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Intro to CNN Videos on the Change of Winners in Iowa Caucus 2012

Edward True was a 28 year old first-time participant in the Iowa Caucus in 2012, held on January 3rd.

When the Caucus Chairman asked for volunteers after the voting, Mr. True volunteered to count the ballots at his local neighborhood caucus, which was held at a library in Appanoose County, Iowa.  He made his own tally sheet of the votes each Presidential candidate received, and Romney had received 2 votes.

The next day, on the afternoon of January 4th, he checked the Iowa State Website, and noticed that Romney had been credited with 22 votes by the Iowa GOP for his local caucus — 20 more than Romney had actually received.

(This was nothing new, the Iowa State GOP is totally crooked when faced with an insurgent candidate, and rigged the 1995 Iowa Straw Poll, the 1996 Iowa Caucus against Pat Buchanan (proven in Dubuque County, the only place anyone was watching the vote that year), the 2007 Iowa Straw Poll, probably the 2008 Iowa Caucus, and, by January 19, 2012 — Mr. True and Watch the Vote 2012 would force the Iowa State GOP to CHANGE THE WINNER for the Iowa Caucus 2012 from Romney to Santorum.)

Back to the action in 2012: After catching the discrepancy, Mr. True pleaded for help on the CNN Facebook Page — to correct the mistake. Two of the “Watch The Vote 2012” volunteers, Judy Spady of Durango, Colorado, and Mike Smith of Texas, noticed Edward True’s plea. They made contact with Edward True via Facebook, and then put him in touch with Watch The Vote founder, Jim Condit Jr., who in turn brought Mr. True into a three way call with his Father, attorney James Condit Sr.

Edward True then dictated his first hand testimony over the phone, and Condit Sr. made sure it was in acceptable form for an affidavit. Condit Jr. was typing it as the conversation proceeded, and then emailed and overnighted the document to True. Edward True took it to be notarized the next day at one of the local banks near his home. then published his affidavit on the afternoon of January 5th and emailed the affidavit to local TV stations and national TV stations. Some local Des Moines TV stations covered the story. Erin Burnett of CNN was in her first week or two of her “Outfront” program, and, in conjunction of John Avlon of Time Magazine and the Daily Beast website — picked up the Edward True affidavit story. Here is the video from Erin Burnett on CNN, and another video aired on the following afternoon on CNN with Suzanne Malveaux. In the Malveaux interview, Edward True credits Watch the Vote 2012.

Here are the two videos, you must click the links as they on CNN’s website, not on YouTube:

Video: Did Rick Santorum Really Win Iowa (instead of Romney)? (Erin Burnett of OutFront on CNN, with John Avlon of Time Magazine and The Daily Beast)

Video: Iowa Vote Counter Speaks Out On Error CNN again, Suzanne Malveaux interviews Edward True, who says he first talked to Watch The Vote 2012

Other Important Videos on Votescam:

Watch the Vote 2012 – Iowa Caucus

This video explains the entire “Votescam” issue both at the Iowa Caucus and in the states that follow. You only have to watch the first 13 minutes or so, as the last 7 minutes were made so people could act on their own, and a few days before the video maker understood the power and reach of Facebook.

South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul

This video explains the absurdity, the illegality, and the unconstitutionality of secret computer counts. Though an Florida lawyer and vote activist talked directly to Ron Paul’s Campaign Manager a week before the South Carolina primary in 2008, he was informed a few days after that primary by the Campaign Manager that they did not even tell Dr. Paul about the severe issues raised in this video:

Also, the 2007 HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy, available online for about $19, explains the fatal problems of easily-rigged computerized elections conducted on secret software – which is the case in 49 states and 1/2 of New Hampshire in all November elections, — and in the case of all PRIMARIES conducted in the Presidential Primary season.

While this documentary is both excellent and groundbreaking on so many levels, we disagree with the implication near the end of Hacking Democracy that the Bushes and/or Republican Party control the election machines. This was the working thesis of the film makers, the key players in the documentary, and the decision makers at HBO. Obviously, in 2015 we can see that this cannot possibly be true. There is a larger force, behind the international banks like the FED, Goldman-Sachs, and the IMF, who fund and animate both major parties in the USA. This larger force behind the international banks (follow the money) are the logical choice if we’re looking for who controls and rigs the computerized voting machines at Presidential elections.

There are only 4 mega-companies that are contracted to do the elections in 99% of the 3200+ counties in the USA. (See article “How They Could Steal the Election This Time” by veteran reporter Ronnie Dugger, published in The Nation Magazine in 2004, linked in the right hand column on the home page at; reading the first few paragraphs of the article tells enough, but the whole article is excellent.) We believe these 4 mega-companies are — behind the scenes — the same company, operated by the dark side of worldwide intelligence agencies for the agenda of those behind the international banks, already mentioned.