January 2, 2016

Please note well the essential difference between the Iowa Caucus and the computer counted states like New Hampshire and South Carolina:

Iowa Caucus: The Citizens CAN watch the vote count in Iowa, because it is done IN THE OPEN at each of the 1650 local Iowa Caucus gatherings. This is how Caucus participant Edward True caught the Iowa GOP adding 20 votes to Mitt Romney column for his local caucus.

New Hampshire Primary:

We have to introduce this MAJOR aspect of the PROBLEM (computer vote fraud), because it is an even bigger problem than the Iowa GOP’s consistent rigging of important Iowa Straw Polls and Caucuses WHENEVER an “insurgent” candidate like Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, or Donald Trump is threatening to actually win.

In New Hampshire, 10 counties count the vote in the open at the neighborhood polling place (the constitutional way), and 10 counties “count” the vote via secret computer program (the illegal way). However the 10 counties that are computerized “count” 80% of the NH vote, which the 10 counties that still do it by hand-count only count 20% of the NH vote.

The only thing that can be done in New Hampshire is to have witnesses for a Presidential campaign at each of the hand-count polling places to witness the open count. Then this can be contrasted with the computerized areas. If memory serves, there are about 330 polling places in NH, and perhaps 120 of them are the hand-count precincts.

So, if Donald Trump wins big in the hand-counted precincts (which are counted BEFORE the ballots leave the sight of the judges and people, and where anyone can observe the vote count at close range), then what are the chances that he will “lose” big in the computerized areas?? No chance at all.

So that is why the Trump Campaign and every Presidential campaign, must have observers at the hand-counted neighborhood polling places on February 9, 2016 for the New Hampshire Primary.

Also, have some observers at the computerized precincts to see the sharp contrast: how your observers will NOT be allowed to see any ballot count; how the ballots are whisked away from the people to be counted behind police guard so that no citizen, no local press person, no candidate can even see one ballot on election day (unless it be their own when he or she is voting.

The Trump Campaign, and any other Presidential Candidates which can be found to join in, must file suit against the Secretary of State of New Hampshire and South Carolina immediately, to prevent both states from holding yet another illegal, unconstitutional, computerized, easily-rigged primary “election.”

UNLESS AT LEAST SOME OF THE HONEST PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS (Trump, Paul, Cruz, Carson, Huckabee, Santorem?) JOINTLY FILE SUIT AGAINST ALL 50 Secretaries of State to throw out the illegal and unconstitutional secret-software computers — and hold hand-counts of paper ballots at each neighborhood precinct BEFORE THE BALLOTS LEAVE THE SIGHT OF THE PEOPLE, then all will be lost in 2016 to another rigged Presidential Election, producing a Bush, a Clinton, or one of the other Old Establishment front men (Christie, Rubio, Kasich).

Even if, as in the past, crooked judges protect the Votescam Syndicate, the raising of the computerized votefraud issue in public will cause 1/2 the people in the United States to conclude that Trump was votefrauded if does not win the Presidency. This, in itself, will make it difficult for the Old Guard to computer-fraud Trump out of the Presidency.

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