Phony Polls Flying Fast & Furious to Defeat Trump in Iowa

The Phony Polls are Now Flying Fast and Furious to Defeat Trump in Iowa

January 10, 2016

We now are witnessing the 5 TV Networks moving to publicize phony polls to defeat Trump. There is also non-stop chatter on the Big Media preparing the public to believe votefraud against Trump in Iowa and New Hampshire.

We at Watch the Vote have been trying to get the attention of someone in the Trump Campaign to get the information on this website, unsuccessfully so far. IF THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN DOES NOT PICK UP THE Watch the Vote strategy as detailed on the menu of this website – then all the rest of the Trump Campaign efforts will be brought to null and void.

IF Trump loses in Iowa, then there will be a pile on of the media to prepare the public for the computer votefraud that will be used against Trump in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and beyond. It’s that simple. The same strategy was used against Pat Buchanan in 1996, and against Ron Paul in 2012.

For heaven’s sakes, the GOP of Iowa announced the WRONG WINNER last time, in 2012. What more do we need to know that we must WATCH THE VOTE in Iowa in 2016?

The most direct way to expose and defeat this Votescam Syndicate is for Donald Trump to announce publicly that he is directing his supporters to Watch the Vote at each of the 1650 local Iowa Caucuses. His supporters would snap a picture of the Official Tally Sheet (much like Edward True did in 2012) and email it to — and then we will post it publicly on our website for the proper county and local caucus.

We also are willing to help the Trump campaign, or any campaign, erect their own website or web page to do this in their own campaign if they would rather do that. But, with 20 days left, it may be wisest for the Trump campaign to use the system we already have set up at (also – both go to same website.)

Failure to address this Votescam issue in Iowa will likely lead to Trump’s “loss” there, and that will be the premise for the VoteScam Syndicate, as explained at the menu of this website, to end his campaign in the easily-rigged computer states which lie ahead.

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