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Who are the Election Night Gatekeepers?
Which 13 12 groups control Election Night “results”?

(Important commentary before you see the blockbuster evidence which the 5 Big TV Networks and related big media have been hiding from America:

ElectionNightGatekeepers.com was erected to help ensure an honest vote count for all candidates and all voters in every election. But we must put the background evidence you are about to see — probably for the first time – in context in relation to what’s happening RIGHT NOW in the Real World.

Spoiler alert: the 5 Big TV Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX) and related big media are all owned by those who have wrested the power to issue the world’s money. For short hand, we might call this the “Goldman-Sachs/Federal Reserve” crowd. This power behind the Big Media Cabal ALSO OWNS THE 3 COMPANIES that “counts” 95% of the USA vote on secret computer programs, – software that is totally off limits to election officials and everyone else, because of contracts our election officials in each county sign with one of these 3 mega-Election Vendor corporations, or their smaller front companies. Incredible, but true.

So these three companies, ES &S, Hart, & Dominion (which recently bought Diebold in 2013) have ABSOLUTE power to fix the election computers to elect Trump or Hillary — or even Johnson or Stein — but what they do MUST BE BELIEVABLE.

This Election Votescam Syndicate, these Election Night Gatekeepers, have consolidated this power over our election system since at least as far back as 1988, “coincidentally” the era of the Bushes and Clintons, the two families most prominently fronting for the “Goldman-Sachs/Federal Reserve” Crowd.

That’s why we are urging Mr. Trump to follow the advice in the video, “40 Seconds to Victory for Trump”, and add about 40 seconds to his remaining campaign rallies, speeches, and interviews that: 1) he’s worried about the November Election beingCOMPUTER-RIGGED against him; 2) telling people to watch the HBO documentary, “Hacking Democracy”; and 3) telling people to come here to ElectionNightGatekeepers.com, where they can get the entire hidden story of how a powerful cabal has literally stolen our election system — taken the election system totally out of the hands of the American voters, who now serve as window-dressing for their illegal elections (See “Supreme Court Decisions” menu tab).

Only Donald Trump can make this a burning issue in the national mind. IF MR. TRUMP DOES NOT DO TAKE THIS ADVICE, OR SOMETHING AS EFFECTIVE AS THIS ADVICE in “40 Seconds to Victory for Trump”, then he will surely “lose” by computer fraud, and we are going to see “President Hillary” for sure, installed by computer-election fraud by the Election Night Gatekeepers.

IF the 5 Big TV Networks and their co-conspirators, the above mentioned 3 mega-election vendors, feel that the whole country is aware of how they can computer-rig the 2016 Presidential Election, then they might not dare to computer-steal it.

In this matter, Mr. Trump will probably have to overrule ALL of his weak-kneed advisers — those who want to be in good-standing with the 5 Big TV networks and the New York-Washington Ruling Elite if Trump loses. 

Just as Watch the Vote USA, a public interest group, found that 99% of the people who joined their volunteer effort in the 2012 primaries were concerned about computerized election fraud against Ron Paul for President –

And just as four years later, Watch the Vote USA found that during the 2016 primaries 99% of the people who joined their volunteer effort were concerned that computerized election fraud was being perpetrated against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton –

Now, in the weeks leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election, it is clear to any astute observer that the News & Election divisions of the 5 Big TV networks are doing a 24-hour-a-day beat-down against Donald Trump, just as they are absurdly, brazenly, and shamelessly campaigning for Hillary Clinton. (Simultaneously, they are ruthlessly suppressing the Presidential campaigns of Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party’s Jill Stein, both of whom are on enough state ballots to potentially win. But this important subject of the Big Media corporations giving in-kind donations of billions of dollars of publicity to SOME ballot-qualified candidates, but not to others, must be treated elsewhere.)

The ONLY “argument” that the Big Media puts forth for Hillary is “she’s winning in our polls, she’s winning in our polls!” — But, what goes unsaid and unrealized by the vast majority, — is that the public is taking these polls on blind faith, BLIND FAITH. No one knows how these polls are done, except the handful of people doing them. These are “black box” polls which most people are irresponsibly accepting as infallibly predicting the election outcome.

Thus, the whole future of the nation and the world is being determined by “black box” public opinion polls, “black box” exit polls, and “black box” easily-rigged computer “counts” on election night — all controlled by the 5 Big TV Networks and the other 7 entities which constitute the Election Night Gatekeepers.

No one knows if the viciously crooked Big TV Networks’ anointed pollsters pay people to make the calls, but then just falsify the published results. Who is called? Who answers the phone? Who knows? And yet, these published poll results are treated as if Angels from Heaven brought them down to us.

No one with a big microphone challenges the constant assertion that these Big Media polls are “scientific” — polls which often sample as few as 800, 500, or even 200 people. These tiny samplings are more scientific than 1 million people rushing to their computer to vote after a Presidential Debate (on online polling systems that permit each person to vote only once per IP address)?

In this massive online polls with 100,000 to 2 million people participating, almost every one of then show Trump winning with 60%, 70% or even 80% to 20% or less for Hillary. (Again, in the major online polls we have checked, you can only vote once on each IP address, thereby making multiple voting difficult for tech-people, and nearly impossible for non-tech people.)

And the Big Media’s “Hillary’s winning” assertion contradicts everything we can see with our own eyes: yard signs 100 to 1 for Trump, Trump victories of 70% and even 80% in online polls with hundreds of thousands – and even millions of participants (in which, again, each person can vote only once per IP address), and — most importantly — huge crowd sizes day after day of 5000 to 25,000 for Trump as contrasted with usually a few hundred, or less, for Hillary, who does VERY FEW public events. The Trump crowds are wildly enthusiastic, while the Hillary events must employ cheer leaders to orchestrate crowd “enthusiasm.”

In order to “explain away” Trump’s consistent large crowds which are the best indication of the way the election is going, the Big Media is loudly and nervously shouting that “crowd sizes don’t mean anything” pointing to Romney’s large crowds right before the 2012 election. Problem: there were breakdowns of many of the Big City Computers about 9:45 EST on Election Night 2012 — after which Obama pulled ahead to “victory” when the computers “came back up.”

At that moment, Karl Rove actually objected to the projections in real time on the Megyn Kelly show on FOX News — and Megyn Kelly left the anchor desk to go find the statisticians on live camera — a first in US Election history. So, was computerized votefraud used against Romney in 2012? Probably.

In other words, it always comes down to this: the evil info-wizards at the Big Media are telling the American people: “Don’t believe your “lying eyes”, believe what we tell you, dummies.” And, except in 5 counties in New Hampshire and maybe a few other small places, the one non-negotiable rule of the Republican and Democratic election officials has been: the companies we hire must be allowed to process the vote in secret, behind police guard, — and you Americans absolutely can not check or count the ballots before we take them out of your sight.

In other words, since 1988, we Americans have allowed ourselves to be treated like Communist slaves and/or subjects of a tin-horn dictatorship. Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry must be spinning in their graves. Shame on us!

