Vital Videos

All Videos on this page are worth watching, some of them need to be watched and analyzed by every serious American, and every serious person throughout the world. The videos are listed from most important at the top and then next to most important in descending order.

This video is for those who do not yet realize that 12 Election Night Gatekeepers, including the 5 Big TV Networks and AP wire, have gotten themselves in a position to rule Election Night in the USA with an iron fist, if they think they can get away with it. The urgent recommendation to Donald Trump is from minute mark: 15:22 to 18:22. That urgent recommendation was made into a 4 minute YouTube video entitled “40 Seconds to Victory for Trump” for those in a hurry.

Open Letter to Donald Trump – Urgent Short Video



The video is entitled, “Stealing the Election from Donald Trump” hosted by Stefan Molyneux who interviews best selling author Roger Stone on Computerized Election Fraud. The Election Fraud discussion begins at minute mark 19:55.



(Scroll down about four paragraphs for the two CNN videos, here is the back story.)

In 2012, the organization Watch The Vote 2012 forced the Iowa GOP (state level), kicking and screaming, to change the “winner” from Mitt Romney to Rick Santorum, two weeks after the January 3, 2012 Iowa Presidential Caucus (Congressman Ron Paul was probably the real winner, but that’s another story, coming soon.) Watch the Vote, whose founder is responsible for the, hooked up one day after the 2012 Iowa Caucus with Iowa Caucus goer, Edward True.

Then Erin Burnett of CCN (whose show was in her first weeks) picked up the story with the help of John Avlon of the Daily Beast and Newsweek. As Watch the Vote 2012, also known as “Watch the Vote USA” at, distributed an affidavit sworn out by Edward True, and with local Des Moines TV stations and CNN focusing on the story, the Iowa GOP backed down and changed the winner of thee 2012 GOP Iowa Presidential Caucus, — a first in US political history, as far as we know.

Here are the two CNN videos. You must click on the below links as these videos are on CNN’s website, not on YouTube:

Video: Did Rick Santorum Really Win Iowa (instead of Romney)? (Erin Burnett of OutFront on CNN, with John Avlon of Time Magazine and The Daily Beast)

Video: Iowa Vote Counter Speaks Out On Error (CNN again, Suzanne Malveaux interviews Edward True, who says he first talked to Watch The Vote 2012 to get help.)