Iowa Caucus Day Warning on “Military Vote” Scam; Feb 6 Rubio Fake Surge

Feb 1, 2016 – Iowa Caucus Day Warning on “Military Vote” Scam by Crooks at the Iowa GOP HQ (Dem State HQ doing worse) – 2:41 sec


On February 12th, we have still not ascertained how many absentee ballots were supposedly cast in the Iowa Republican Caucus or the Iowa Democratic Caucus. If anyone can direct us to where this in on the official Caucus websites, we would be appreciative.


This was put out on Saturday, February 6, 2016 — about six hours before the GOP Presidential debate where Rubio stumbled so badly under pressure from Governor Chris Christie. Rubio stumbled so badly that the Ruling Elite controlling the easily-rigged computerized elections abandoned the hope of coronating Rubio with election fraud “victories”. The “Narrative”, as they like to call it on the Big TV Networks – is now that the votes will be so scattered after New Hampshire Primary that no one will get enough delegates to win, and there will be a “brokered” convention. See out our February 12th, 2016 youtube video: “Trump and South Carolina 2016 (No Ballots!)” for the next installment — but for posterity and for the record, and because there are valuable items in it, here is our February  6th Update about the fake Rubio Surge from February 1 to February 6, 2016.





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