These public opinion polls amount to weapon-ized, “black box”, falsified polls by the news & election divisions of the 5 TV Networks, the greatest liars and deceivers on earth, — truly the greatest enemies of America and mankind. These polls are meant to manipulate and form public opinion, not reflect it. As never before, thanks to the pervasiveness of Big Media in the hands of a few, people are being maneuvered in dangerous directions without being aware that they are being so maneuvered.

These “public opinion polls” constitute psychological warfare by the malicious Big Media, following the evil and manipulative techniques of propaganda-thug Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud),  and the sinister Tavistock Institute.

Americans have been kept in the dark about the Election Night Gatekeepers by the 5 Big TV Networks, precisely because these networks are neck-deep in PROTECTING the computerized election fraud system which is in place. The Big Networks control what public opinion polls get publicized in the months leading up to the election. They totally control the “results” of the exit polls on election day through a company which they jointly own, National Election Pool. And they shield from public view the 3 Mega-corporations (which have been hired by 99% of our counties) which own the secret software which tells the election computers what to do on election night.

When there has arisen a Presidential candidate who threatens to derail or reverse key points of the Ruling Elite agenda – like Trump, Ron Paul, or Patrick Buchanan (in the 1990s) — the 5 Big TV networks and those behind them issue fraudulent public opinion polls to manipulate the population. They can only issue these phony polls with confidence because they know that their 3 co-conspirators (ES &S, Hart, Dominion – which own the secret computer programs that count 96% of the USA vote on election night) — can make their phony public opinion polls “come true” on election night by computer votescam.   



Elections have been taken out of the hands of the American people by an alliance of 12 tricky and seditious Election Night Gatekeepers, agents of the coalition of money interests behind them. The purpose of this article is to explain how this happened, how we can maybe stop them from falsifying the election results to install Hillary Clinton as President in 2016, and how we can reverse the situation and restore transparent, honest elections. 

The fact is that only 3 mega-election vendors have the power to install Trump or Hillary Clinton into the Presidency in the 2016 Presidential election. And the 5 Big TV Networks enable these three privately owned corporations (ES &S, Hart, Dominion) to have this power by hiding their very existence from the American people, as well as their KEY and DOMINATING role on Election Night. Have you ever heard of ES &S, Hart, or Dominion? Probably not.

These three mega-corporations could make the election computers say that Trump “won” 99% to 1%, or they could make the election computers say that Hillary Clinton “won” 99% to 1% – or anything in between. But what they and the other Election Night Gatekeepers announce MUST be believable, so that the American people accept the results, whether true — or whether grotesquely falsified by the Election Night Gatekeepers.

“Making the computer-generated election night results believable” is the purpose of the endless, mysteriously-done “black box” public opinion polls treated so reverently by the 5 Big TV Networks in the months and weeks leading up to election day. And it is also the purpose of the mysteriously-done exit polls taken on election day by another one of the Election Night Gatekeepers (National Election Pool, owned by the 5 big TV networks and AP wire).

For starters, since at least as far back as 1988, a handful of private corporations have totally controlled the “count” of 96% of the ballots in the USA for the November elections. Election officials in 98%+ of our counties have effectively stepped aside and turned over our elections to one of these few mega-election vendors.

Furthermore, local election officials in each county which use election computers sign contracts that they are forbidden to look at the source codes of the privately owned computer software which tell the county computers what to do on election night. (!!!) (See YouTube video with Ohio Secretary of State John Husted confirming this during a Tea Party meeting at “The Farm” on September 17, 2012.)

By now, in 2016, only three computerized Election Vendor companies have total control over the published election night “results” as explained above. These private companies, again, are ES &S, Hart Intercivic, and Dominion (which bought Diebold and Sequoia circa 2013). These companies “count” the votes on secret software programs — programs easily rigged by these same companies, which, of course, own the software.

The 5 Big TV Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX) and related big media protect these three mega-Election Vendors (ES & S, Hart, Dominion) by never (or almost never) mentioning them. 99% of the American people have never even heard of ES &S, Hart Civic, or Dominion. The American people certainly don’t know the key and absolutely dominating role that these 3 mega-Election Vendors play on election night. And the Big TV Networks NEVER do investigations into these three mega-companies, never ask how it is possible that 98%+ of our 3141 counties in the USA have hired them, never ask the county election officials or Secretaries of State why these election officials have signed a contract forbidding them to look at the software of the 3 big Election Vendors, never question in any way this unholy concentration of power in the hands of so few on election night, and never invite the American people to think about these disturbing election night realities.

What Happens On Election Night in the USA?


This is what happens on the night of the November election across the USA since at least as far back as 1988:

Four Three Mysterious Mega-Companies “count” about 95% of the US vote  on secret software which they own – and our local election officials in each county incredibly sign a contract not to look at the software which tells the election computers what to do on election night.  (!!!)

For the last three decades, 4 (now 3, since 2013) mega-companies have “counted” around 96% of the USA vote on November election nights. In 2004 these companies were ES & S (Election Systems & Software), Hart Civic, Diebold, and Sequoia. Veteran reporter Ronnie Dugger covered this reality in his 2004 article in The Nation magazine entitled, “How They could Steal the Election This Time”.Understanding this aspect of election night is so important that I am going to quote from the first part of the Dugger article:

Begin Quote:

On November 2[nd 2004] millions of Americans will cast their votes for President in computerized voting systems that can be rigged by corporate . . . insiders. . . . The potential for fraud and error is daunting. About 61 million of the votes in November, more than half the total, will be counted in the computers of one company, the privately held Election Systems and Software (ES&S) of Omaha, Nebraska.

Altogether, nearly 100 million votes will be counted in computers provided and programmed by ES&S and three other private corporations: British-owned Sequoia Voting Systems of Oakland, California, whose touch-screen voting equipment was rejected as insecure against fraud by New York City in the 1990s; . . . Diebold Election Systems of McKinney, Texas, whose machines malfunctioned this year in a California election; and Hart InterCivic of Austin . . .

The four major election corporations count votes with voting-system source codes. These are kept strictly secret by contract with the local jurisdictions and states using the machines. . . .  David Stutsman, an Indiana [election] lawyer . . . puts it well: “The secrecy of the ballot has been turned into the secrecy of the vote count.”

End Quote from the 2004 Nation magazine article by Ronnie Dugger (the entire article is worth reading)


Diebold’s Name Gets Too Stinky

In 2004, one of the officers of Diebold said in public that Diebold was going to make sure that W. Bush got re-elected. Ever since then, Diebold had become the symbol of election rigging. So — DAMAGE CONTROL!

Circa 2013, a company called Dominion bought Diebold and Sequoia. So that’s why we have the number “13” crossed out in the earlier part of this article, as now there are only 12 Election Night gatekeepers. We also have the number “4” crossed out, as now only 3 mega-corporations count about 96% of the US vote.

