Important Update January 19, 2016

Important Update: Watch the Vote has credible information that at least two of the GOP Presidential candidates are instructing their supporters to watch the vote count at each local caucus  in Iowa on Feb. 1. —– On Fox Cable News at about 2 PM EST on January 19th, Gretchen Carlson reported that the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign stated that his campaign did not trust the process and would watch the vote at each local Democratic Caucus with the help of an app developed for his campaign.

For ANYONE in Iowa attending a local caucus on Feb. 1, whether your candidate is already watching the vote or not, you can ALSO send a cell phone picture of your self-made tally sheet, or preferably of the Official Tally Sheet at your caucus, along with your caucus location to: We at Watch The Vote will upload your cell phone picture to for all the world to see. This will make it impossible for the Iowa GOP HQ or the Iowa Democratic Party HQ to falsify the Iowa Caucus results in 2016, and also prevent either party from announcing the WRONG WINNER in 2016, as the Iowa GOP did in 2012; see CNN videos here. Now there are thousands of citizens poised to watch the vote in the 2016 Iowa Caucus.

Thanks to our nearly 2,000 members in Watch The Vote 2016’s Facebook Group, and to all you good souls who are already participating to get a fair count in the 2016 Iowa Caucus for every Presidential Candidate and all of the Caucus participants. This matters. This is the destiny of our country’s future.

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