Marsha Blackburn Race


Urgent Letter to Cong. Marsha Blackburn and the Freedom Caucus 6-6-18

From: the founders of Watch The Vote USA, — the group which caught the votefraud against Patrick J. Buchanan in the 1996 Republican Iowa Presidential Caucus (google “A House without Doors” online from Chronicles Magazine, Nov. 1996); the group which forced the GOP of Iowa to change the winner two weeks after the January 3rd caucus from Mitt Romney to Rick Santorum in the 2012 Iowa Presidential Caucus – a first in American political history (see for the Edward True Story and two news reports on CNN videos, one on the Erin Burnett Show); the group which submitted the comprehensive report to President Trump’s Election Commission shortly before it was shutdown on how votes must be counted in the USA vs the totally rotten systems we have in place in 99% of the nation (see the top of; and the group that handed a 1-page paper like this to candidate Trump in Marshalltown, Iowa in Feb 2016, and spoke to him briefly, after which he began bringing up in almost every speech that he was afraid they were going to rig the election against him – something Cong. Marsha Blackburn MUST do in this Senate race or she will be defeated by the “Deep State” in the November election for US Senate in Tennessee by silent computer fraud, just as Judge Roy Moore was “defeated” in December in Alabama.

* While unbelievable to almost everyone at first sight, what Sean Hannity is calling “the Deep State” has imposed a TOTALLY UNVERIFIABLE voting systems in 99% of the USA. In 2004, an article by veteran reporter Ronnie Dugger, now 87, wrote “How They Could Steal the Election this Time” (see here: in which he revealed that 96% of the USA vote was counted by only four mega-vendors, ES&S (Election System & Software), Hart, Seqouia and Diebold. Since then Dominion has bought the election divisions of Sequoia and Diebold (circa 2013). And there are certain smaller companies which have gained prominence, such as Microvote in many counties in Tennessee, with it’s TOTALLY ABSURD touch screen system with no paper trail. (!!!)

* Each county hires only one of these mega-vendors, but they all operate by the same unconstitutional rules, demanding that the county election officials (and each of the 50 Secretaries of States) sign contracts that the election officials will NOT inspect the vendor’s privately owned software that tells the computers what to do on election night, and that the county or state will not sue them under any circumstances, no matter what the glitches or “results”. See, run by academics and others of impeccable credentials, and hit the “verifier” map to see which mega-vendor “counts” the votes in each county in the USA.

* Just as the deep state mortally feared Judge Roy Moore in the US Senate, they greatly fear Cong. Marsha Blackburn in the US Senate. She is the type of wholesome, great spokeswoman who the “Deep State” does NOT want in the Senate as a role model for young girls, and as a great pro-life, constitution champion. Cong. Marsh Blackburn MUST follow this strategy very closely, in one way or another, or she WILL BE “DEFEATED” by the “Deep State” election mega-vendors by silent computer fraud in the November Election. The phony polls are already out there by the info-crooks in the Big Media.

* Cong. Marsha Blackburn, backed by the members of the Freedom Caucus must hold a press conference to be filmed and put on YouTube and on her website, and elsewhere, and demand a count of paper ballots BEFORE the ballots leave the public view. If current systems are kept in place, then Cong. Blackburn must demand that all the paper ballots AND ballot images be preserved, and not destroyed – as the ballot images WERE DESTROYED in the special Alabama US Senate election on December 12, 2017 in the case of Judge Roy Moore, and in the Austin, Texas City Council election of 2014, and in the 2016 congressional primary in Miami, Florida between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Professor Tim Canova. (see, and contact Dr. Laura Pressley who has her 2014 case before the Texas Supreme Court, with the support of the Texas Attorney General – it is urgent that Congressmen Blackburn, Meadows, Jordan, etc. talk to Dr. Laura Pressley ASAP (; google “Alabama Supreme Court allows ballot images to be destroyed in special US Senate election – this was international news everywhere on December 8 through 12, 2017; and Politico has some excellent articles on the Wasserman Schultz-Canova travesty.) Federal Election Law demands that ALL election evidence be preserved for 22 months after the primary or general election day. (See 52 USC , United States Code, 2015, title 52 – Voting and Elections, II; Chapter 207-Federal Election Records: sec 20701.)