A word about the musical chairs played by these super powerful mega-corporations, which never change their stripes, their secrecy, or their mode of operation. They only change their names and locations. As an example, CES (Computer Election Services) was based in California in the 70s and early 80s. Then CES morphed into BRC (Business Records Corporation) based in Texas for the 80s and part of the 90s. BRC then became ES & S around the turn of the century. Another example of musical chairs involves how another of the Election Night Gatekeepers, Voter News Service (owned by the 5 Big TV Networks and AP wire) morphed into National Election Pool after 2004,  which will be further explained below.

So, the first three major gatekeepers on Election Night in November are the three mega-corporations which “count” the votes for 99% of 3200+ counties in the USA:

– 1. ES & S (Election Systems & Software) – see pdf below about recent merger
pdfElection Systems & Software/Premier Election Solutions Merger

– 2. Hart Civic

– 3. Dominion (recently bought Diebold and Sequoia)

PLEASE NOTE, as stated above: These 3 mega-corporations do NOT break into the system. One of these companies, or one of their more recently appearing smaller front companies, are hired by each county. There are 3200+ counties in the USA. Starting circa 1973 and culminating by 1988, 99% of these counties made the decision to hire one of these companies. For instance, Hamilton County (Cincinnati), Ohio uses Hart Civic. Butler County, Ohio (the largest county in former Speaker of the House John Boehner’s former district) hires ES & S. And all of South Carolina hires ES & S.

(Please note: In South Carolina the ES &S systems are touch screen only — with no paper ballots at all! In a recent Fox News spot carried during “On the Record”, designed to convince the viewers that it would be difficult to hack the Presidential election (false!), Brit Hume did ask the experts one valuable question about regions such as South Carolina which have no paper ballots. Hume asked (paraphrase): “So there’s no way to do a recount?” The experts said, “Right.” (!!!!!!!!)

Why do almost all of our nation’s 3141 counties hire so few companies to process “our” elections? That question brings us to the next two Election night gatekeepers:

– 4. The RNC (Republican National Committee)

– 5. The DNC (Democratic National Committee)

The RNC and the DNC are obviously controlled by the same background financial forces (the Goldman-Sachs/Federal Reserve Board crowd, for shorthand) which own the billion dollar Election Vendor companies, ES &S, Hart Civic, and Dominion. The RNC and the DNC both recommend to all of their 50 Secretaries of State in all 50 states to approve these three mega-companies for vote processing. Each county in each state is then strongly encouraged to hire one these three companies, to contract with them to process the county elections. The late Collier Brothers (authors of “Votescam: The Stealing of America”, 1993) felt that massive bribes have changed hands, especially in the 1970s and 1980s, to induce counties which were resisting the Big Computerized Election Vendors – to hire them.

The county Boards of Elections are told that any one of these three companies will process the elections professionally and virtually trouble free. The local Board of Election officials in each county then step aside and hand everything essential over to one of these three companies. After the November election night, election officials sign “results” when they have no idea if the results are true or false.

Incredibly, as stated above, all the counties sign a contract that the Election officials are NOT allowed to look at the source code of the privately-owned election software that tells the computers what to do on election night.


So who are the final Seven Election night gatekeepers?

— 6. ABC

— 7. CBS

— 8. NBC

— 9. CNN

— 10. FOX

— 11. AP wire

— 12. NEP (National Election Pool) formerly VNS (Voter News Service) from 1964 to 2004  – same people, same company, same function.

NEP National Election PoolNEP (National Election Pool), believe or not, is owned jointly by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX and AP wire. (!!!!!!) Are Americans aware of this? Of course not! The five Big TV networks hide it from us!

On election night, all announcements of election “results” are relayed to the public by the 5 Big TV Networks and AP after they get the word from NEP, their jointly owned private company.

NEP collects the results in one way or another from the computerized machines in each county, including direct access to the mainframe election computers in some counties, and then passes it on to their owners. All big media websites on the national and gubernatorial election announcements are controlled by NEP. When NEP changes something, it changes on all Big Media websites simultaneously.


IMPORTANT: ANY COMPETITION between the 5 Big TV networks on projecting winners and losers is a total fake, and the network election divisions know it’s a fake – a deliberate deception on the part of the 5 Big TV Networks. The Five Big TV Networks and AP get the exact same information, at the exact same time, from the exact same source, i.e., the company they jointly own, i.e., NEP (National Election Pool). The announced Exit Polls are conducted under the supervision of NEP, and then the results are passed on to the 5 Big TV Networks simultaneously. And yet the Big TV Networks have maintained this “we’re projecting the winner first” deception since the dawn of the computerized election age circa 1973. They take turns being “first” to call the “winner” and “losers” in various states.

The purpose of the highly questionable VNS/NEP/ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/FOX exit polls (debunked completely, in my opinion, in two chapters in “Votescam: The Stealing of America” by the late Collier Brothers) is to prepare the TV viewer for the unverifiable, easily-rigged computer “count” which is announced a few hours later, or even a few minutes later on election night.

We caught up with two exit polls over the years — as they are very, very hard to find. Why? Because there are very few of them. How does very, very few exit polls in a nation of 200,000 or so precincts provide any kind of a scientific basis to project winners and losers in close Congressional, Senatorial, and Presidential races? By the way, you have to find these exit polls hit and miss, because the networks will not publish in advance where they are going to be conducted. Like everything else they do, our would-be Rulers like to operate in secrecy, — total secrecy if possible.

One exit poll we caught up with was being conducted during the 1996 New Hampshire Presidential Primary on February 20, 1996 at a school in Manchester. The lady hired by VNS (Voter News Service, predecessor of today’s NEP) told us that they arrive about 9 AM, missing the morning rush from 7 AM to 9 AM. Then, only about one out of 15 people will talk to them. Why? Some people don’t want to talk about their vote. And many people are in a hurry. They have to be somewhere, pick up their mother for a doctor’s appointment, have to get to work, etc. etc. etc. AND, the VNS exit pollers call in their results to VNS in New York City at about 5 PM — meaning that they miss the evening rush hour from 5 PM to 7 PM. We filmed the VNS lady calling in her results on a pay phone in the school lobby while HUNDREDS of people were walking past her on their way to vote in the school gym. Missing the morning rush? Missing the evening rush? Only 1 out of 15 people willing to talk to them? Where is the scientific basis of these exit polls???

By the way, here is a picture of the Voter News Service box in which the NH exit poll lady put her filled-out exit polling forms, in case there is any doubt about who owned Voter News Service then. Click here for the picture of that box.— And the owners of the successor to VNS (Voter News Service), NEP (News Election Pool), are revealed on Wikipedia, among other places.Click here for the owners of National Election Pool.

