South Carolina and Beyond

South Carolina and Beyond

December 28, 2016

South Carolina and beyond: And now we proceed to the real Twilight Zone of “voting.” In 100% of the primary states beyond New Hampshire, there is no way to watch the vote, and, in fact, citizens and candidates will be arrested if they try to see any ballots on election day. Just call a few random counties in New York, or Ohio, or South Carolina — and ask them what is the procedure for citizens to see ballots and CHECK THE PUBLISHED COMPUTER COUNT. You will find there is no procedure on election day, or until about 21 days thereafter (the absurd recount procedure, as all ballots can be switched by time the “recount” takes place 21 days later, especially when those in charge are trying to steal the state, the nation, and the world).

And you must be like a mean prosecuting attorney to get past the lies and obfuscations of these Boards of Elections. These Board of Election officials are taken to plush hotels once a year in every state to be briefed on “how great” their illegal, unconstitutional computerized election systems are, but also to be told HOW TO HANDLE people like us who raise unanswerable objections to these anti-democratic (small “d”), anti-freedom, secret election computer “counts”.

There are no effective “spot checks”, there are not effective “tests” of the machines before the election. There is nothing but super-crooks, working through brain-dead local election officials, counting the votes in secret, and adjusting the “count” to whatever they want by accessing the computers by cell phone and satellite technologies. (See articles down the right hand column on the home page of .)

Two articles which deal with how the Votescam Syndicate accesses, monitors, and changes the results inside the the election computer using cell phone and satellite technology are:

“How a Private Company Counts our Votes on Election Night”, an eye-witness report by intrepid investigator, Christopher Bollyn, — and:

“Pandora’s Black Box: Did It Really Count Your Vote?” by Dr. Philip O’Halloran.

In the South Carolina primay, for instance, in 2008 there were no paper ballots at all! The people were asked to push a button on a desktop-like computer in their neighborhood polling place, which allegedly sent a bleep of energy through the air, which in turn allegedly registered their votes at the county master computer. (HA!)

No paper trail in that South Carolina primary. Although a PAPER TRAIL IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! The ballots must be counted in the sight of the local designated scrutineers, or counters, BEFORE the ballots leave the sight of the judges and any voters observing the process.

ONCE THE BALLOTS LEAVE THE SIGHT OF THE PEOPLE BEFORE THEY ARE COUNTED, then the CHAIN OF CUSTODY, THE CHAIN OF EVIDENCE, IS BROKEN. Once the chain of evidence is broken, no one can PROVE who actually won that election. In days of old, if anyone carried ballots out of the public sight before they were counted, — the election had to be done over at that neighborhood polling place. This is STILL the way it is in Canada, and just such a case happened on November 28, 2000, right in the middle of the Bush-Gore “recount.”

To illustrate the absurdity, the illegality, and the unconstitutionality of the South Carolina election procedure in the 2008 Presidential Primary, see the video “South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul”, which has been posted on youtube since 2008. Here it is:

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