Jan 30 Warnings To All Presidential Campaigns in Iowa Caucus

January 30, 2016 Warnings To All Presidential Campaigns in Iowa Caucus


Poison Pill emerges in Iowa Caucus 2016: For first time, military, out-of-state students and shut-ins are allowed to “vote” in abstentia over suspect Microsoft cloud. This is an open door for Iowa GOP HQ and Iowa Dem HQ to silently and invisibly alter thousands of votes. No paper trail on caucus day. All campaigns should object to this sleazy trick. All campaigns should compare these unverifiable “votes” with the votes that can be observed at the real local caucuses. —

FOX News reporter parrots Iowa GOP HQ lie about 2012 “wrong winner” Fiasco. John Roberts says on Gretchen Carlson on Jan 29 show that Microsoft technology is in place to prevent announcing the wrong winner AGAIN in 2016. WRONG!!!! Iowa GOP state HQ altered honest vote totals of local caucuses in 2012 AT THE STATE LEVEL with unnecessary computer programs at state GOP HQ, designed for just such election fraud. Iowa GOP was caught and exposed by first time Caucus-goer, Edward True, and Watch the Vote 2012. How? By Mr. True snapping a cell phone picture of a tally sheet of the results of his local caucus, and comparing the local results when he got home to the falsification of the local results published by the Iowa state GOP HQ. Then Watch the Vote helped Mr. True disseminate his affidavit to the news media. Two local Des Moines TV stations and CNN’s Erin Burnett picked up the story. The Iowa GOP state HQ then tried to discredit Edward True for almost a week while Watch the Vote lined up more affidavits of eye-witnesses to that caucus. The spotlight of Internet and TV news coverage then forced the Iowa GOP HQ, kicking and screaming, to change the winner from Romney to Santorum. In other words, the Iowa GOP HQ and whatever sleazy company they had contracted with — had tried to throw smoke in everyone’s eyes with the unnecessary computers at the state level — and got caught red-handed.

Sanders campaign defending against election fraud exactly right; Trump campaign, Paul campaign, other campaigns: NOT CLEAR. The Sanders campaign is defending against potential election fraud in the 2016 Iowa Caucus in exactly the right way. Sanders correctly fears election fraud in favor of Hillary Clinton perpetrated by the Iowa Dem HQ using the Microsoft cloud. Sanders is letting it be known publicly that he does not trust the Microsoft system, and that he has instructed his own supporters using his own app — to double check the election results at each of the 1650+ local caucuses against what is published at the state level.

We at Watch the Vote 2016 believe the Microsoft System was created to give the Iowa State Democratic HQ the best chance to crook the votes for Hilary Clinton and against Sanders, and to give the Iowa State GOP HQ the best chance to crook the votes against Trump and Paul, and in favor of establishment candidates like Rubio, Bush, Kasich and Christie. In a rare statement by a national anchor, John Berman of CNN said on Jan 30 about 11 AM EST that it was clear the GOP establishment AND many media forces wanted Rubio to emerge as the big story out of Iowa. (!!!!!!!!!) This is very true if one is watching a lot of the coverage on the 5 big TV networks. Problem: Rubio, like all the others except Trump — attracts very small crowds. The only indication of a Rubio “surge” is the Big TV Networks asserting it is happening,

Cruz’s position vis-a-vis the GOP establishment is not clear to Watch the Vote 2016. The GOP establishment may be angling for a Cruz win in Iowa in order to push both Cruz and Trump aside in the easily rigged computerized states of NH, SC, and Super Tuesday. Neither the Trump campaign nor the Paul campaign, nor any GOP campaign, has publicly announced that they are directing their supporters to snap a cell phone picture of  the local tally sheet so that these pics of the local results can be compared against whatever the GOP publishes at the state level, or to use some comparable system like Sanders’s custom app. So it is unclear what exactly the GOP campaigns are doing to defend themselves against election fraud perpetrated by the the Iowa GOP at the state HQ level.

The lack of a public announcement by the GOP campaigns probably indicates strategists in those campaigns which do not understand the danger, or do not know exactly what to do, or have a vested interest in trying to protect the crooked Iowa GOP from embarrassment.So far, the only PUBLIC warning of election fraud dangers have been the Sanders distrust of the Microsoft system, and two days of Radio Ads run by the Watch The Vote forces on WHO AM radio on Jan 26 & 27, heard by hundreds of thousands of people across Iowa.

Unless the Trump, Paul, and other GOP campaigns plug all the holes explained at the menu button “Iowa – Exact Instructions” on this webiste – they are risking having all their work stolen by election fraud at the state level.



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    When our “30 Full Voting Rights” is in place and enforced the election/voting/counting
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