December 1, 2015

This secret computer count system as been in place in 49 states and 1/2 of NH since at least as far back as 1988. See the first chapters of Votescam: The Stealing of America by James & Ken Collier.

NH was still largely hand-counted in NH until at least 1998, but is now 80% computer counted in 2015.

In 1992, there was unquestionably massive vote manipulation in the NH primary. Patrick J. Buchanan and President G.H.W. Bush were tied at 49% about 10 PM EST. THEN, as the night progressed, every three hours, Buchanan dropped 3% — while Bush stayed at 49%! By morning, Bush was at 49% still, and Buchanan had dropped to 37%. This is statistically impossible, and was clearly vote manipulation. Voter News Service (the bogus exit poll organization owned by the 5 Big TV Networks and AP wire, now known as National Election Pool) tried to explain in Time magazine why their exit polls showed Buchanan winning. Their shaky explanation: the Buchanan supporters were more willing to talk to their exit poll people when coming out of the voting booth. (Question: Then how are exit polls at all scientific? Just asking.)

In 1996 Senator Bob Smith detailed on C-Span in a July 1999 interview that ALL four Big TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN – FOX was just starting) had projected Smith to lose his 1996 Senate Race in New Hampshire early on that election night — but that he won as the hand counted votes trickled in from the outer parts of the state.

Smith said, (paraphrase)”All the network anchors had to eat crow. They forgot that in New Hampshire we count the votes before we declare the winner. But Dan Rather and Peter Jennings looked good eating crow.”

Whether Smith realized the full import of his statement, I don’t know. But, in fact, he was exactly right.

When they need to fix a national election (US House, US Senate, President)in order to keep their agenda rolling — the Votescam Syndicate calls the “WINNERS” and “LOSERS” regardless of how the people actually voted.

We, the voters, provide window dressing to an election process decided on the national level by 30 powerful people in New York City via easily-rigged, secret computer programs.

The local Boards of Election, excepting 10 counties in New Hampshire, betray the voters by stepping out of the way in every spring/summer primary and every November election. HOW? Each of these County Board of Elections’ officials sign a contract with the vendor providing “election services” to their county – that no Elections official is allowed to see, or inspect in any way, the computer program which instructs the election computer what to do on election night. (!!!) Then, if there is a recount, the locals call in the vendor to “supervise” the “recount.” They sign “official election results” without having ANY evidence whether or not the results presented to them by the vendor are true of false.

These 3200+ county Board of Elections officials are usually signing such an unconscionable contract with one of four mega-vendors (ES &S, Diebold, Hart Civic, Sequoia were at one time, in 2004, these big four mega-companies, but such companies buy and sell each other all the time, while control stays in the same hands.)

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted confirmed that the 88 counties in Ohio signed such contracts preventing them from inspecting the software programs which tell the election computers what to do. He confirmed this at a Tea party meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio in late September of 2012. Click here for the audio of this question answer (coming soon).

The Votescam Syndicate is embodied in ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, AP wire, and the company they jointly own, National Election Pool (formerly Voter News Service), which does all the “exit polls” and effectively controls all Big Media websites on election night at the local and national levels, as well as the announcements of “winners” and “losers” on election night.

But the Big TV Networks and their jointly-owned corporation, National Election Pool, can only reliably “project” an election results accurately when the race is counted 100% by easily-rigged secret computer programs.

Back to the case of Senator Bob Smith in New Hampshire in 1996.

There were 34 US Senate races that year (1/3 of the Senate seats are up every two years). In the 33 Senate races that were counted 100% by secret computer program — the 4 Big TV Networks of that time (ABC, CBS, NBC, & CNN were able to project the “winner” in ALL 33 Senate races.

BUT – but – but!!! In the one race that was 1/2 computer and 1/2 hand counted — ALL FOUR NETWORKS GOT IT WRONG! All four networks projected Senator Smith’s challenger, Richard Swett, to have won the election early in the evening. But, as the hand-counted votes from the outlying areas of New Hampshire trickled in — Smith won.

Imagine that! The one state out of 34 were the votes were not “tabulated” 100% by easily-rigged secret computer programs — the 4 Big Networks couldn’t project the winner. In fact, ALL FOUR Big TV Networks projected the 1996 New Hampshire Senate race wrong. (!!!!)

Here’s what Wikipedia says:

“The 1996 United States Senate election in New Hampshire was held on November 4, 1996. Incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Bob Smith won re-election to a second term. Smith had established himself as the most conservative Senator from the Northeast, and Bill Clinton‘s coattails nearly caused his defeat. On the night of the election many American media networks incorrectly projected that Swett had won.[1]

And here’s what the footnote they refer to says:

  1. Crabtree, Susan (December 2, 1996). “1996 Ad”. Insight on the News. Retrieved 2012-04-29. An incorrect exit poll by Voter News Service, or VNS, resulted in an early and ultimately incorrect projection of victory in New Hampshire for Democratic Senate candidate Dick Swett over Republican incumbent Sen. Robert C. Smith. “Every election night, you know, its cardiac-arrest time in some state, in some race – sometimes in several races,” CBSDan Rather explained at 9:40 p.m. EST. “This race is as hot and tight as a too-small bathing suit on a too-long car ride back from the beach.” But the network “oops” came too late for a number of newspapers that featured Swett’s exit-poll victory in their early editions. 

Senator Smith said of that night that it was liking going to Hell and then being told you were going to be taken up to Heaven. Yes, that is the power that the Votescam Syndicate holds over the fate of America as a whole as well. And they will hold that evil power until we arrest them and restore open, honest, verifiable elections, — with the vote-“counting” computers and voting machines banned from any polling place or Board of Elections.

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