Mr. Trump, Don’t Sign Your Own Death Warrant With Wrong VP Pick

Mr. Trump’s VP Pick must be someone whom the Old Guard Ruling Elite fears as much as they fear Trump. The man for Trump’s Vice-President is Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. Please see below in this article the excellent letter from Texas portrait artist Gary Giuffre to Trump friend and best selling author, Roger Stone, about why Senator Jeff Sessions must be the pick for Trump’s vice-president. (Mr. Giuffre drew a pencil/charcoal portrait of Ronald Reagan for the RNC back in the 1980s, which now hangs in the Reagan library.)

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JFK probably signed his own death warrant when he choose the immensely evil Lyndon Baines Johnson as his vice-president, as Johnson was a totally committed tool of the evil shadow government, which kicked into high gear as soon as JFK was assassinated.

Ronald Reagan may have almost signed his own death when he picked George H.W. Bush for his vice-president, something he didn’t want to do, and was heavily pressured to do, according to close Reagan friend, Senator Paul Laxalt of Nevada. Incredibly, the Houston Post ran an article on March 31, 1981, one day after the assassination attempt on Reagan by John Hinckley — stating that the Hinckley family knew the Bush family, and that the would-be assassin’s parents had donated heavily to the Bush campaign.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not accusing Elder Bush then, or Pence, Christie, Gingrich, or any other public figure today of wanting Trump or anyone else shot at now, let alone Elder Bush in Reagan’s case then. What I’m saying is that there is always a great danger that the Old Guard Ruling Elite then might  try to arrange the assassination of any President they don’t like — IF they have THEIR man, or a man they believe they can manipulate or “work with”, in the Vice-Presidential position.

Pence is an abysmal compromiser and a weak-sister. Chris Christie is acceptable to the Old Guard, as is Gingrich. Gingrich appears to have taken a turn for the better rhetorically, but he was one of the three men, along with Bill Clinton and Sen. Robert Dole, who shoved the more than disastrous NAFTA trade deal down the throats of the American people in 1994. I haven’t heard Gingrich apologize for that to this day. And there are MANY, MANY problems in the Gingrich record that are inexcusable, including his lip service only at many key moments in opposing abortion and holding the line on other social issues.

Senator Jeff Sessions is the man for Trump’s VP. Please read the follow letter about why this is so:



Begin Letter to best selling author, Roger Stone, on Trump’s VP pick:


May 12, 2016

Re: Attention: Mr. Roger Stone, regarding Donald Trump’s choice of a running-mate.


Hello Roger:

Above is a brochure put out by the RNC 35 years ago, introducing to Republican donors my pencil portrait of President Reagan (which I presented to you at your speech and book-signing event in Austin, Texas, on February 27).   Copies of my portrait were used as successful fund raising premiums for many years, enabling my family and me to build a home in the country in 1982.

However, this note is NOT about my artwork but is an urgent plea to Donald Trump, through you, that pertains to a decision he is about to make that will impact for good or ill the very survival of our country.

As it is widely reported that you have significant influence with Donald Trump, I beg you to encourage him to pick as his running-mate, the great patriot, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama.  A US senator for almost 20 years, Jeff Sessions is a retired captain in the US Army Reserve, a former US Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama, and former Attorney General of the State of Alabama.  Jeff Sessions is a member of the US Senate Committees on the Armed Services, Budget, Judiciary, Environment and Public Works.  Senator Sessions is the ONLY potential vice-presidential candidate who satisfies ALL the essential criteria that would be necessary for a safe transition from the Trump campaign to the election, from the election to inauguration, and from the inauguration to a successful Trump presidency and beyond.

Senator Sessions is a man of renowned integrity, with an outstanding America-first voting record in the US Senate, and is 100% on-board with Donald Trump’s program for “making America great again.”  Moreover, he has publicly stated that he understands the unprecedented opportunity that the Trump candidacy provides to the American people, “to bring down the oligarchy.”