More on the Unscientific Nature of Exit Polls


In the 1992 New Hampshire Primary, the exit polls showed Buchanan in a dead heat with President Bush the elder. The evening started with a 49% to 49% tie between Bush-Buchanan. Then Buchanan “dropped” every three hours by 3% while Bush stayed at 49% (virtually a statistical impossibility) throughout the night. By morning, the published “results” were 49% for Bush the Elder and 37% for Buchanan. This was clear manipulation by the crooks running the New Hampshire election system both in the computerized half of NH and in the hand-counted half (at that time, now it’s 80% computerized, 20% hand-counted) to save face for then President Bush the elder. When Warren Mitofsky of (then) Voter News Service was asked how come his exit polls were so far off, – he replied in Time magazine (paraphrase), “Because the Buchanan supporters were so much more willing to talk to us.” WELL THEN, Mr. Mitofsky — where is the scientific basis for your exit polls? (The same answer was given to Bernie Sanders supporters by a spokesman for NEP in 2016, to try to explain why the exit polls showed Sanders doing much better than Hillary, but then Hillary “winning” the Arizona Primary.)

The second exit poll we caught up with was in Boone County, Kentucky in 1996 on the day of the November Presidential election. Someone called my office about 3 PM in the afternoon and I rushed over to the location as fast as I could after finishing up what I had to do. With rush hour traffic, I got their about 5:20 PM with a 7:30 PM poll closing. True to what the VNS exit poll lady in New Hampshire had told us, the exit pollers had already left. Again, there were HUNDREDS of people in line waiting to vote. How does missing the rush hour periods of the election day — with only 1 out of 15 voters willing to talk to the exit pollers in the intervening hours of 9 AM to 5 PM — provide any kind of a scientific basis to project winners and losers, especially  in close races?

Which brings us to one of the most absurd “projections” in the computerized election era: the 5 TV networks “projecting” Al Gore to “win” Florida at about 9:45 PM EST on November election night in year 2000, during the infamous Bush-Gore contest. It turned out that there were only 39 exit polls being conducted by the Voter News Service for their owners, the 5 Big TV Networks, throughout all of Florida that election night. 39 exit polls in a state of 7000 voting precincts! Now keep in mind that the election was allegedly so close it wasn’t decided (?) until 35 days after election day. And yet, on the basis of these 39 magic exit polls, all the 5 Big TV Networks projected Gore as the winner in Florida about 10 PM EST, which would have given the election to Gore. A little later, W. Bush came on TV in one of the Bush homes in Texas to state that (paraphrase), “My brother said that wasn’t right.” Now what W’s brother, Governor Jeb Bush of Florida, had to do with the election count, is still unclear. And at about 2 AM EST, all the Networks reversed themselves and said it was too close to call. Again, how could 39 exit polls out of 7000 voting precincts project a winner or loser in such a hairline close election? Some mind games were being played on the American people, but that’s another story for another article.

And the story of Senator Bob Smith’s re-election in New Hampshire in 1996, in a way, says it all. Senator Bob Smith talking about how all the TV networks called him the loser in 1996 in the New Hampshire Senate race — only to be proven wrong when the hand counted ballots came in. “They forgot that in New Hampshire we count the votes before we declare the winner,” Smith later told a C-Span interviewer with a smile.

That’s right. In 1996 there were 33 races for US Senate in 33 states. At that time, FOX news was only months old, so they were not yet involved as an owner of VNS (Voter News Service). But based on VNS exit polls, the other four networks, — ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN — “projected” the correct winner in 32 of the 33 states, i.e., in the states that were “counted” on the secret, easily-rigged computerized elections. In the 33rd state, in New Hampshire, in the one state where 1/2 of the votes (at that time in 1996) were counted by hand immediately as the polls closed, ALL FOUR NETWORKS GOT IT WRONG. All four networks projected the Democrat, Richard Swett, as the “winner.” But as the votes trickled in from the hand-counted sections of the state, the Pro-Constitution Senator Bob Smith pulled ahead and WON the race. Smith said is was like going to Hell and then told you were really going to Heaven.

What obvious lessons should one draw from this Senator Bob Smith-New Hampshire 1996 episode?

— a) It strongly indicates what is the reality: that all of the Big TV Networks were getting their numbers from one source (VNS), and always projected the “winner” in lockstep.

— b) That when the state was “counted” 100% by the secret, easily-rigged computer programs, then the computerized election process could always make the projections “come true.” BUT when one of the states was counted largely by immediate hand-counts at the neighborhood precincts, all the Big TV Networks could NOT project the winner, because the computers could not make the projection come true. My take: the computers used in Manchester and other large cities in New Hampshire in 1996 were programmed against the patriotic, constitution-minded Senator Smith. But the Votescam syndicate miscalculated, and did not steal enough votes from Senator Smith in the large cities using the election computers. And the hand-counted votes from the outlying areas of New Hampshire overtook the computerized warping of the vote in the large cities.

So let’s take a look at how these Election Night Gatekeepers worked on Super Tuesday in 2008 for John McCain and in 2012 for Mitt Romney in the Republican primary states:

a) ES &S, Diebold, Hart and Sequoia had long ago been hired by the brain-dead and/or traitorous county Boards of Election in all those states.(The primary states which were participants in Super Tuesday 2012 were: Georgia, Ohio, Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.) These Boards of Elections had signed contracts which stated that they were not allowed to inspect in anyway the source code of the software which told the computers what to do on election night.

b) In those states, citizens, candidates, and local press people were illegally prevented from getting at the ballots in any effective way to conduct a count of anytime. In some states, like Ohio, the citizens are prevented from even seeing any of the ballots after they put their own into the ATM-like machine at their polling place. In other states, like South Dakota, the citizens are allowed to watch the votes fed into scanner machines from a few feet away, which is as good as being 4 planets away, because no one can see what’s going on inside the computers in the scanners.

c) So, after a few hours, ES &S Diebold, Hart and Sequoia, through the counties which have hired these mega-Election Vendors, tell NEP (National Election Pool, the company owned jointly by the 5 Big TV Networks and AP wire) the “results.”

d) Then NEP passes on the “results” to the 5 Big TV Networks and AP wire.

e) Then the 5 Big TV networks and AP wire announce these results to the public, and the big Radio stations and Big Newspaper Dailies parrot these results to the public.

f) The public in the United States of American take these published results on Blind Faith. This was the conclusion that computer expert Robert Strunk wrote in his expert testimony to the court of Judge Richard Niehaus in the 1985 case of Schutzman vs. the Hamilton County Board of Elections. And it is the conclusion of one of the leading experts on computerized elections in the United States, Dr. David Dill of Stanford University:

“Why am I always being asked to prove these systems aren’t secure? The burden of proof ought to be on the vendor. You ask about the hardware. ‘Secret.’ The software? ‘Secret.’ What’s the cryptography? ‘Can’t tell you because that’ll compromise the secrecy of the machines.’… Federal testing procedures? ‘Secret’! Results of the tests? ‘Secret’! Basically we are required to have blind faith.” Dr. David L. Dill, Professor, Computer Science, Stanford University, as cited by Ronnie Dugger in his article, “How They Could Steal the Election This Time”, which appeared in the August 16, 2004 edition of The Nation magazine.

g) Backing up to before Super Tuesday 2008 and 2012, the five TV Networks created the narrative that McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012 were going to “win” on Super Tuesday. In 2008 McCain had no visible support except for that the Big Media claimed existed. He could not get crowds. When he came to Cincinnati, Ohio the Republican Party had to empty out the Court House to manufacture a crowd. On Meet the Press, one of the “court jester” commentators, a lady, stated that McCain was at war with the party’s base (an absurd statement on its face, as the base supposedly does the voting). What the Meet the Press panel member lady, whose name escapes me at the moment, unintentionally hinted at was that the base does the VOTING, but the Establishment Old Guard behind both parties does the COUNTING in the secret, easily rigged computers. As Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin said, “Those who CAST the votes decide nothing. Those who COUNT the votes decide everything.”