There is an AVALANCHE of documentation for what is above, and more, at,,, and many other books, articles, and websites. See the right hand column at and the archives there for many of the articles, which are also referenced on the other websites. We implore everyone receiving this to look at the top article at regarding stopping the “Deep State” computer fraud takeover of the House of Representatives in November 2018, and stopping the “defeat” of Cong. Marsha Blackburn by computer fraud in November 2018. There are six short audios in that article.

At least by Tuesday, June 12, 2018, if not right now, there is or will be a page here: which will be especially directed at the Marsha Blackburn Senate race coming computer fraud crisis, i.e. (fake) “defeat” on election night by computer fraud.

The computer votefraud syndicate has been in place since at least as far back as 1988. If you congressmen and other leaders who may receive this are not aware of this situation to steal the country in key elections by computer votescam, it is because the owners of the five Big TV Networks are in this up to their necks, and have been since 1988 (Fox joined the consortium of National Election Pool or NEP in 1998, formerly known as Voter News Service, owned by the 5 TV Networks and AP wire. (Recently, because of exposure, CNN and FOX announced they were dropping out of this scandalous and traitorous alliance, which shows that “competition” to call winners and losers on election night for the last 30 years was totally phony, and the owners of the TV networks and AP KNEW it was phony, as they all got the same information at the same time from the same company – which they jointly owned/participated in!)

* Every candidate has a DUTY to ensure a fair and open and verifiable count for their supporters and all voters, and themselves. Despite current un-American attitudes held by almost everyone in the USA, it is not “sour grapes” to demand a verifiable and constitutional count in ADVANCE of the election. This used to be common knowledge (see “How to Win an Election” by Steve Shadegg, 1964, – Shadegg was the father of the eventual congressman and Barry Goldwater’s Senate campaign manager in 1962, see the chapter, “Don’t Let Them Steal it From You”); — also, there are three still standing US Supreme Court Decisions, based on the “consent of the governed” phrase in the Declaration of Independence, stating that our right to vote consists of two parts, a) the right to cast a ballot (still with us) and b) the right to KNOW that your vote was counted honestly (not still with us, except in 5 counties in New Hampshire.)  – AND this is a winning political issue. From left to right 97% of the people are with us immediately when they hear election evidence is being destroyed by these counties, or that there is no election evidence to look at where there are no paper ballots.

* On May 24, 2018, Tucker Carlson called for “paper ballots only” if anyone is worried about “Russian hacking” or any other hacking of our elections. We have no direct access to Tucker Carlson, President Trump (who needs to be brought into this fight again this year of 2018), Kellyanne Conway, or anyone else with a big microphone. You Congressmen do have such access. Please help us get this information to them. Especially President Trump needs to be engaged again, and maybe could be at your Press Conference. The several companies in Tennessee (ES&S, Microvote, Hart, Dominion, etc.) need to hear from Cong. Blackburn and the Freedom Caucus that there will be lawsuits and depositions of the election officials AND these mega-vendors IF any ballots or ballot images are destroyed on or after election day before the 22 months are up. Republicans all across the country should put these few mega-vendors on notice concerning this. This will be enough to prevent them from stealing the US Senate election from Marsha Blackburn. Please contact and talk to Dr. Laura Pressley about this at, phone for her: is 512-762-3825. Consider having her come appear at the next Trump Rally in Tennessee for Marsha Blackburn. Trump needs to talk to Dr. Pressley also.

* Please see webpage for suggested text for the public press conference proposed for Congressman Marsha Blackburn and members of the Freedom Caucus.

* Mr. Caleb Moore, Judge Roy Moore’s son, has started a well-funded Super-Pac to make the public aware of all these facts, documentation and more. (!!!) His phone: 334-313-4852.

* We associated with Watch the Vote USA will offer as much free assistance as we can provide. We don’t want money, we don’t want credit or recognition, we only want to restore honest, verifiable, transparent elections again, and take control of our nation’s destiny again in this key election. Please contact us if you wish at and/or text or call 513-602-0627 (text and voice calls are better, leave message if we are on the phone); our phone is tended most of the day and night by volunteers.