors, and behind police guard, on computer programs which have been programmed by persons unknown, with the officials at your Board of Elections FORBIDDEN BY THE CONTRACTS THEY SIGNED WITH ONE OF A HANDFUL OF MEGA-VENDORS to examine the source code that is telling the election computers what to do on election night. 

ALL Americans HAVE A RIGHT to a verifiable and transparent count in line with THREE standing Supreme Court decisions.

One of those US Supreme Court decisions, Westbury v. Sanders, 1964, stated that all other rights, even the most basic, are illusory if the right to vote is undermined.

The other two relevant US Supreme Court decisions, namely, US v Mosley (1915) and Reynolds v Sims (1964) say that our right to vote consists of two parts:

a) the right to cast a ballot;

b) the right to KNOW that our vote has been counted accurately.

There is an avalanche of documentation to backup the Watch the Vote effort. To examine this evidence, please click here: EXPOSING THE VOTESCAM SYNDICATE.

Paraphrase from the movie, Braveheart: “Help Us All, Mr. Trump. For Heaven’s Sake, Help Yourself!

Our suggestion to you, Mr. Trump, is — after reading this website, watching the two CNN videos, and the other short videos,  — consider TWEETING out to your millions of followers to go to so they can evaluate this information. We promise that you will be surprised at the explosion of support that will follow from Everyday Americans. The public will overwhelmingly support you, and thank you, for raising this “votescam” election fraud issue. The Big Media will have nothing to say, as they have depended on staying in the shadows on this issue, and are up to their necks in enabling computerized election fraud since the 1970s.

When the Votescam issue is exposed, GOP primary voters will suddenly realize how we got McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012 as the GOP nominees. And Obama again in November 2012. The answer in all three cases: easily-rigged computerized elections where tens of thousands (or millions) of votes can be switched silently in the blink of an eye.

Please alert the media that, due to the fact that the Iowa GOP State HQ announced THE WRONG WINNER on Iowa Caucus night 2012, you are directing your supporters to watch the vote at their local caucus on Feb. 1.   And then direct your supporters in Iowa to plan on taking a cell phone picture of the Official Tally Sheet at their local Caucus gathering, and then emailing that picture to Watch The Vote at where our volunteers will post the pictures on our public website, making it impossible for the Iowa State GOP, or anyone else, to falsify the Iowa Caucus Vote in 2016.

If you would rather erect your own website as part of your Presidential campaign to accept these cell phone pictures of the official tally sheets on Feb. 1, we will tell your designated tech people how to erect such a website quickly and, of course, at no charge. We don’t want your money, we want a fair and honest count for Donald Trump, and everybody else. (The same offer is extended to Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and every other Presidential candidate. ALL campaigns should be effectively watching the vote on the night of the Iowa Caucus 2016.)

Secondly, and just as important, begin preparing to sue the Secretary of State in NH, SC, and the subsequent primary states for conducting illegal, unconstitutional computerized elections. The lawsuit would demand open, transparent, constitutional vote counting in all future elections, primaries, and Caucuses.

In the ten largest counties in NH where secret computer counts are held, the NH Secretary of State is not only violating the three standing US Supreme Court decisions explained above, but is also violating New Hampshire state law which requires open, transparent vote counts, and forbids secret election counts. Computer election counts, by definition, are secret counts.

In South Carolina, the election process is even more of an insult to every thinking person, if that be possible. In SC, there are no paper ballots! Every “vote” is merely a bleep of energy! (Ha! Ha!) The Secretary of State of South Carolina is also violating both the three standing US Supreme Court decisions AND South Carolina state law. See the 2008 ten minute Youtube video “South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul” for a thorough explanation of this aggressive election law-breaking in South Carolina.

The exact strategy for stopping the votefraud planned for you in the Iowa Caucus, the New Hampshire Primary, and beyond, is explained at the pages for Iowa and NH linked on the top menu.

ONLY IN THIS WAY, can you ensure a fair count for the Trump for President Campaign, and everybody else.


The “Watch The Vote” Team

P.S. You might also want to check out:

  • Click here for an explanation of WHO constitutes the Votefraud Syndicate running 99% of our elections
  • and click here for our Ongoing Analysis of the “Stop Trump Strategy” being conducted against you by the Old Guard in the Big Media and in & behind the GOP
  • Coming soon: a youtube video where the Ohio Secretary of State, John Husted, confirms that all 88 counties in Ohio, and his office, signs contracts with election vendors that NO ELECTION OFFICIAL is allowed to inspect or see the source code that instructs the computers what to do on election night. (!!!!) And he acknowledges that this is a problem. (Ya think?) Husted should be applauded for his honest answer to this question at a Tea Party gathering at “The Farm” event hall in Cincinnati, Ohio in October 2012. Note well: this deplorable and unjustifiable situation prevails in 100% of 49 states, and by now 80% of New Hampshire. ***

(This letter is essentially complete, but Updates will appear as as events progress.)

Important Items to note: Ongoing Analysis of Stop Trump Strategy of Old Guard, and How to Thwart It

Disclaimer: Big Media and others who might be of bad will: This letter is TO Donald Trump, and to his supporters and all honest Americans. This Open Letter is NOT by Donald Trump. As of October 31, 2015, when this Open Letter was launched, none of us connected with Watch the Vote 2012 (now 2016) have ever met Mr. Trump, or any of his family, or any of his close associates. This “Open Letter to Donald Trump” is totally our initiative without Mr. Trump’s prior knowledge, and none of its contents can be fairly attributed to him, although we believe this letter contains information that ALL sincere, honest Americans will be glad to be aware of.


  • Marie Hynden
    State or Province : Iowa
    Country : USA

    Enjoy Donald.

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go into a bakery. As soon as they enter the bakery, Hillary steals three pastries and puts them in her pocket. She says to Donald, “See how clever I am? The owner didn’t see anything and I don’t even need to lie.” I will definitely win the election. Then
    Donald says to Hillary, “That’s the typical dishonesty you have
    displayed throughout your entire life, trickery and deceit. I am going
    to show you an honest way to get the same result.” Donald
    goes to the owner of the bakery and says, “Give me a pastry and I will
    show you a magic trick.” Intrigued, the owner accepts and gives him a
    pastry. Trump swallows it and asks for another one. The owner gives him
    another one. Then Donald asks for a third pastry and eats that, too. The
    owner is starting to wonder where the magic trick is and asks, “What
    did you do with the pastries?” Trump replies, “Look in Hillary’s pocket”.

  • cmr
    State or Province : texas
    Country : usa

    Hey I know I don’t know that much about political anything but I gotta say it seemed that Lester Holt was on Clinton’s side he kept agreeing with her I think they should have someone that is not already on her side wrong I know a lot of people just in Texas that’s including my great family of nine good luck I hope u win this

  • Hezron Masinde Barasa
    State or Province : Mombasa
    Country : Kenya

    Dear Mr Trump .May God help you to win.

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