In 2012, reporters repeatedly said that it was hard to find anyone whose first choice was Romney. But yet he won handily in the computer “counted” primary states. When crunch time comes in an election season, the 5 Big TV Networks publish phony polls to push the public in the desired direction. The phony polls are confirmed by the phony exit polls, both of which are made to “come true” by the secret, easily-rigged election computers.

h) Citizens in any state outside of the 5 small counties in NH which count the votes in the open at closing time — will find that they are ARRESTED if they push too hard to count the ballots on election night in the computerized states, or in the computerized part of NH. All of these 3200 counties, and in 49 and 1/2 states, the Secretaries of State and the County Boards of Elections are operating illegally and constitutionally. They are totally abdicating their responsibility for the one thing they are commissioned to do: run honest, transparent elections where the published results reflect how the people voted, not how all the Old Guard Shadow government running the election computers wanted them to vote. They are violating their own state laws, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and three still-standing, US Supreme Court decisions, namely, US v Mosley (1915), Reynolds v Sims (1964), and Westbury v. Sanders, 1964. (See “Supreme Court Cases” menu tab at ElectionNightGatekeepers.com and at OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com.)

Three Supreme Court Decisions Right To Vote copy

i) You don’t have to be a computer expert, or understand computers at all, to grasp what is happening here. When someone — anyone — wants to count your votes in secret, you’ve got a problem. An the combination of the RNC, the DNC, ES &S, Hart, Dominion, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, AP wire, and NEP (National Election Pool) have succeeded in setting up a system where they DO “count” our votes in secret. And to add insult to injury: the 5 Big TV Networks and AP wire hide what is happening in US elections from the public.

j) Victoria Collier, daughter of the late “Votescam” author Jim Collier, has said, “You can’t vote the bums out, because you didn’t vote the bums in.” That’s the point. Since 1973, the Votescam Syndicate have quietly imposed a sinister election fraud system on the American people. Right now the people have no effective say in any national election if the Big TV Networks and their cohorts which to rig the election under a scenario which is  “BELIEVABLE” to the vast majority of the American people.



The American people are like a little three year old in a car seat with a steering wheel. At election time they are laughing and turning the little plastic steering wheel as the parent drives the car. The parent looks over and says, “Good boy, Johnny. You’re such a big boy driving this car.” The American people are told by the 5 Big TV networks: “You’re the freest people ever.” In fact, the parent is the only one driving the car. In this analogy, the Parent are the wirepullers behind international banks like the FED (Federal Reserve Board), Goldman-Sachs, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the Bank of Settlements, (Follow the Money), through their 5 Big TV networks and their 3 Mega-Election Vendor Corporations. The child in the car seat is you and me, the American public.

This “Parent” has the motive to keep moving more and more money to the top 1%, and to grasp more power inching closer and closer to a world police-state government. This is not free enterprise. It is Vulture Capitalism, which ends up in the same place as Socialism and Communism, with all the unnecessary centralized planning and needless regimentation of mankind those two systems entail.



While it’s a brain twister at first, the top Socialists and Communists have always been the Billionaire Banksters. They want Communism for you and me, but Billionaire Ruler status for themselves. Communism and Socialism are the masks these Banksters wear, among other masks, when they are in the process of subduing a society. Commune-ism. The Banksters want 99% of the people on a large commune, living like animals, owning nothing, and being in needless debt from birth till death, while these Banksters run the world. That’s what Commune-ism means. This is the MOTIVE for computerized votefraud, and it is virtually impossible for most people to believe that there are sociopathic millionaires and billionaires who want to subdue mankind and rule the world. For a responsible introduction to this subject, see “The Secret of Oz” and the “Money Masters” on YouTube and on CD by Bill Still. And see “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, and “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve” by Eustace Mullins.


Can’t Citizens Double Check the Published Computerized “Results” ??


Well, one might ask, can’t the citizens look at the ballots on election day and double check the computer count? Answer: NO! Any citizen or candidate or local press person who tries to get at the ballots in computerized counties will be illegally arrested by the local police, who have been tricked into protecting the Election Night Gatekeepers instead of the people and the integrity of the election. Can’t the citizens set up a process in advance with the local Board of Elections to count the actual ballots on election day in the computerized areas? Answer: NO! Unless you live in the 5 counties in New Hampshire which still count the votes constitutionally (by hand-count, BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight), then you cannot. Call your local county Board of Elections, or your Secretary of State, and try it.

Remember, once the ballots leave the public sight and public control to be processed through any kind of computer system, the CHAIN OF CUSTODY, the CHAIN OF EVIDENCE is broken. The Votescam Syndicate has the United States in a position where no one can prove who should be in the elective offices of Congressman, US Senator, or President. We can make a good guess because most elections aren’t that close for Congress and Senate, but we can’t know because the ballots were counted on secret, easily-rigged computer programs, with no checks and balances on November election day, or on the day of any primaries earlier in the year. (The caucuses can be checked for accuracy on the spot, if the citizens know how to demand an effective count on the spot. Even at the Caucuses the current Republican and Democratic power brokers try to pull sleights of hand on the usually unsuspecting citizens.)

Secret counts are the problem. Conducting secret counts are a criminal activity by the 3131 or so counties of the 3141 counties in the United States, and by ALL 50 Secretaries of States.

The only reason the county Boards of Elections exist is to hold transparent, honest elections so that what the people vote in the neighborhood polling places is what the Boards of Elections publish at the end of election night. By allowing 3 mega-Election-Vendors to conduct elections on secret computer programs, the local election officials and the Secretaries of State are sinning by stepping aside and TOTALLY abdicating their constitutionally mandated responsibilities. They are signing results when they don’t know if the results are true or false. Subversive. Treasonous. Aiding and abetting a foreign enemy, namely, the international bank corporations around the FED and Goldman-Sachs, which constitute an enemy without boundaries – an enemy of the United States of America, and almost all other nations.