Senator Sessions became the first US Senator to endorse Trump and stood with him on the podium at the candidate’s first rally in Alabama, in open defiance against the treasonous elites that have brought our nation to the brink of ruin.   No other prominent US office holder has exhibited loyalty to Donald Trump and his plans to restore America to greatness in a manner that is equivalent to that of Senator Jeff Sessions.  To put it bluntly, Session’s inclusion on the national ticket would provide “life insurance” to Donald Trump both before and after Trump’s election and inauguration.

This cannot be said of any of the other primary candidates, even those who have since dropped out and endorsed Trump, as ALL have at one time or another supported the agenda of the oligarchy in whole or in part.  Moreover, the inclusion of none of these “also-ran” candidates to the second position in the campaign would deliver any new, measurable support to Donald Trump in the general election, as all of them were ultimately rejected by a majority of the voters during the primaries.  Cruz and Kasich are particularly odious as they are both undoubtedly shills of the invisible government, and have been outed as such, thanks to Donald Trump.

The suggestion that one constantly hears by the boob-tube commentators that Trump should pick one of the two incumbent GOP woman governors, Niki Haley or Susana Martinez, who at best have only regional appeal, is equally absurd.  Both of these women politicians are liberals who have so far withheld their endorsements of Trump and have made it clear that they do not share his vision for America. The inclusion of either one of two these untested and largely unknown quantities to the national ticket, would be a huge risk to the nation as neither would likely possess the same mettle as Donald Trump, and would likely be unable to stand up to the dark forces arrayed against them, were either one of them to be suddenly thrust into the highest office in the land.  Such an ill-advised gamble would be totally UNNECESSARY, since Trump’s base is loyal to him because of his stated plans to redirect the course of America, and would want someone as his running-mate that shares his views, without any of the silly considerations of political correctness.  A misstep by Trump in this most important of all the decisions he will make between now and the GOP Convention could alienate many of his well-informed supporters who are worried that he might let them down in this crucial matter of his potential successor.

Having worked many months for the Goldwater campaign in 1964, putting up hundreds of signs in my neighbor’s front yards, and stuffing form letters at the Houston Goldwater headquarters, I felt bitterly betrayed when it was announced at the San Francisco convention that his running-mate would be William E. Miller, an RNC elite and Rockefeller banker.  Nelson Rockefeller, William Scranton and George Romney did everything they could to scuttle Goldwater’s candidacy, but even if by some miracle he HAD been elected, Rocky’s man would have been only a bullet away from the Oval Office.

Having also worked for the Reagan campaign in 1976, I was equally appalled when Reagan capitulated in 1980 to the blackmail of the Gerald Ford “co-presidency” bait-and-switch scam, which had as its ultimate goal the “alternative” appointment of longtime Rockefeller protégé and CFR member, George HW Bush, as Reagan’s running-mate.  As you have so often correctly pointed out, that horrendous error in judgment almost cost Reagan his life, only a few weeks into his first term in office.

The Trump candidacy is “a whole new ballgame,” as Trump’s popularity far outstrips that even of “The Great Communicator,” Ronald Reagan, when the latter was at this stage in his 1980 presidential campaign.  Trump does not need to make any deals with the enemy – on the contrary, it is they who must make a deal with Trump to be allowed “a few scraps from the table.”  He’s in the driver’s seat – he’s calling the shots.  The only thing his supporters would expect from him in the selection of a running-mate would be someone who could be counted-upon to carry out Trump’s agenda, should, God forbid, Trump be taken away.

Senator Sessions is one of Donald Trump’s most trusted and capable political advisors.  A daily briefing for a President Trump by a Vice-President Sessions regarding all the traps being laid for the president and all the machinations of the corrupt political establishment of which Jeff Sessions is so well aware, would be invaluable to the chances for a successful outcome of Donald Trump’s plan for the restoration of the USA as a bastion of peace, security, prosperity and liberty.

If you are in agreement with my assessments above, as I believe you may be, I sincerely hope you will pass on my humble suggestions to Mr. Trump regarding the most important decision that is weighing upon him and the nation (and indeed the entire world) since his announcement that launched his entry into the presidential race last year.


With appreciation,

Gary Giuffre

End of this Letter about Trump’s VP Choice and Senator Jeff Sessions

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