Look at the quote from Dr. David Dill of Stanford University again. What is the proprietary nature these absurdly “top secret” computer programs – owned by ES &S, Hart, and Dominion – which process our elections? As Votescam author Jim Collier said, “What’s the proprietary information? In elections, it’s one for you, one or me, one for you, one for me. Where’s the need for secret software?” Answer: the PROPRIETARY PART is so that the Election Vendors hired by the Counties can fix the elections. Votefraud Investigator & IT experts John Brakey of Arizona and Richard Charnin of Florida have proven as far as can be done by math and algorithms, that such rigging took place in several regional “Secret software” elections.




All computer and machines MUST GO. This admonition was given by the developer of the first PC (personal computer), Adam Osborne in “Running Wild” published in 1979. He said computers are great, but never for elections because no one can be sure what is happening in them. Can computers theoretically run accurate elections if everyone involved is honest? Of course. But when the future of the city, the county, the state, the nation, and the world is at stake — the motive to warp the election is too great.

Can paper ballots be counted by hand accurately if they are taken out of the public sight first if everyone involved is honest?

Of course. But when the future of the city, the county, the state, the nation, and the world is at stake — the motive to warp the election is too great. 

Ballots must be counted right at closing time, by neighborhood citizens, BEFORE the ballots leave the sight of the polling place judges and the local neighborhood people.

This is the only way to ensure a fair count as far as humanly possible, and the Five Big TV Networks, and the Old Guard Establishment behind the RNC (Republican National Committee) and the DNC (Democratic National Committee) will fight this with all they’ve got. Once the vote is restored to the people, instead of those controlling the secret election computer programs, it’s the end of puppet Congressmen, Puppet Senators, and Puppet Presidents. And it’s the beginning of the end for the International Banksters’ long running attempt to destroy free enterprise as the Founding Fathers envisioned it. And it’s the beginning of an honest National Monetary Office that will issue money scientifically, at no interest to the nation, in order to serve the people (the only purpose for which money-issuing entities exist). As one perspicacious High School teacher told her high school class in Texas a generation ago: “The duty of the Treasury is to issue currency and credit in sufficient supply to meet the needs of commerce and industry.”

So, what if someone demands a recount when the published results seem questionable? Now they have to wait a long time, like 21 days, as well as specify what precincts they wish to recount. I’m sorry, but my cabal is in the process of stealing the city, the county, the state, the nation and the world — 21 days is plenty of time to switch the ballots to make the election night published computer results “come true.”

Also, there are high tech printing machines that can manufacture hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of ballots per hour, so that the original ballots can be replaced before the pre-selected precincts are brought out to the public for the hand recount.

The documentary “Hacking Democracy” featuring Bev Harris spotlights this “were-the-ballots-switched?” problem near the end of documentary in the segment dealing with the recount in Cleveland, Ohio after the 2004 Bush/Kerry Presidential election.

The answer is simple. Ban all computers and machines from the voting process. Have pre-selected neighborhood citizens, selected by an open and fair process, count the paper ballots at each neighborhood polling place in public, right after the polls close, BEFORE the ballots leave the sight of the election judges or the public. Everyone is allowed to watch the count at close range as long as they don’t interfere with the count. The results are posted on the wall of the polling place for three days after the election for all to come and check. And each candidate should double check the county Board of Elections to make sure that they added up the numbers from all the local precincts correctly. (See the “More Information” menu tab at ElectionNightGatekeepers.com for exact legislation to restore transparent, honest elections.

While the Old Guard Establishment will scream that restoring transparent, honest elections by hand count is impossible, it certainly is easily possible. It would take about 12 citizens on average at each polling place nationwide to do the counting. These counters used to be called scrutineers. And each of these scrutineers should be paid $100 each for about four hours work on election night. That would cost about $480 million per year for the primary, and $480 million per year for the general election. We spent $4 billion dollars per month in the first twelve months we were in Iraq in 2003-2004. That’s $48 billion dollars. That same $48 billion dollars would allow us to hand-count all elections for the primary and general election in November — for about 60 years. The Constitution requires elected officials to defend the United States against enemies, both foreign and domestic.

The longer we have computerized elections — the more domestic enemies we have occupying offices.

TO REPEAT: While computers are great for many things (I’m using one now!), they are horrible and unacceptable for elections, because no one can see what’s happening inside a computer. The man who (I’m told) invented some version of the first home computer, Adam Osborne, wrote a book circa 1979 entitled, “Running Wild”. In that book, Osborne stated computers should never be used to count elections.

So, whatever it takes, whatever the costs, we must restore transparent, honest hand-counted elections to every polling place in the United States of America. The hand-count must be conducted in each neighborhood polling place right as the polling place closes and BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight.

Millions of Americans have fought and bled, and so many have died, to try and ensure our right to determine our nation’s destiny at the ballot box. We dare not continue to let a group of power-hungry sociopaths spit on their sacrifice.

The End.

Jim Condit Jr.
Watch the Vote USA founder
also behind ElectionNightGatekeepers.com, OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com, votefraud.org


***** This is the end of the official Election Night Gatekeepers article. We have left the below on this page because it may contain some evidence or analysis that would help some investigators. Some of the information below may be repetitive, as we have been pulling together many essays and articles over decades, and, all duplications have not been weeded out. *****


Further Documentation that may sometimes have been covered in the above letter:

The documentary Hacking Democracy by HBO, the free online article from Chronicles Magazine, A House Without Doors, the book, “Votescam: The Stealing of America” by Jim and Ken Collier, the book “Black Box Voting” by Bev Harris free online at BlackBoxVoting.org, the LandesReport by Lynn Landes, the articles linked on the right hand column of the home page of votefraud.org, and information at WatchTheVoteUSA.com and GuardiansForLiberty.com, as well as the info all over this website (OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com) give avalanches of documentation on this issue and all its ramifications.

Who is the Votescam Syndicate?

Somewhat repetitive of the article on this page, but shorter.

Two important videos are at the bottom of this page, on South Carolina and Super Tuesday, and on the way the Iowa Caucus has been warped.


Please forgive the below still being on this page. We are keeping it on this page until we can check if there is anything we have forgotten to include in the article above. Some or much of it is repetitive of what’s above because we are still editing and double-checking… you are, of course, invited to read it if you wish.

— ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and AP wire service

This is the “Big Media” combine, which rounds out run the Election Night Gatekeepers, and which prevents the population as a whole from realizing what’s happening on each election night. (The New York Times wire service, the Washington Post wire service, and Reuters are in on the virtual conspiracy of silence. All other Big Daily newspapers in the USA take their national and international news from these big wire services. If a reporter at a big daily, or a local TV affiliate of one of the major networks, learns about some of this blockbuster information, and starts reporting it, he will be given a choice: accept other reporting assignments, or, get transferred to the sports department, or, get fired.)

— National Election Pool

What’s National Election Pool (NEP)? That’s a corporation in New York City. And who owns this corporation? Why, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX and AP wire. This is the company that does all of the “exit polls” on Election Day and controls the count that is published on election night via the national networks, their local affiliates, and which is then picked up by the Big Daily papers. While the New York Times wire service and the Washington Post wire service are not owners of NEP, they have fully participated in the cover-up for decades. That’s why 99% of you reading this have never heard of NEP. You can read the Wikipedia entry on NEP here:


National Election Pool had been called “Voter News Service (VNS)” before 2003, when its name was changed to National Election Pool because the stench was getting too great after the 2000 “election.” This is a periodic tactic of the Ruling Elite behind the Computer Vote-fraud Crime Syndicate; change the name of the offending company, while leaving everything else the same and continuing with the same anti-American treasonous “election” program.

3. Diebold, Election Systems & Software (ES & S), Sequoia, and Hart InterCivic

These are the mega-corporations that have been hired by the vast majority of counties in the USA. Hamilton County, Ohio, for instance, is hiring Hart InterCivic in the year of 2012; Butler County, just north of Hamilton County in Ohio, is hiring ES & S to process the county election in secret. These companies are completely out of reach of any oversight by the voters and the public. It is this aspect that caused us to say that this explanation is slightly over-simplified. These companies are always buying and selling each other, and using smaller front companies in some areas. When Diebold’s CEO made an incautious statement about helping W. Bush get elected in 2004, a small company called Triad popped up in Ohio to take over some of the counties. In 2010 to 2012, there were shenanigans going on about ES &S buying Diebold, and so on.

Recently, in Cincinnati, Ohio at a Tea Party meeting, Secretary of State John Husted acknowledged that, based on the contracts the state and counties of Ohio sign with the elite, private vendors, no state official or county official is allowed to see the source code of the computer programs which are used to “count” our votes on election night.

You can see the YouTube Video of this here:

(Coming soon)

4. THE RNC and the DNC

The Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee encourage all of their local county operatives to delegate the local county elections to the elite private corporations, which use secret computer source code and process the elections in secret.

The RNC and the DNC effectively participate in the conspiracy of silence against the American people regarding this theft of the 2nd part of our right to vote, by pretending everything is A-OK. The RNC and DNC have been key players in engineering the current, unacceptable election travesty from the beginning, back in the early 1970s. (The Republicans and/or Democrats control every county Board of Elections in the USA.)

Presidential Elections “counted” in secret on secretly programmed computers since 1988 have brought us: 3 terms of Bushes; 2 terms of Clintons; and 2 terms of Obama.

We must restore honest, verifiable elections, by returning to paper ballots in every precinct of every county, every election. The ballots must be counted at each precinct in full public view and posted for all to see, before the ballots leave the precincts. This is the only way to ensure that our votes are counted accurately.

An Avalanche of Documentation:

Supreme Court Decisions Which Demand A Transparent Vote

ALL Americans HAVE A RIGHT to a verifiable count in line with THREE, still standing Supreme Court decisions. One of those US Supreme Court decisions, Westbury v. Sanders, 1964, stated that all other rights, even the most basic, are illusory if the right to vote is undermined.

The other two relevant US Supreme Court decisions, namely, US v Mosley (1915) and Reynolds v Sims (1964) say that our right to vote consists of two parts: a) the right to cast a ballot; b) the right to KNOW that our vote has been counted accurately. The 2nd part of our right to vote is being violated whenever there are easily-rigged, secret Computerized counts.

The Iowa Caucus (transparent count) vs. NH, SC, and other computerized primaries (black box voting — no way to watch or check the vote “count”)

In the Iowa Caucus, — the FAIREST SYSTEM IN THE NATION if the candidates and citizens watch the vote count at all 1650+ local caucus locations, and then compare it against the published count at the state level by the Iowa GOP HQ, and by the Iowa Democratic State HQ — then the right to vote of Iowans is PRESERVED and in line with these still-standing Supreme Court decisions. The Iowans cast a ballot, or raise their hand in some way, at their local Caucus, and then the participants SEE the ballots counted before their eyes, right away, before the ballots leave the public site. (The crookery in the Iowa Caucus has been accomplished by the GOP manipulators at the STATE LEVEL who simply switch the votes en masse because the voters at the local level, and the candidates are (ABSURDLY) not watching to see if the published results at the state level accurately reflect how the voters voted at the local level. The problem is NOT the good Iowans at the local level, it is the VOTESCAM CROOKS at the STATE LEVEL.

But, at least in the Iowa Caucus there is a CHANCE to catch any votefraud, and that’s what WatchTheVote2016.com is all about.

Such is NOT the case in 80% of New Hampshire, and 100% the primaries which follow in South Carlina, the Super Tuesday states, and beyond. These states are NOT in line with the standards of the three relevant Supreme Court decisions. In fact, they violate these Supreme Court decisions in the most blatant manner possible. In the case of NH and SC at least, these states violate their own state laws as well. (See the youtube, “South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul”, uploaded in 2008, – ten minutes.)

In New Hampshire, for instance, 80% of the voters who are “voting” on computerized systems do have the right to cast a ballot. So far, so good. But, after they cast their ballots, the ballots are whisked away for processing in the “behind closed doors” computer rooms, from which the public, candidates, and local press are barred by police guard. The “count” is announced later that night. To repeat: no candidate, citizen, or local press person is allowed to see any actual ballots on election day, or for weeks thereafter. So the voters and the nation are taking these election “results” in such computerized elections ON AN ACT OF BLIND FAITH on election night, with no evidence.

In these computerized elections, the SECOND PART of the citizen’s right to vote is not being respected: the citizen does NOT know whether his or her vote has been counted accurately, or counted all all. (To repeat again: if a group of citizens tries to see the actual ballots in a computerized election in the USA on election day, they will be arrested before local election officials will let them see any actual ballots — just like in Soviet Russia, or any other dictatorship, tin-horn or large scale. Note: Arizona has a spot check of 1% of the ballots, but this is not good enough.)

In the other 20% of New Hampshire, the ballots are counted properly, in the open, before the ballots leave the public sight — as votes were counted from 1787 or so, until the early 1970s.

Pre-selected citizens from each neighborhood count the votes in public, and right as the polls close, and BEFORE the ballots leave the sight of the election judges or the sight of the public. A man who has become a friend of Watch The Vote in recent years, Mr. Douglas Bersaw, supervised the counting of the votes in such a constitutional way in Richmond, New Hampshire, where he served as Election Supervisor until just a few years ago. It’s do-able. It would cost the nation about 800 dollars a year to hand count all primary and November elections throughout the USA, — a mere pittance in the national budget to ensure we get the leaders whom the voters actually elect.

When the primary process gets beyond New Hampshire, then 100% of the primary states (South Carolina, the Super Tuesday states, etc.) are “counted” by computerized “elections”. In South Carolina, there are no paper ballots at all! Just bleeps of energy. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The Big TV Networks and Big Press Are Neck Deep in Censoring This Information from the American People -with a few exceptions

When the “count” is conducted in secret (within a computer) powered by secretly programmed software (with source code usually programmed by persons unknown to even the local election officials) – then the second part of our right to vote is being violated and nullified.

These realities about computerized elections have been ruthlessly censored by the Big TV Networks who are NECK DEEP in the process, and as guilty as they can be over the last 40 years, — complete with faked “competitions” to call the winner first, when all TV networks have been getting the exact same information, at the exact same time, from the exact same organization National Election Pool, or NEP (formerly Voter News Service, or VNS) which ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX jointly own — together with AP wire.

Nevertheless, there have been intermittent exposures in national publications, such as in The New Yorker in 1988 (The Dangers of Computerized Elections by Ronnie Dugger), the Nation in 2004 (How They Could Steal the Election This Time, Ronnie Dugger), American Opinion in 1977 (How Elections Are Stolen, Dr. Susan L.M. Huck), Harper’s magazine in 2012 (How to Rig An Election by Victoria Collier), and an excellent 5 minute report on CBS Evening News with Dan Rather on November 7, 1988, in which Rather interviewed Dr. Howard Strauss of Princeton University and other key people involved in the election count issue.

Of course, even before the internet, 99% of the exposure of the Votescam Issue has been done by small publications and intrepid individuals who have been CENSORED ruthlessly by the Big “mainstream” Media. The American Free Press (formerly the Spotlight) has run hundreds of articles from 1984 to the present

Most of these very important articles, and much more, can be found on the nation’s oldest site exposing the illegality of computerized elections, www.votefraud.org run by Jim Condit Jr.– All of the articles in the right hand column on the home page of votefraud.org are vital reading for those who wish to restore honest, open, verifiable, constitutional elections.

Another important website is www.BlackBoxVoting.org, run by Bev Harris.

And TheLandesReport.com by Lynn Landes, including this important deposition of the only whistle blower to go public that he was hired to wiretap election computers, found here: http://www.thelandesreport.com/gatesdeposition.pdf

Important Books, Studies, and Documentaries

Important books are:

Votescam: The Stealing of America by the late Collier brothers, Jim & Ken.

Black Box Voting by Bev Harris.

Hacked! by Vicky Karp

Important Documentaries:

Hacking Democracy, an HBO documentary featuring the astounding work of Bev Harris

The Right to Count by Richard Van Slyke

Important Studies:

Roy G. Saltman compiled several important studies in the late 1970s and 80s for the Bureau of Commerce, such as the one found here: http://www.votefraud.org/saltman_roy_1988_report.htm


MIT/Caltech Voting Technology study, published in 2001 about the 2000 Presidential election. The study was entitled, “Voting: What is, What Could be:

Incredibly, this team of experts reported that 6 million ballots were DESTROYED as they were processed by the computer systems nationwide — that 6% of the ballots cast in Presidential Election 2000. This could not happen if the ballots were counted properly, before the ballots leave the public sight at the neighborhood polling place, — as still happens at the Iowa Caucus, and in 20% of New Hampshire.

Important Quotes from Experts

The fatal problems with computer-“counted” elections were pinpointed by Dr. David Dill of Stanford University:

“Why am I always being asked to prove these systems aren’t secure? The burden of proof ought to be on the vendor. You ask about the hardware. ‘Secret.’ The software? ‘Secret.’ What’s the cryptography? ‘Can’t tell you because that’ll compromise the secrecy of the machines.’… Federal testing procedures? ‘Secret’! Results of the tests? ‘Secret’! Basically we are required to have blind faith.” — Dr. David L. Dill, Professor, Computer Science, Stanford University, as cited by Ronnie Dugger in his article, “How They Could Steal the Election This Time”, which appeared in the August 16, 2004 edition of The Nation magazine.

Other Important Videos on Votescam:


This Latest video which mentions this website is not on YouTube, but is at UKcolumn.org at the above link. Intrepid Reporter Mark Anderson begins speaking about Electronic Election Fraud and the 2016 Presidential Election at about 19:27. till about 25:28. The ElectionNightGatekeepers.com logo appears around 20:35. This is an excellent interview which we highly recommend.

And here is best-selling author, Roger Stone, on C-Span on August 21, 2016 (also not on YouTube) talking about the dangers of the rigging of the election computers for the 2016 Presidential Election:


And here is Roger Stone on Breitbart Radio on on July 29, 2016, Milo Y. is host:


Important Books, Studies, and Documentaries

Important books are:

Votescam: The Stealing of America by the late Collier brothers, Jim & Ken.

Black Box Voting by Bev Harris.

Hacked! by Vicky Karp

Important Documentaries:

Hacking Democracy, an HBO documentary featuring the astounding work of Bev Harris

The Right to Count by Richard Van Slyke

Important Studies:

Roy G. Saltman compiled several important studies in the late 1970s and 80s for the Bureau of Commerce, such as the one found here: http://www.votefraud.org/saltman_roy_1988_report.htm


MIT/Caltech Voting Technology study, published in 2001 about the 2000 Presidential election. The study was entitled, “Voting: What is, What Could be:

Incredibly, this team of experts reported that 6 million ballots were DESTROYED as they were processed by the computer systems nationwide — that 6% of the ballots cast in Presidential Election 2000. This could not happen if the ballots were counted properly, before the ballots leave the public sight at the neighborhood polling place, — as still happens at the Iowa Caucus, and in 20% of New Hampshire.

Important Quotes from Experts

The fatal problems with computer-“counted” elections were pinpointed by Dr. David Dill of Stanford University:

“Why am I always being asked to prove these systems aren’t secure? The burden of proof ought to be on the vendor. You ask about the hardware. ‘Secret.’ The software? ‘Secret.’ What’s the cryptography? ‘Can’t tell you because that’ll compromise the secrecy of the machines.’… Federal testing procedures? ‘Secret’! Results of the tests? ‘Secret’! Basically we are required to have blind faith.” — Dr. David L. Dill, Professor, Computer Science, Stanford University, as cited by Ronnie Dugger in his article, “How They Could Steal the Election This Time”, which appeared in the August 16, 2004 edition of The Nation magazine.

Other Important Videos on Votescam:

Watch the Vote 2012 – Iowa Caucus

This video explains the entire “Votescam” issue both at the Iowa Caucus and in the states that follow. You only have to watch the first 13 minutes or so, as the last 7 minutes were made so people could act on their own, and a few days before the video maker understood the power and reach of Facebook.

South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul

This video explains the absurdity, the illegality, and the unconstitutionality of secret computer counts. Though an Florida lawyer and vote activist talked directly to Ron Paul’s Campaign Manager a week before the South Carolina primary in 2008, he was informed a few days after that primary by the Campaign Manager that they did not even tell Dr. Paul about the severe issues raised in this video:



Guardians for Liberty Page on Votescam vs. Honest Elections

This page on the Guardians for Liberty website has a lot of excellent documentation regarding the votescam syndicate and its distorting of America — as well as how to take back our nation by restoring honest, transparent elections:

Guardians For Liberty – Votescam Documentation